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  1. Buy a clip-on controller for your iPhone and subscribe to Apple Arcade (their Xbox Game Pass)... And Bingo! There's your Apple Switch... Apple TV is seen as more of a video streaming device instead of a console or even a microconsole. As I said there are games from the Apple Arcade subscription in addition to the usual freeium games but they're more for a casual audience than what the "hardcore" stuff offered on traditional game systems. It would depend if anyone wants to play mobile games on a big flatscreen TV or not. (My mom subscribes to the Apple One service and got Arcade subscription included so she got some easy-to-play-and-nonviolent games to play on her TV. I helped her pick out an Xbox controller which made playing games way better than the Siri remote.)
  2. You'll need a Game/TV switchbox to block the RF interference (with a coxial output) or use a TV cable from an Atari 8-bit computer that has a box containing a fermite iron ring.
  3. The RF cables that came with Atari computers (from the Tramiel era at least) had a small plastic box at the end near where you plug in the TV. Inside the box the cable was wrapped around a ferrite iron ring that reduced interference. It was dead easy to use a Phono RCA Female to F Type Male RF Connector Coaxial Adapter to screw the cable straight into a coax port on the TV. I've used that with a coaxial A/B switch box on my TV along with the NES RF adapter back in high school.
  4. Well for a while, I thought that Atari was a clothing line company that used to make video games...
  5. Got the Steam version... It's decent to play but not as great as Tempest 4000, but for $10 I won't complain. You only get one life so you must master the powerups obtained from the spider, especially when you quickly get swarmed by poisoned centipedes. One thing I hated was the lack of mouse control (come on Atari, it's a friggin' Trakball game!). In fact when using the mouse in the menus the game locked up so just don't use it till it's fixed. If you like challanges and getting achivements then get this version, any purists who wants the original arcade gameplay would be better off using Atari Vault which plays way faster. Protip: Keep V-Sync on to stop the stutters.
  6. Wow, that's awesome... I used to do all my coding in STOS itself because I didn't knew you could load/save programs as ASCII files (I didn't get the included manual). Between this and AOZ Studio, I would love to get back into programing if I just have lots of spare time!
  7. Yep...reminds me alot of the house music used for the retro-remakes made in the 90's like T2K. And I'm fine with that! Looking forward to the new Centipede game, especially if it's leaning more towards the Pac-Man Championship gameplay style.
  8. Nice! Finally there's a proper timeline of Tramiel's Atari Corp and with links to sources. This is gonna help out with research...
  9. It should have been, but the XEGS came about cause toy stores no longer wanted 8-bit home computers since all the kids only want "vida games". Meanwhile (in late 80's US) there was still a small market of Atari 8-bit users, though not as great for the C-64. I agree that the 7800 should have been the sole 3rd gen console for Atari and there was nothing wrong with backwards support for 2600 games that you can still buy at flea markets and yard sales. But making "new" 2600 games along side 7800 versions was just a big waste. Why buy versions that had worse graphics so you wouldn't have to trade up to the 7800?? Disclaimer: This is all late 80's scenario... I had a 130XE at the time and was happy that there were new game carts for my computer. Shame that no one except Kay-B-Toys would sell them along with the more popular NES games.
  10. The thought of some retrogamer's precious & rare NES cart will eventually be worth as much as an ET game they made fun of makes me...
  11. Now if they can add Rainway for streaming games locally off a gaming PC, then the VCS would be perfect for streaming big games...
  12. Thanks! Aside from the missing sound and the strange way the ship(?) moves vertically, it looks and plays much better than the version done by HAL Lab (even the Atari prototype).
  13. Only Sierra adventure I played was Manhunter: San Francisco which I bought after reading a review of. I loved the whole concept but the PC sound & graphics were a serious "downgrade" on my ST and all constant dead end deaths made me quit. Is there any Sierra game that's easy to start off with for non-adventure players? I'm thinking of getting a collection of ScummVM titles to go with my over all retro games.
  14. "F&#* SoujaBoy, he can eat a joystick..." - Ice T (paraphrased, of course)
  15. Sigh, I might as well add my own two cents here since I also had some dealings with "Jane" 25 years ago. He was on the #atari IRC channel and of course I was young & naive when he was recruiting people to work at his Perceptions studio. And of course he promised me a programming job in England which was a dream of mine, but after two or three years of not hearing back, and working a crappy low wage job, I just gave up and went back to school to finish my CS degree. By that time I found out that Perceptions was long closed up and "Jane" was in a game mag saying he's working for MGM. Glad I never took the offer or I would have been stranded in the UK with no money! Anyway here's what I can knew you about "Jane" at the time... He never used his real name Jane but called himself Andrew, nor mentioned anything about being a hermaphrodite or a conjoined twin. He said he wore socks because he spilled scolding hot water on his feet so he can't wear shoes, also wears nylon leggings instead of pants. This is the weirdest part, and a major red flag...he expected all his employees to wear socks & leggings as a form of "solidarity". I made a joke about wearing a Scottish kilt to go along with the leggings and he seriously told me what plaid skirts to wear. For a Job Interview!!!!! After finding out the whole truth about Jane Whittaker, I literally thank God that I never got a job in the game industry through that con artist. Plus it burns me that to this day he still tricks people who want to get started in the business like some sick pimp preying on innocent young children... BTW, anyone know exactly when Perceptions went out of business? I'm just curious for closure reasons.
  16. Home computers were defined as having keyboards and being used for other purposes besides playing games. Video game systems, or "consoles", were only made for playing video games. The Tetris thing was ELORG having a more definitive definition of "computers" which also include a disk drive and operating system. (Yes the Famicom had a disk drive but it was only used for games and not computing.) The Atari 800 version of Donkey Kong was on cartridge, and I have a copy. But Atari was only allowed to make the game for their computers but not game systems. The ADAM version was on magnetic tape and was shown running on a computer with a keyboard (Even the Expansion Module add-on version qualifies it as a home computer). That's what Kassar saw on display and it ended up tanking the Nintendo deal...
  17. Exactly... I had two tablets, with bent micro USB ports, that went dead on me because I couldn't recharge them. And it's also getting so bad for my current phone I ended up buying a USB-C to microUSB adapter so I can use a USB-C charge cable which doesn't wear the port out.
  18. Yeah you can use the trackball for more than just trackball games. Not only you can map the mouse(trackball) to use as a spinner, but you can also map the joystick in four directions so it's like using the 2600 TrakBall controller.
  19. Me: Been there, done that....still got the old manuscript on my hard drive. Anyway, there may have been one alternative open for Bushnell instead of selling out to Warner and that is venture captialists. He actually recommended one for Steve Jobs and we all know how that turned out!
  20. Wow, thanks! I'm going through the '86-'88 issues to get a better idea on what was happening with Atari Corp. during those trying years. Even as a club newsletter, they had a "Secret Sunnyvale Corespondant" who spilled the beans on what's going on the inside.
  21. The funny thing was Atari "claiming" Sega was dominating the marketshare like Nintendo before but that was still more desperation. Especially since Sega & Nintendo were viable competitors so there was no monopoly to keep Atari out like there was in the late 80's. This time Jack changed legal tactics and sued both companies for patent violations! Yeah, it's a complete dick move but it worked. Sega and Big N settled which made Atari flushed with cash...and prompted the merger with JTS which had more product than cash while Atari was the opposite.
  22. Does Antstream support online play? That would be great for games like Gauntlet & Rampage....
  23. Yeah, very odd that they made only made the sequels for the Genesis and not the first Top Gear (same with the Lotus series also by Gremlin).
  24. I'm waiting for the Famiclone Mini Classic so I can relive the days of playing a 1000 versions of Contra back in the 2000's....
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