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  1. 235,000?? I can't get into 6 figures on this game...ugggh!
  2. No, this thread is for warning fellow gamers about bad traders (AKA Fuckin' Losers) like YOU. Nicely said. Smack that bitch up. Stay away from this DasDoosh!
  3. Well, I am going to call you out "mysterious" poster guy. I do reviews for DasCheap and honestly I would love for you to PM your "order number" to find out what your talking about. If you placed a legitimate order, the item would have shipped. In fact, I just ran a contest that I personally know they sent out prizes for..and those items are free! Russian Mob? C'mon buddy..give me a break. I will personally vouch for them and if any problems were ever to arise then you can come talk to me. It sounds like your just an angry competitor that gouges your prices and now that you can't milk customers...you are trying to discredit a company for no reason.. Tsk..Tsk.. First off Oldskoolfool, tool, whatever your name is. I purchased from Retrobitgames.com which you later turned over to Dascheap.com. If you still type in retrobitgames.com it transfers to dascheap. I purchased the item in December '09 and never received it. You must of soiled your first name already and are already on a new name. You know who I am. We had correspondence three weeks after I ordered and you told me you were "just about to send it out". LMAO Nice one. And just to prove your full of crap, that promotion you just bragged about Dascheap sending out all the free goods already (quoted by you "In fact, I just ran a contest that I personally know they sent out prizes for..")... The promotion was for a game that's NOT released for three weeks yet. So they didn't send squat. So who are you trying to fool, FOOL? Sorry, This friggin guy is a waste of time.
  4. Domain name info :- Registrant: Das Cheap Domains 5190 Neil Road Reno, Nevada 89502 United States Domain Name: DASCHEAP.COM Created on: 10-Sep-09 Expires on: 10-Sep-10 Last Updated on: 30-Nov-09 Administrative Contact: Das Cheap LLC, Das Cheap Das Cheap Domains 5190 Neil Road Reno, Nevada 89502 United States +1.7753331133 Fax -- Technical Contact: Das Cheap LLC, Das Cheap Das Cheap Domains 5190 Neil Road Reno, Nevada 89502 United States +1.7753331133 Fax -- # "Das Cheap, LLC" owns about 199 other domains. # is a contact on the whois record of 740 domains The site registration address doesn't match the one in their "contact us" on the site. Thanks! I'm going to make a consumer complaint in Nevada and California.
  5. AM I TOO LATE?!?!? How about the PONG PUG!??!
  6. Yeah I had a problem with www.dascheap.com. My story with them was that they go around boasting that they have the cheapest prices and their fake independent review site dasreviews tries to throw traffic their way. I was a victim but I got lucky because instead of giving my credit card to these unsavory chaps I used Paypal. Two weeks after my Retrogen didn't show up I disputed the charge with Paypal and got my money back. I think they might me collecting bank card info from people for identity theft. Why else would they offer games at lower then anyone else prices then not send. Probably owned by the russian mob or something. When it's too good to be true, it usually is. Why would a company want you to buy from them that is magically selling items for cost with no potential for making profit? I'll tell you why, identities. That's what they want. Be wary
  7. Um, am I the only geek that still has a working Colecovision hooked up?
  8. I dunno about that. I just saw the Nintendo DS XL in a store today and maaaaaan that thing looks hot! I never even thought of getting a DS til now.
  9. Unlike all the other adapters? Yeah, but it's one thing to make an adapter to play games for an 'inferior' system like the 2600 (so new owners of a 5200 or CV could keep their VCS games but sell the console upon upgrading). It's quite another matter to make an 'adapter' for the 5200 to play CV games (a console which it's not only on equal footing with, but which it does not share a similar CPU with). You are somewhat correct though that all of these adapters sold back then basically replicated the original system, and were essentially pointless gimmicks. Well, to be fair they did minimize the number of power cords & TV hookups, and the amount of console storage space you needed. Plus it was a great thing to be able to tell your parents, "If you buy $New_Awesome_System and the $Old_System Adapter for me, I'll still be able to play the hundreds of dollars of games I own, plus all the new games for the new system!" That was especially important if your family only had one TV, and the system had to be hooked up to it. It was unlikely you'd be allowed to have more than one system hooked up to it. At least, that was my experience. What was yours? Hey does anybody know what was up with those COleco game that looked like Atari games?? I would often get mixed up at the identical titles and similar catridge bases.
  10. OMG! The Vectrex!! My brother's friend brought that over once when I was young and I couldn't stop playing it. I loved that system!!
  11. Not really. This is a PUBLIC FORUM. And I offer public reviews, and have been for over 4 years... In fact alot of people know me on this forum and other classic forums. I ask my fans to help support what I do, just like SAG. I don't think he's entitled to be the only on here to offer advice and ask for support. I don't think it would be beneficial to the forum to just make multiple threads to the same thing. I have special deals worked out for my viewers and ask them to take advantage of it. You don't have to. In fact if you want to, you don't even have to read or watch them however once again, this is a PUBLIC FORUM and I will post for those that are interested. Thanks for your insight. This ASS CLOWN Oldskoolfool is such a poser. He actually puts prices out dirt low and then doesn't even send it!! I ordered from this knucklehead when Dascheap.com was retrobitgames.com. He kept the money and didn't send my item!! Of course Paypal had something to say about that and I got my money back eventually but what a TOOL! He should be called OldskoolTOOL! Plus!! He tries to act like Dascheap is a sponsor of Dasreviews, LMAO! Real original! What an insult of a customer's intelligence to try and fool them into believing that Dasreviews is an "independant" reviewer site and not just a marketing ploy for his shanty Dascheap site. Does anyone know this shady Dascheap guy's real name?! Because he sure keeps it all secretive. Something to hide OldskoolTOOL?
  12. Easy.. The FC 3 Plus. You can play Genesis, SNES, NES all in one. Quality seems good too.
  13. Oooooh, that sucks. You could get those video glasses that are on the market and use the FC16go AV outs to play on subway.
  14. I just wanted to put my take on this after reading some posts on Old Skool Fool. In my personal experience, the retrobitgames.com site is a scam. The guy Oldskoolfool kept my money from PayPal and never sent my product after I ordered back in December. Of course I eventually got my money back from PayPal through dispute but it was so irrating. The info on that site retrobitgames also has a bogus address in Reno which really sent my red flags up. And thirdly, what's up with him not using his real name?? What is he hiding from is my question...
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