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  1. The Classics packs and Mega packs are available for purchase but apparently Tommo has screwed up. If you have a version 337 NeoGeoX.....the updates wont work. Without the updates you cannot play the new games. Awesome!!!! Apparently Tommo now realizes this and is working to fix it. Not good for the NeoGeoX owners who were awaiting some game add ons only to get let down.
  2. Have done this many times. Its no big deal. The only way you would have a problem is if your PS4 was in for pickup....then they might get a little pissy.
  3. Lovely. Thanks for the heads up. I'm thinking I will pass on this game.
  4. Got you added Nesbroslash. Hit me up also. My 3ds name is just Taskmaster but went with Robb for my game.
  5. I got a new shop coming. Not sure what it is yet. Its on the very end of the clothing store.
  6. Been experiencing bugs today. system freezing up. I was looking at the description of a game and the screen froze, controller wouldnt respond, then the screen went blank. Stayed like that for awhile until I had to turn the system off and boot up again. Then tried to play Critical Missions Swat and couldnt get off the main screen. Looked up on the Ouya forums and people were saying that the Ouya version of that game isnt supported by the Ouya contoller so its unplayable. What the hell.
  7. Glad I read your post before I hit the Jin stage....lol. Thanx!!!
  8. Thats a good question. I have quite a few completed dinosaurs, tanks filled with fish and quite a few bugs. Anybody know when we get Shampoodles shop? (I sound like a complete dork asking that) I want to get a Mii mask to wear.
  9. I havent ried many other games so far. Just Puddle and Dub Wars. My wife however had the day off today and was playing like a mad woman....lol. She only had trouble with the Pinball arcade. As far as how close, in a bean bag chair right in front of the TV in the game room. I'll keep plugging away at it and see if anything else is a problem. All in all, we both love this little system.
  10. Its supposed to be available 7/9/2013. Running 79.99 for the price.
  11. I still have a bottle of this liquid magic. Sucks that he has gone into hiding. If you find out anything keep me posted becuz Im sure I will need another bottle eventually.
  12. I have no houses in my HH showcase. It sucks.
  13. Just played some Pinball Arcade. Tried a little Medieval Madness and UGH!!!!!! Lag lag lag. Lost so many balls due to the flippers.
  14. Picked up my Ouya today and preordered the Game Stick. Looking forward to this little system.
  15. Picked up my copy today. Its gonna fight Animal Crossing for playtime....lol
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