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  1. That is WAY cool, thanks for both doing it, and posting this. I just told it what to do a few times. Performed perfectly.
  2. ANother thing is, since it was designed for use in front of a TV set running a video game, there would be some level of brightness hitting it all the time, then the sudden drop for that specific time, then a sequence would be easier (more reliable) to detect then just the sequence itself. Someone needs to dump the rom (it can't all be discrete stuff, can it?) on the R.O.B. I have 2, maybe I'll open one some day.
  3. OK, Gotcha. Using it for something other. Maybe even on-pause-off-on-pause-off... like "hey, look at me" indicator. Also how is 010101010101010101010101 different than 10101010101010101010101010 different from 01.....01 and 10...01? No matter what your sending LED is off before you start any sequence and ends off after any sequence, right, so it is like sending 0 continuously until a 1 comes along.
  4. That's what I thought, and said on Saturday. Just curious, why does anyone even want to turn it off?
  5. I don't understand what you mean. I didn't see anything on that turning it off. The LED goes off automatically when moving IIRC, so when it is on, you know it is ready for another command.
  6. I have been reading along this whole time, not sure if I ever responded. I guess I'll have to dig mine out. I think I need 2 screens. This has been good following the progress.
  7. For a low production item, price is decent I guess. In a way I'm glad you don't have Android working at this time, so I don't have to decide how much I want one. Looks like a neat idea and worked out good. If you got 2 together, you could do a slow motion Rock'em Sock'em R.O.B.ots with them.
  8. I'm following along, and subscribed as well.
  9. This is what I did, I wonder if the "test" is just synched flashes that the LED shows, does it flash with any code, I forget. I need to review my video. It looks like the LED goes on when waiting, and off/flickering when receiving? Also, Reset looks like it goes all the way to top right, then centers at the top.
  10. I remember I did a "reset" code. From sketchy memory it went all the way up and to one side then all the way down to the other, hmm, let me look at my documents.
  11. LOL, or LLOL, literally laughed out loud! Good luck with that!
  12. OK, sounds promising. I assume the market will be small, but that would depend on the price as well. You could do things like make the ROB run from a battery eliminator, sitting up on a shelf with his glasses on, (powered from same source would be cool) 24x7. Then pull out your phone and have him turn towards guests or something. OOOOHHHH, even better, I got it! "Alexa, tell ROB to open arms"
  13. I wonder if a more passive device would be possible since you worked out how to send the signals, now if there was a way to detect them on a modern display. It should be possible since you can actually "see" them on playback.
  14. OK, cool, I figured it would be like that. Projected price? Kit, or plans, 3D print file? Also, Android!!!
  15. So the hardware glasses actually emit the flashed/code to the ROB, correct? Are they bluetoothed to the device playing the game or what? Or do they pickup the screen flashed, and rebroadcast it to the ROB?
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