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  1. Pioneer4x4


  2. With my hardware hack I'm doing on a 4 switch to make a button controller toggle all the switches, maybe I'll put it in the 2800 instead. I need to open it up and see how different it is. To me a 2600 is useless withought actual front switches for difficulty and color/bw. Several great games like Phasor Patrol use them in game.
  3. Oh well, my memory isn't great I guess... http://atariage.com/forums/topic/159046-sears-video-arcade-ii/ So I HAVE seen one before!
  4. I was browsing a semi local "The Exchange" and was hoping something odd was there I could grab. I ended up blowing $100. $60 on a used copy of the 30 blu-ray disc box set of Star Trek with TOS 1-3 and TAS 1 and the first 6 movies. (this has the funky new special effects that you can toggle on and off!) And for $40 I got a Sears Video Arcade II. It has power brick and 2 controllers. I haven't even looked at it yet, or tested it. I figured $40 for one with sticks was good, I have never seen one in person, not even seen a listing for one. It has the "Made in U.S.A." label on the bottom, that is nice as well. Now I need to read up on them! Is it safe to assume they can use "normal" sticks and paddles?
  5. Maybe come spring I will clear out basement some more and organize/inventory/photo the collection and go from there.
  6. I could post a list of everything like my intellivision list, but, eh, do people do that? Is there a thread for showing your inventory? Mine is not on display, so pictures would be hard, and useless.
  7. Like I said, right about 300 unique carts, most have manuals, few have boxes, and maybe another hundred or so dupes. Maybe 1 each console, Sears Heavy,light 6, vader, Jr, 7800... mess of controllers, 2 superchargers, 1 modified, a couple homebrews. I figure if I want to sell the majority of it, I am probably best to do the eBay fight, just wondering how often people sell/buy a whole collection at a time.
  8. I think I have 2 intellivisions, one brown/original, and one of the white ones with speech add on. Instructions Game Box Overlays Mattel Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1 1 1 Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Treasure of Tarmin 1 1 1 Auto Racing 1 1 1 Backgammon 1 1 1 Bowling 1 1 1 1 Boxing 1 1 1 1 Bump 'n' Jump 1 1 1 Frog Bog 1 Lock 'n' Chase 1 1 1 Mission X 1 1 1 NBA Basketball 1 1 1 1 NFL Football 1 1 1 1 NHL Hockey 1 Night Stalker 1 1 1 Poker & Blackjack 1 1 1 Skiing 1 Snafu 1 1 1 Space Hawk 1 Star Strike 1 Sub Hunt 1 Tennis 1 Triple Action 1 1 1 Tron Deadly Discs 1 1 1 Utopia 1 1 1 Activision Stampede 1 Coleco Donkey Kong 1 1 Imagic Beauty & the beast 1 1 1 1 Interphase Blockade Runner 1 1 1 Imagic Demon Attack 1 1 DragonFire 1 Instructions Game Box Overlays 19 28 6 22
  9. I just found this in my desk at work. I used to have it on a shelf and forgot it was even here! I think I made a total of 10, and this is the last one, I sold the other 9. I wonder if anyone still has them or use them. This also shows the outside of the "manual" I made. The label still looks good after 8-9 years. I bought them from Al, and thought they looked great then.
  10. Cool, then the one I have may be intact. I need to see if I can find it!
  11. I have about 300 unique 2600 carts, most have instructions, few are boxed. I also have 2 Intellivisions, and stuff for them as well (speech thing?). I am considering selling most of it all off, and only keeping 2 2600s or so, and a handfull of common but good carts, and selling off the rest. I know there are guys that buy up the whole lot, but I know what everything is worth seperately and would rather eBay it all myself than just sell it all to a re-seller. I think the highest I have is a couple of 8s, and not a lot of 6s and 7s. I still want to keep up with it, but no need for me to hoard all of it when it will never get used by me or my family. I would guess about 450 or so total carts for 2600, then all the rest. Maybe a van load in all. Not fishing for offers, just curious if there is a process already in place for some people.
  12. I live in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, and I recall them. I have a Pittsburgh Penguins Atari Hockey Stick somewhere. I think it has the blade repaired with a nylon blade.
  13. As for Keystone Kapers "Take That" as you weild billy club to the head, and a playful sound as you jump over something, maybe an "AHHH" as a plane gives you a haircut, and a "COME ON!" waiting for elevator. But what I would love is Starpath games updated. Speaking out "The Mindmaster has declared you to be Awesome!" (or quaint, and all the other options) And Phasor Patrol "Sheilds Engaged" when flipping the switch for the shields!
  14. Well, I found my pause kit, so I got that going for me!
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