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  1. Knew some of you on here would feel my pain lol Not too much longer before it'll be "Huh? You mean this round shaped thing is a GAME?"
  2. Think the minis weren't out just yet..Who knows he was huge into games too lol I also catch myself about to say "The Nintendo" in front of people sometimes as if there's still one sole console from them hahaha
  3. Haha. I'm in The States & the only time I ever saw a Virtual Boy myself was once in the 90's at a mall kiosk & I played the Tennis for a couple minutes. Don't remember ever seeing one again aside from maybe boxed at a game store. My cousin's son a few years ago when he was like 8...when I introduced him to the Lynx I thought it was hilarious that his first reaction was to start touching the screen. Also, one of the major defining moments of me realizing I have really became old was when her stepson who was about 15 around that same time (& is now 19-20), saw my consoles all set up & goes "Nintendo Entertainment System?!...What is THAT?!" in a super confused tone
  4. ...& out of the corner of my eye I saw 2 kids walk by & heard one say "WHAT IS THAT?!" to which the other replied, "I think that's the first PSP" 🤣😂 Just one out of many examples of how the retrogaming I enjoy in general is really starting to make me feel like a dinosaur lol I mean u have ppl in their early - mid 20's nowadays who's first console was a PS2 🥴
  5. WOWWWW That was the cringiest thread I've ever read on here.....or anywhere online in recent times for that matter lol
  6. hahahah YEEEEESSSSSS!!!! That is amazing!! :grin:
  7. Had one last night & thought it'd be fun to hear from some others that might have too...figured if the 7800 had managed to enter people's dreams, this'd prob be the ideal place to hear about it lol In mine last night, I ordered a game online & the package came in. I can't remember what exactly the game was though, but when I opened it up I do remember that they got my order mixed up & sent me the wrong one.....it was a MORTAL KOMBAT 7800 HOMEBREW! :grin: & the weirdness doesn't end there. I put the cart in, a title screen came on with real detailed, almost anime looking graphics. I had some "Voice Expansion Pack" that somehow didn't plug into the console, but underneath the CONTROLLER! :grin: The game made use of it & although I can't remember a word that was said, these cutscenes that were playing after the title screen had dialogue being spoken that sounded pretty decent quality I've had a few before, but one I have never forgot in my childhood was a dream that there was a Munsters 7800 game. I never even knew of Midnight Mutants existence until about a decade later either (But TBH it wasn't out just yet at the time of the dream )..and now fast forward to 2019 the new Munsters Pinball machine happens to be my new favorite & 2 locations by me have it haha
  8. I am shocked this is a 7800 title. Unreal.
  9. Yea I remember hearing someone did that
  10. Just wanting to be sure people clicked on the Youtube video of the death scream in the NES version of part II I ran into, that was kind of the gist of this post, I thought some of u might find it as funny as I did . Think some of u might have overlooked it? If not, carry on lol. Sorry I don't know how to let the large YT thumbnail show or embed it, never tried. Just saw the "add link" option & did that
  11. Oh yea, I've long known Impossible Mission was literallly "Impossible" lol Cool, I knew of the Commodore 64 when I was a kid, but never saw or played one or knew much at all about computer games of any kind until my family got our first IBM PC in early-mid 90s
  12. I ADORE this game. This & Food Fight are my #1s on the system. TBH might even like this more. Food Fight was my fav forever, but only about 4 years ago did I get a copy of Mario Bros & I think this was even more addicting to me. Big shame I missed out when I was a kid & never even knew of it's existence on the 7800 at the time, my sister & I woulda loved it Newer arcade in my area has the cabinet, and I've been the high score on it (Game doesn't save, but they keep track of customers records) I'm far from a pro, but I owe alot of it to playing this version so much. Same story at the arcade, I can't stay away from it, literally hours on it every visit lol
  13. I never knew or at least don't remember hearing there was a sequel. In fact, I only knew the original as a 7800 game in my childhood from seeing it on the commercial, and during my teens when I began collecting, bought it & got to play it. It wasn't until a little later that I learned it had home computer & other console versions. Anyways I've been researching DOS games lately, went to look at footage on YT & discovered this on the NES. Figured some of u on here might get a kick out of it like I did lol Not too many funnier death screams come to mind ATM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqoc8DD02aY
  14. Out of all those, Fight Night for sure, because I've always seen people say how horrible & unplayable it was, but just a few days ago stumbled on to a YT video of someone playing it & beating it pretty quickly. So I was just thinking of giving that game another chance. Actually think I only tried it once after I picked it up years ago & it's been sitting on the shelf ever since lol
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