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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284342035708?hash=item42341b24fc:g:hWUAAOSwQMVg0UVT Predator Rad Warrior Downland with manual Clowns & Balloons Dungeons of Daggorath & Roman Checkers with manual These are on Ebay now, but while it's still up if someone here can make me an offer let me know & I can remove it & deal with you directly Thanks for looking
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/284349789195?hash=item423491740b:g:N2YAAOSwc3Bg2PR9 These are on Ebay now, but while it's still up if someone here can make me an offer let me know & I can remove it & deal with you directly Thanks for looking
  3. $399 OBO for the Coco3 w joysticks & cables : https://www.ebay.com/itm/284349789195?hash=item423491740b:g:N2YAAOSwc3Bg2PR9 $100 OBO for 6 games: (Predator, Rad Warrior, Downland with manual, Clowns & Balloons,Dungeons of Daggorath & Roman Checkers with manual) https://www.ebay.com/itm/284342035708?hash=item42341b24fc:g:hWUAAOSwQMVg0UVT Thanks for looking. Being the Coco is a pretty niche part of retrogaming, hope some of you might be interested here.
  4. I've tried 3 different Super Pitfall roms so far on VCC & all have the music missing. Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? Has to be one out there because gameplay video I saw on Youtube had the music intact (OG Stevie Strowe's channel)
  5. I believe my Grandfather saw the COCO3 on sale at Radio Shack in 1988 or 1989 & bought it for us. We only had a handful of games & they were just cartridges so I'm clueless with any of the other formats or saving games Makes perfect sense about carts not being able to save I do have the manual scan for Madness & the Minotaur, but still can't figure out how to save my games lol
  6. Thanks alot. Saving disk based games was alot easier than I thought. I tested Sands of Egypt, followed what you said & it worked right away, sure most others will be just as straightforward As far as saving games to cassette I could not figure that out. Kept trying to test it on Dungeons of Daggorath & when I went to load file I saved I just heard sound effect repeat over & over like it was stuck in a loop The tape counter thing is confusing to me also, let's say i wanted to have a couple saves for the same game. I wouldn't just make 2 diff filenames to save to from the tape menu? Don't get how the cassette counter plays in or the whole rewinding thing I also tried Madness & the Minotaur...as someone said below it was originally a cassette game? Looks like all the games I downloaded are .ccc or .dsk..this one I have is a .dsk. According to the manual saving is possible to cassette & involves pulling out the game & inserting a blank tape?? CLUELESS how this would work, let alone how to accomplish it in VCC. I tried the tape menu, created a file called mino.cas to test it. Went back into the game, typed ZSAVE"mino" & just got "I don't understand that" Anyways it appears most of the games I wanted to try were disk based so don't think I'd have much trouble saving those, but all the cassette stuff I'm just stumped by. Never used cassettes for anything other than listening to music lol Would still really like to try some of those titles though & be able to save. Be real if Super Pitfall had save capabilities also, but apparently it doesn't
  7. Yea VCC doesn't have save states which really sucks. I don't really know any other emulator that doesn't, would make things so much more convienient Thanks, good to know those titles do. Going to have to check the manuals for the rest soon. Any idea the steps I would have to do in VCC to save , let's say Sands of Egypt to disk & Dungeons of Daggorath to tape?
  8. Ok yea, was thinking I'd have to just go over all the manuals. I do have the .PDFs for nearly eveyy game I mentioned. Thanks alot for offering your advice, appreciate it!
  9. I made a list in my original post of some of the adventure games I'd like to try, but am unsure save is even possible on or if so, how. I'm mainly hoping to play some of those, but don't have the patience to spend hours on them & not be able to save. Also, be cool to save high scores on the arcade titles, but I'm mainly concerned with these: Blackbeard's Island Calixto Island The Interbank Incident King's Quest Series Leisue Suit Larry Madness & the Minotaur Marooned Maui Vice Nuke the Love Boat Planetfall Police Quest Sands of Egypt The Black Cauldron The Dallas Quest V & EDIT: Scolling down the cartridge game list, there's a few others I could see myself getting into if I could save. Not sure if saves to disk from cart games were even possible but: Dungeons of Daggorath Castle of Tharoggad Wildcatting
  10. Thanks! OK now I know to get the .CCC files for cartridge games & see that they do autostart, it worked with Super pitfall. Weird though, I had .DSK of Super Pitfall as well & it still started after typing DIR & RUN "Pitfall, but it didn't autostart & I was wondering why. Makes sense now. Only thing is the music isn't working on either Super Pitfall version for some reason.
  11. Yea I was saying I didn't have a problem loading games that were on disk format so far, but cartridge games like Super Pitfall & Clowns & Balloons I can't get to work. [EDIT]: I just loaded Super Pitfall in the FD502 drive as if it was a floppy disk, typed DIR, then RUN + filename & it started up. What threw me off was I know for a fact that game came on cartridge + StevieStrows tutorial said to rename the cartidge game extensions as .rom. That did not work, but apparently treating a cartidge based game as a floppy does?? Anyways I STILL have no idea how I can save any of these games, and which ones actually are capable of saving for that matter
  12. Hello Have posted here a while back asking about how to save COCO games & eventually gave up trying to deal with VCC at all. Decided to get things going again & now I can't seem to remember how to even load cartridge based games, although looks like disk drive is working. I tried both Super Pitfall + Clowns & Balloons, both I downloaded in .DSK format & from what i saw in a tutorial, apparently VCC can't even read that format for those & it must be renamed to .ROM? I have the MPI interface set up in the cart slot & left Slot 1 empty to insert cartridge games. When I added either one of those files in there it shows they are in the drive, but nothing happens (Checked that slot is on position 1, I have tried resetting as well) The options to "autostart emulation" & "autostart cart" are both checked as well. Typing RUN & hitting enter just says "OK", typing DIR gives an error message & selecting RUN from the drop down does nothing either so I just can't figure out what else to do Another thing is I couldn't for the life of me ever figure out how to save COCO games. Believe I was told alot of games aren't even possible to save? Some might be to disk, others might be able to save to tape? The thing is I have ZERO experience with floppy disks or cassette decks for any kind of computers. I had a COCO3 when I was very young, but just a few carts. I guess save states like most emulators have are completely out of the question, but would be very convienient if they did exist IDK if their might be a save capable game list out there that shows what format is used or if anyone can offer any insight from personal experience, but it's mainly alot of the adventure games I'm curious about trying that I'll list below. There is no WAY I would have the patience nowadays to spend hours on the games & have to start from scratch all over due to no save capability so hoping a few of them have that option. Would be nice to save progress in some of those later titles as well such as Thelda & keep track of high scores on the arcade titles. Anyway here are some of the main titles I'm hoping allow saving & I could give a try. Thanks in advance Blackbeard's Island Calixto Island The Interbank Incident King's Quest Series Leisue Suit Larry Madness & the Minotaur Marooned Maui Vice Nuke the Love Boat Planetfall Police Quest Sands of Egypt The Black Cauldron The Dallas Quest V
  13. You're the greatest man! That was it. BTW A few roms I've already been using lately I got from your pack. Really appreciate all your dedication to this console over the years!
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