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  1. Thanks. I'm completely unfamiliar with OS-9, but I would like to look into it eventually I recently learned the CLOAD commands for cassette based games as well, but still haven't tried loading a cassette file yet, I believe most I have are disks I am STILL clueless how to actually save a game though, no one has answered that question for me & that's the main thing I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out lol
  2. Ok I will try to use on of the blanks from the JVC folder instead, and thanks for the info about naming the disk. But I STILL do not know how to save a game while I'm playing it lol
  3. So far I've figured out how to get some games running with the DIR , LOADM & EXEC commands...others I've had no luck starting But as far as saving those games I still have pretty much no clue other than I need a blank disk image. NO idea how to set one up or save to one during a game, so therefore haven't even had the chance to try loading a saved game
  4. Thx for the heads up, that would definitely clear up some confusion & guessing games as to which format I need to save to for every game...That is if I can ever figure out how to actually save a game in the first place
  5. I've got alot of my games from there already, and I just found the blank category & downloaded the one named 180K-RS.DSK Would that be right? I still have NO idea how to save during a game to that blank disk, or if I should rename it first. I'm assuming part of it would involve loading the game in drive 1 & the blank in 2? I tried this with 1 adventure game so far, I took a guess & typed SAVE, but it asked me to press ENTER when I had a cassette ready, which I have zero idea how to work with. Still so confusing as to which games require a disk or a tape...I then tried to save a couple other random action games, but haven't the slightest clue how, being there was no field to type in SAVE like I did in the adventure game & no straightforward drop down menu up top like the old DOS games had, which is the only experience I've ever had saving computer games
  6. Been getting real frustated because I just can't seem to find any info online on how to do this & no one seems to be able to give me a clear answer on how exactly it is done. I only had cartridge games on my COCO3 when I was a kid & therefore have no idea how games were saved on it. I'd like to be able to see what I missed out on & play some of these games that were on disk or tape, but I just can't figure out how to save games/load saved games. All I gathered so far is to create a .DSK & write to it, or use the tape menu in VCC for saving games to cassette, but no details as to how do that exactly. I was also told by someone that some disk games can't be saved to disk, but cassette & maybe vice versa?? IDK, but that just adds to the confusion knowing I'd have to figure out which are compatible with what, that is if I can ever find out how to save games in the first place Would be incredibly appreciated if someone can help me
  7. Manually setting it is what I was trying, when I hit the RIGHT on the DPAD to set as RIGHT , nothing happened. Couldn't seem to figure out how to just let it autodetect the DPAD
  8. Yep, just Kat 5200 won't let me set right on the DPAD. Windows 10
  9. Been trying quite a few more emulators during this lockdown, and this one for the 5200 seems to run all games & work except for 1 main problem: It will NOT detect me pressing right on the DPAD during the configuration It's a pretty old PC control pad I found up in my closet I started using (Microsoft Sidewinder?? with no analog sticks, 4 main buttons & just 2 shoulder buttons)Honestly I can't even remember where I got it from but it works fine with NES Emulators & others so I don't understand what the issue is here. UP, LEFT, DOWN registers & maps it but not RIGHT for some reason Anyone??
  10. Just starting to look into the ST & some the games in it's library through Hatari/Launchbox I have 2 questions: 1.Did it use the same joysticks as the 2600 & XE ? (From what I read so far 7800 controllers tend not to work right) 2.Is there a USB adapter someone can recommend that I could use to plug a 2600 joystick into my laptop as the game controller for Hatari...if that works well that is? Thanks
  11. Just trying to set up the Hatari emulator for the first time & am running it within Launchbox. Never owned or played an ST, but always been curious about them. Anyways the first game I wanted to try was Crack'ed because I love my 7800 version & was impressed by the ST version's graphics I saw on a video & the apparent mouse support that makes the game easier to control. Can't figure out any settings that seem obvious to me, but I'm unable to move the mouse once the game loads up. Just stuck at the title screen. Another game I tried I was able to start up with the keyboard, although I'm still unsure what key I actually pressed, beind I kinda bashed them all because I couldn't tell which was meant to use haha. If anyone can please shine some light as to what the issue is with the mouse & let me know the basic key commands for games I'd really appreciate it. I have a Hori RAP Pro arcade stick I would like to use with some games as well, but haven't tried that yet either. Little anxious with that as I can barley even get the standard controls figured out Thanks in advance
  12. i got it using Firefox & also Safari on my phone
  13. Yea I got the same too! I was curious about reading the thread there on it, but after I saw that I was like PASS.
  14. OK, a couple WIP screenshots were posted over 2 years ago. Either didn't catch that at all or don't remember Knew I shoulda checked that homebrew thread though, I see now Atari Leaf commented it on earlier with the same video. Guess cuz I searched "Putt18" as 1 word nothing turned up from recent
  15. Looks like Video 61 has made this for 5200/Atari 8 Bit & is now working on a version for the 7800. If this is old news, forgive me. Don't think it's exactly my dream game or anything personally, but I haven't noticed anything 7800 specific mentioned here so figured I'd share this video I just saw in my Youtube feed. Happy to see Lance working on new titles regardless & lots of respect to him for keeping at it for so long. I get nostalgic hearing his voice, it reminds me of my very 1st days of collecting, calling the store at my parent's house to order some games back in 1998-1999 haha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ViizneNGdyY&t=407s
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