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  1. I remember that XE commercial on TV when I was a kid but I believe I already had my 7800 at that point...It did look cool tho.....&I know man,to this day it angers me so much how bad they fucked the 7800 up & how much better its legacy could have lived on...Even tho I got a NES shortly after & I love & collect for that system as well, the 7800 has a huge place in my heart & is probably the most sentimental system to me....Many memories of me & my sister playing it for hours on end every day in our childhood...I had the 2600 for years before but I was so young, my memories alot fuzzier...We had a fair share of 2600 carts we'd play on our 7800 too tho
  2. IDK man, sure the odds are it's fine, but if I'm gonna pay $100 for an old game I better be sure it works (Didn't see if he accepted returns but I've noticed alot of pricey listings that didn't)..The 2600 version is one of my favs & I was impressed by how much better this one looked...It's definitely one of the carts I'd like to add to my new Coco collection but $100 is ridiculous IMO...This is the 1st time I've seen the game for sale anywhere in a couple months, so I'm assuming it isn't all that common, but I'd still like to know exactly how rare it is & if this is kinda the standard rate for it, which I doubt.... & I'm not interested in emulation for it, collecting is my hobby & I don't care if I have to pay a little more than usual for this 1, just def no $100.....Once i put together the library of 30 or so rompaks I really want (I'm up to 19 so far), I plan to buy the tape deck & disk drive, a few more common casstte & floppy games I want...&then I'll look into maybe copying some of the more obscure roms to floppy....I just don't care to play a system I intend to collect for on an emulator for my laptop...MAME is about all I mess with
  3. No I didnt mean the actual case of the game I meant it looks like another example of a game that kept more from the arcade on the Atari computer version compared to the 2600/7800. As in I heard the Atari Computer DK kept all the levels from the arcade & you were saying Mario Bros kept all the intermissions.
  4. hahaha well that explains it...Thanks for pointing that out to me, I might go back & try it tonight
  5. Nice....isn't it the same case with Donkey Kong that the Atari 8-bit computer version was the only one to get all the arcade levels?
  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Demon-Attack-Radio-Shack-Tandy-TRS-80-Color-Computer-Game-Cartridge-26-3046-VG-/111410865128?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item19f09ae3e8 ^ C'mon! Almost $100 for it & it's "untested" ?!.....I'm very new to Coco collecting, but please don't tell me that's about right for what this game goes for lol
  7. Mario Bros: SO glad I finally got the 7800 version of Mario Bros!...Very fun game, a huge improvement over the 2600 version that I just could really never get into....Seems close to the arcade from what I remember (Friend's neighbor in the 90's had a cabinet in his garage & I vaguely remember playing it once or twice)....To me this is one of those addictive games that as frustrating as it gets, I have a hard time quitting. Fight Night: Seem to have always heard mixed opinions on this 1. I havent done much other than try the training mode quickly & couldn't figure out the controls off the bat, will have to check out a manual online when boredom strikes in the near future & finally Karateka: Sooner or later I had to get it,so I could experience by myself the years of endless negative publicity, and my long term goal is to have a complete NTSC collection as well. With an open mind, I popped it in, watched the intro story...game begins & cannot for the life of me figure out how to attack...the only straightforward control seems to be right=to dash to the right..I know there's more to it, but the buttons seem to do nothing lol...I always expected one to kick & one to jump when pressed alone, at least...After the 1st enemy whipped my ass 3 times in a row, I gave up...Another that I'll have to come back to due to awkward controls...This one I'm more motivated to learn than Fight Night because I'd like to see how damn bad it actually is when I know what I'm doing haha
  8. Some of the dates might be slightly off, but...... AS FAR BACK AS I CAN REMEMBER - PRESENT: I HAVE LOVED ARCADE GAMES 1982 Atari 2600 1987 Tandy Color Computer 3 1988 Atari 7800 1989 NES 1990 Turbografx 1991 Sega Genesis 1992 Super NES 1993 Sega CD 1995 Windows PC: A couple games, mainly King's Quest V & VI 1995 Turbo Duo 1996 Playstation 1997 BOUGHT 2nd 2600 & BEGAN COLLECTING GAMES 1998 BOUGHT 2nd 7800 NEW IN BOX (Still Have it) & BEGAN COLLECTING GAMES, INCLUDING EVERY .80 cent NIB game O'Shea LTD had 1999 BOUGHT A 2nd NES & BEGAN COLLECTING GAMES (Still have it) Early 2000s- <Too much partying & Very little gaming aside from a little Atari & NES > Mid 2000's Toned down the partying & finally got into PS2 gaming Late 2000's <Excessive partying again> although...... 2008-2009 discovered an arcade a few miles from a friends apartment that served beer, so sure you could imagine I was in heaven...it became my home away from home & I simultaneously got trashed & blew loads of money on tokens a few days a week until it sadly closed down 2011 <Slowed down partying, this time most certainly for good> 2012 Found a Dreamcast with no cables or controllers, took it to Play N Trade who tested it as working 2013 Realized how many good arcade titles & games were made for Dreamcast, bought cables, controllers, a shitton of games, built a decent collection. 2014 Never imagined doing so because I always thought of it as a kiddie system, but after realizing it was the only console a few light gun arcade games I loved were ported to, I bought a Wii.... 2014 Bought 3rd 7800 with Composite Video Mod 2014 Playing the Dreamcast wound up giving me new interest in modern gaming, and although I left off with the PS2 & have a rather awkward gap to fill, I am really hoping to get a PS4 sometime in the near future (right after I get my 2nd Color Computer 3 that I've already bought 15 games for recently)
  9. Thanks, man..still debating whether to give it another shot after 15 years but if I do i will make use of those lol
  10. Yep, not like we could e-mail them lol.....It made no sense to me then why those Atari arcade titles never made it home to the 7800
  11. I just got my modded 7800 from him a month or so ago & he was very helpful to me. It shipped super fast & I was amazed at the amount of care put into the packaging. Layers upon layers of bubble wrap, styrofoam & peanuts...& yes, all in an actual Atari logo-ed out box wrapped up in Atari packing tape ....I ordered some stuff from him in the late 90's too & its totally awesome to see Best is still around...The website is laughably outdated , but there is really no reason why you should have problems browsing through it & finding what your looking for....It's a great feeling to support ppl like him..Gotta give him credit & appreciate that here in 2014 a business that specializes in ATARI PRODUCTS is here for us & apparently doing well..haha
  12. Be dope to have Ninja Gaiden on the 7800....If I remember right, there was a Lynx version which was very true to the arcade....The NES versions were awesome games, but I always wished there was a home port of the arcade then....well at least MAME happened lol
  13. Paperboy, Pacmania & Roadblasters....After seeing those 3 games at a Chuck E Cheese party back then I DREAMED & DREAMED they would get released for my 7800...I even wrote Atari a letter inquiring about it, which much to my dismay they replied that their were no plans to. lol
  14. Wow that Bentley Bear game is an impressive homebrew!...Almost makes me cry thinking about what kinda games could have came out back then for the 7800 if everything wasn't so screwed up..lol.... Yea I get what your saying....Stacked up against some of the NES platformers I could see....&although I still think it holds it's own as a decent title despite its flaws, I have to admit my bias. I had the 7800 before the NES as a kid & going by the few games I had for it at the time (Food Fight, Choplifter, One on One Basketball) & the ones I remembered seeing in the commercial that convinced my Dad to buy it...I woulda never thought a game like Scrapyard Dog would be possible...It wasn't til I became an Atari collecting nerd & started doing my obsessive research in the late 90's that I discovered some of the more advanced later titles on the system..haha.....So yea it's not perfect but it felt thrilling to play such a game years later for that system I had as a kid & loved that didn't work out too well. All bias aside, I still think it's a fun & unique platformer, that was worth most of the frustration... just wish the final boss was a character to fight instead of a FREAKIN' PUZZLE! lol.... & The controls took getting used too, yea , but I finally picked up a pair of joypads lately & have found it much smoother to play...The whole reason behind me bringing the game up here was that I've been having thoughts of trying it again....debating whether investing all that time to most likely not solve that puzzle again is worth my sanity this time around tho
  15. Hahaha.....but seriously, WTF kinda final boss is that?! lol One of my more shocking & disspointing moments in gaming history for sure lol
  16. Seems it gets alot of hate online & yea, the main character is somewhat a rip-off of Mario...but I always thought the game had its own charm to it & IMO is one of the most advanced games on the 7800....Clearly shows us that the 7800 had potential to bring us it's share of NES-style platformers if things turned out differently..... But anyways when I 1st started collecting in the late 90's I spent ALOT of time trying to finish it..From what I remember, the later levels were pretty hard & maze like, where you had to enter tunnels in a certain order or you were screwed....well I finally got to the last stage, but unlike I pictured the Mr. Big final boss to be, it was a big puzzle with his face on it & you had to rearrange the tiles around to match up before the time ran out (LAME!).....I was pretty dissapointed & gave up ever trying again...
  17. Yea, once I get my Coco3 shortly, guess I'll just stick to composite for a while....My TV has a VGA input, but it won't be compatible with the Coco3 because it can't even handle my Dreamcast's resolution. I had to buy a seperate VGA to HDMI upscaler in order to get it to work, which still wound up making a huge improvement in the picture ....What I was thinking was to maybe get that cable you mentioned & then run it through the same upscaler, but I get the feeling it won't make a big difference....Maybe someday.....Right now I'm more preoccupied with getting some more games first (12 so far & 3 on the way ,) & hopefully the accessories needed to experience the novelty of playing some cassettes & floppies soon too! haha &I intend it mainly for gaming....Matter of fact the only progamming I've ever done in my life was at about 8 years old on my Coco3 lol.....I vaguely remember spending some time sitting there with the book for hours to make a couple simple graphics appear on my TV..I was all like "Look Mommy!" hahahaha.......I do see myself messing around a little for fun again too tho
  18. Yea, Im sure the composite will be fine, but thought since the RGB out gave a better picture back then that it could possibly be slightly better looking on my TV If there was such an an adapter for it.
  19. Yea, I remember running my NES into our VCR's A/V inputs a couple times when I was a kid to see if it would record game footage & being stoked upon learning it could...I recorded all the cutscenes in Ninja Gaiden back to back to play em like a little movie haha.....That was it tho, don't know why we stuck with the coax for regular gameplay
  20. hahaha yea I always found it hilarious that Impossible Mission was literally "Impossible"
  21. Yea, A/V inputs still weren't the norm back then....Everyone I knew back then that had the NES were using the coax too....I'll never get over the sadness from dwelling on what the 7800 could have been if things were just done differently ...I still love it tho..
  22. Thanks...I wouldn't think there would be a problem, but I was sure someone once told me they might not work for with the joypads for some reason..Just wanted to be sure to avoid the hassle of having to ship back an item. ..Thats's a cool idea BTW, I never thought of that....be nice to have the ease of just hitting a switch to choose between joysticks, paddles & the other controllers
  23. Can anybody confirm that they will work? I'd like to pick up a 9ft pair I saw online soon, but vaguely remember someone telling me they wont work with the 7800 joypads Thanks
  24. Cloud 9 is who I plan on getting my Coco3 from soon. They've given me very fast responses to my emails so far & I seem to hear nothing but good from people about them. Really sucks how many people I keep hearing that dude screwed over. Glad I stumbled upon that article about him before I wound up dealing with him.
  25. Whatever the music is that is used in Desert Falcon, it was sampled in this old Drum & Bass tune haha...I bought this record way back when it was new in 1999, a couple years after I started collecting Atari games & when I 1st heard it drop I was like DESERT FALCON! lol
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