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  1. I can still remember seeing this commercial for the 7800 for the 1st time ...& it making my Dad & I impressed at how much better the games seemed compared to the 2600. But I really wanted an NES. It must have been Christmas 1988, my parents got me the 7800 instead & I was honestly let down. My cousin got an NES for his gift that year, and after witnessing it over his house I distinctly remember crying in the backseat on the ride home that I never got one & was stuck with the 7800 lol But I learned to appreciate it & although I had a 2600 & played it previously, the late 80's is kind of where I was old enough to have a much clearer memory of that decade, and I have lots of fond memories of playing the 7800 with my sister & toddler brother at the time playing some of his first games on it. Even though the only games we had were Choplifter, Food Fight, One On One & the pack in, Pole Position II, it is one of my most nostalgic consoles, along with the NES I wound up getting after all the following year The Non Super Games: Pole Position II Compared to the racing games I had played before, this seemed pretty advanced for the time (Can't say that without laughing to myself now a bit) All other games back then I would sit on the floor to play, but for this one I used to like pulling up a kitchen chair & pretending I was in the driver's seat while I played it, it felt even more realistic to me doing that lmao Xevious Fun shoot em up, it looked amazing in that commercial to me too Ms Pacman Great port of the timeless classic, but along with other Pacman games, including the awesome Super Pacman homebrew I own, it unfortunately doesn't get much action because playing them with 8 way sticks/pads are too frustrating Centipede Had the 2600 version around same time & this was a little step above, simple but still fun Joust Another game I just had the 2600 version of in the late 80's, but lots of fun with sister playing it & the 7800 version is much better, still play it from time to time Desert Falcon Looked pretty cool then, picked it up when I began collecting in late 90's, but the controls put me off & I gave up quickly on it. Fast forward 20 years later & a week or 2 ago I gave it another chance, got used to controls more & now I'm liking it Choplifter! One of the 4 games I had at the time. The mall had the Sega arcade game & I was let down that it seemed so stripped down (Not knowing then that the Sega version was more of a remake of the original on the Apple II) But still I really loved it & still do, lots of memories...there's even a family VHS video taken of us playing it at a birthday party? & my 2-3 year old brother pointing out & describing all the enemies to my relatives hahaha Asteroids Played the 2600 version over my Grandparents in the 90's a bit, but was never too crazy about it, nor the 7800 version The Super Games: Karateka. This looked awesome, but if I only knew haha Winter Games. Another we had the 2600 version of instead in late 80's. Had lots of fun with family playing it, the 7800 looked much better, but sucks it lacks some of the events Skyfox Sure, that screenshot that WASNT EVEN FROM A 7800 looked cool Impossible Mission Seemed cool, but yea, good thing I never had to torture myself with trying to beat a game that was unbeatable. No internet then either, so I would have never even known One on One Basketball Loved it, and sure it's primitive by today's standards, but still kicked any 2600 basketball game's ass. Breaking the backboard & having the swearing janitor come out was one of my most memorable moments in gaming history. Me & my sis were SHOCKED & AMAZED...after couple months or so of playing it, this happens out of nowhere so unexpectedly haha Summer Games Looked great, only played it few times since I got it for my collection tho. Never took the time to learn the controls..but might some day Ball Blazer Looked cool at the time, but like a few others said, it never did much for me at all & seemed over rated..still have yet to play a 2 player game tho, I could see that being more appealing Hat Trick MEH. Might have inserted it in my 7800 once since I got it 20 years ago
  2. Yea I never got to play Zaxxon back in the day, but was aware of it & always knew this was considered a clone. I am just now realizing how Desert Falcon has more depth than I thought too with the hiero power up & point system (which I still need some experience with) The controls are what put me off originally, but 2 decades later I'm getting used to them & have a new found appreciation for this game
  3. Thanks! Yea I actually ran into that searching around, cropped the combo guide & saved it in my phone to keep by me haha Yea I thought that was it, the manual didn't describe anything about amount of levels or final stages & I couldn't find evidence online of anyone claiming to beat it. I woulda prefered that & it does seem like a game that could be setup that way, but it's still cool. I think it'd be more fun to me to go by how many levels I can get up to vs. points with this one
  4. Yea, turns out it's one of those games that the controls just take getting used to. Also, it seems what I read somewhere recently is true how you have alot better chance of hitting the enemies if you are either on the ground or all the way up in the air. Think part of my problem was I was flying more in the middle. I don't smash into buildings as much now either, and when I do, frustrating or not, it's always hilarious how the bird plummets to his death while hearing the "cuckoo,cuckoo,cuckoo" type sound effect hahaha And yea, it gets intense with the amount of enemies on the screen in later levels it looks like, I was surprised Just hope it has a set amount of levels, be cooler to play if I know I have a goal to reach instead of just points
  5. Can this be beaten? Are there a certain amount of levels until it's over or does the game keep on going? Can't seem to find anything confirming this I've had this game in my collection for over 20 years, and just now giving it more of a chance & beginning to like it. Guess I was just too frustrated by the controls when I originally tried it & gave up too quick on it. Never even took the time to learn about the whole hieroglyphic combo mechanic either, pretty unique & interesting IMO
  6. WOWWWW! This is AMAZING! Honestly been getting burned out with seeing all these super basic 2600 style homebrews. THESE are the kind of games I get excited to see being made for the 7800 on par with the NES library it was up against in the late 80's. Awesome work & creativity! Def looking fwd to this & so glad to see stuff like this & Bentley Bear is being done (which I still have to pick up sometime soon, rly been slacking in the 7800 world lately haha)
  7. When I 1st saw Joust 2 in the arcades as a kid I hoped so bad it would come out for the 7800..Would love to see that happen after all haha
  8. Would love to see Terra Cresta!...No doubt that could have happened on the 7800
  9. Paperboy, Roadblasters & Pacmania...just like I wished they would when I was a kid & was introduced to them all at Showbiz pizza..I even wrote Atari a letter about them, typed on a typewriter hahaha &what a tease it was when they announced the discovery that Paperboy was actually being worked on after all this time..only for nothing to come about with it (AFAIK)
  10. I've posted about this few years ago but couldn't find thread..and never got around to it, but am ready now Coco 3 is only system I own that I don't have extension cables for to reach my bed from TV stand. Has someone possibly made these by now? If not any advice on where I could find one compatible? Last time I remember the only compatible cables I could find were like 50' designed for security cameras..I can't even remember the kind of cable needed either if someone can please fill me in lol There was also a site I found where I was told they could build me custom extension cables, I just had to give them info & find them the diagram. Worst case scenario, guess that's what I'll do Thanks in advance
  11. Looks like I'm late to the party on this...but put me down for an NTSC copy for sure Been wondering what ever came about with Toki, but haven't been on in a while, stoked to see the cartridge is happening Looks amazing for a 7800 title, such a shame we didn't have more of these kinda games back in the day.
  12. Haha yea been anticipating it for a long time!...I totally understand it takes a lot of work and people have lives outside of their hobbies. Just wanting it to be known I wasn't trying to come of as whiny..been away for a while & was hoping to get caught up Anyways I had a friend over recently & I showed him some of the footage of it out there on YT...He was blown away to see that kind of game on the 7800 & made a post about it on his Instagram with a clip lol
  13. Christmas 1988..I thought some of the games in the 7800 commercial on TV at the time seemed cool, and a nice step up from the 2600...I knew the NES blew it away though & it was what I really wanted..& wanted badly...Instead I wound up getting a 7800..and was one hysterically upset kid after playing the NES at cousins later that day for the 1st time & not getting one lol..I learned to love my 7800 though & although I only had a few games for it, I have many fond memories of playing it with my sister in the late 80's. The next year my Grandfather returned it I believe (He was notorious for exchanging & returning items to stores WAY past the deadline, talking years or even over a decade old in some cases, never knew how he did it lol) & we finally got the NES Fast forward to 1997 & my new retrogame collecting hobby is born..mainly fueled by going online in the earlier days & learning about the mindblowing amount of games I never knew existed It started with the 2600. and soon I found a website called O'Shea's limited that had about 30 7800 games NIB + a bunch of 2600 for..I can't believe I'm even saying this now...88 CENTS A PIECE! It was ON from then on..I ordered a new 7800 from Best Electronics.... and on and off again within the past 20 years I have picked up all original NTSC games aside from Tank Command + the Super Pacman homebrew, and I'm currently using my 3rd 7800, a composite modded unit I also bought from Best since the coax out on my 2nd one looked like crap on my HDTV
  14. Yea that's the same thread I read a while back regarding Bentley Bear...seems nothing has changed since "Should be availiable in November 2016"
  15. Haven't been on here in a year or 2 I believe, but have checked back a couple times to see if Bentley Bear was availiable to purchase on cart yet & it seems years later it still isn't. Also remember someone did a Flappy Bird..wasn't that supposed to come out as well? And then Toki, another one I was excited for..still seems it's not done..last I remember it was PAL only but they were working on it & finally Paperboy..My memory is fuzzy, but I think someone discovered a demo of this game on an old computer, but couldn't continue it for some reason? Thanks in advance for saving me time searching around, sure alot of u are up to date on all those Steve
  16. Stevaside

    A/V modded 7800

    Best Electronics sells them modded. I ordered mine few years ago from them
  17. Lol I think my best solution would be to try & find a Pentium III PC first, but keep my eyes open in the meantime for the model I had, prob do a followed search on Ebay..I really think last time I researched it I saw somewhere it had it's own video connection & wasn't standard VGA too, so going to have to look into it again... That all makes sense though, I was thinking as many PCs that were out there in the 90's its insane how hard it seems to find them nowadays...I really haven't began looking online much aside from Ebay, but I'm under the impression there isn't much there either...been checking my local Craigslist the past week or 2 & haven't found anything pre XP
  18. Thanks but have to update & say I managed to find a pre-modded system & just had it shipped today
  19. yea...I was sure it'd be kind of hard to find & thinking maybe i should let go of the nostalgia & get something with a pentium III, having better video card options def a plus being I want to run it to my TV...& yea, the oldest games I'm wanting are a couple late 80s maybe & the majority from 90-99, so guess i'll be OK for the most part with one
  20. Was going to say no, becuase I was sure the CD-Rom & 3 1/2" Floppy were under that door, (Almost positive it didn't have a 5 1/4 slot) but under closer inspection looks like there was a drive on the bottom in the same place the CD-Rom drive is on that Ebay listing...hard to make out & for some reason I thought I had to open that door to put CDs in..could be wrong tho..&it looks like the models had different versions such as "consultant" & I think "expert" was another I saw too...maybe we had another variant lol...whos knows...cant believe I don't remember better
  21. Correction: I believe it was a PS/1 that I had when I was young, not a PS/2..that would explain why I was having so much trouble finding an image of a model online that looked similar to what I had lol This is it & me sometime in the late 90's hahaha I completely forgot it had a little door that you pulled down to reveal the CD-Rom & floppy drive...anyone possibly ID the model this might be? The specs on these I seem to be finding are so outdated I barely understand them I know it's ancient but it ran whatever DOS/Windows 95 games we had well, not sure if it could be upgraded a little better or if it could handle Windows 98 games at all
  22. Yes & it is indeed very depressing..I have completely gave up a couple years ago, & like someone mentioned PS2 sports games is about it....Gone are the days of the thrill of the hunt..In the late 90's when I started that was one of the things I loved about this hobby, going to thrift stores knowing there was a good chance I'd find something & the anticipation of what that might be..Same for video game stores, they were all selling Atari games $1 a piece around here which made it easy for me to jumpstart my collection..I mean that was nearly 2 decades ago but still hard to believe how good we had it at one time..And to think that i used to feel I started too late during those times even, Nowadays I'd kill to go back to the way I had it compared to today lol
  23. Wanting to get one soon...last I looked a year or so ago, you could find pre-modded consoles on Ebay, but not anymore (that don't seem sketchy anyway)...can anyone refer me to somewhere that has a good record for doing mods that i can ship it to? I also want to mention, my regular model is run through composite cables ATM but has some interference/lines on screen. I learned this varies with the power supply I've used, the actual OEM NES plug is by far the worst with wavy lines descending down the screen during gameplay..a couple other random plugs I tried just to test weren't as bad, but both varied with the style of lines on screen & intensity (one was small diagonal, another had 2 groups of slightly larger lines crossing eachother ) From what I understand there's a mod out there that just changes the RF to composite & another that does the same but actually improves the video quality & I'm guessing prevents the interference & lines on screen...I'd definitely want that one if it's availiable to be performed out there...& if anyone has any advice on that issue period, please let me know Thanks, Steve
  24. It's driving me crazy...To be kind I gave a seller a comment for good feedback that i bought some games from..now ONE YEAR LATER..the comments from the 100s & 100s of people after me keep showing up & its ALWAYS at the top of the "my content" list...so annoying..I've tried everything as well & still stuck seeing it...
  25. Is there a reason for having 2 different PCs ? Seems this is common...do later models or Pentium II/III's not run some of the DOS games right??
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