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  1. I'm not trying to make money off of it. I just got the case new from Video 61 and I really have no room for the box. I just can't bring myself to throw it away, and thought I might be able to send it to a good home haha...If one of you would be interested, let me know and whenever I stop by the Post Office next I guess I could see how much the shipping would be..That's all I'd ask for plus the buck or 2 it would cost to pack it the proper way as to not get crushed. Steve
  2. Those look cool, but I'm wanting to keep the games in a small case such as the gameboy game clear shells so I can keep a row of them inside my Kit Case, which just came in yesterday....Thanks for commenting tho. I thought using Gameboy cases for Lynx games was a common thing..crazy how like 200 ppl viewed this & not 1 person can tell me a good place to get a few of em at lol
  3. Should these work? Someone actually told me he used this size on here like 3 years ago but I never got around to ordering em lol..I was just about to now but measured one of my manuals which suprisingly seems slightly longer than the pouch ??? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B003AOK3O6/ref=s9_simh_se_p21_d0_i1?pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=search-desktop-advertising-no-results-center-1&pf_rd_r=08PBADDEK11JPV9KZE1J&pf_rd_t=301&pf_rd_p=1912906142&pf_rd_i=POSTCARD%20BINDER%20PAGES%205x8
  4. My "Atari Lynx Man Purse" should be coming in next week to store everything in my new collection... Would like some of these to organize the rest of my games that won't go in the 12 slots it has....These seem harder to find then I thought...I'd like to buy a lot of 20, but the only listings I've seen with bigger quantities come in mixed colors or are from Asian sellers that I get a bad feeling about the quality... I don't really want to get them with the Nintendo logo on them, I just don't feel right about that hahaha....In that massive Lynx collection YT vid I posted recently that happened to be from member Rygar on here...I noticed they had what looked like printed game labels inside the cases at the ends...I really like that idea, and would like to do that myself...Should you be able to do that with any Original Gameboy case, whether Nintendo brand or generic?? I have no idea if the sizes differed, but some I've seen look to thin to really do that Any links you guys can send ?? I know there has to be some independent game stores online out there that still sell them... Thanks in advance
  5. Yea I don't plan to stop permanently at 30...Matter of fact I have a list made up of about 50 that I really would like...Im kinda jumping around between consoles collecting right now..and since I added a Genesis and Tandy Color Computer 3 with a fair amount of games recently too, it just feels stupid to me to not have a Super NES in my collection lol...Planning to jump to that for a little bit next, then do some adding to a couple other consoles, and finally try to get with the times a little and pick up a PS4 by the end of the year I do see myself ultimately going back to the Lynx and increasing it, just not right away..Im kinda trying to get the best of the best for multiple consoles right now, games that I know are pretty good or seem to be That said I really love the Lynx and see it getting plenty of use from me for years to come...I'm amazed at how ahead of it's time it was. I can remember seeing gaming mag coverage when I was a kid, sitting in class fascinated by it and wishing my parents would get me one lol...and it made me think the Gameboy being black and white was ridiculous.. a belief I still hold 24 years later haha
  6. haha yep..I think I'm going to pause collecting after I acquire 30 games [And picking up Hot Dog when it gets re-released]...... do a little more collecting for some other consoles, then come back around again to the Lynx & gradually build it up some more....I've been having alot of fun playing it & once I get a battery charger I plan to take it on the road with me a little too haha
  7. That's good to know, I guessed 3 at the most..I really like the look of those alot and that's good to know they can hold more...Im probably gonna take a break once I hit 30 games in my library and the wallets would be cool for that...but I think to future proof things I'm gonna wind up going with some Gameboy cases, as I could wind up holding more in the pouch with those if my collection keeps growing. I like the idea of the binder too, but I like the thought having one carry all for the Lynx, games & cord EDIT: can anyone refer me to any places that I can buy 30 of the Gameboy cases for a good deal besides Ebay? I wouldn't want to get them with the Nintendo logo on them, that'd be total blasphemy IMO lol
  8. I figured some of it had to have been....nevertheless it really inspired me to look into some of the merchandise, ads & posters that were avaliable as well as increase my already high levels of enthusiasm for Lynx collecting
  9. Haha...I agree...the thought of some time in the future trying to go for a complete set of Lynx games is something I'm finding myself contemplating more & more it seems lately. I just about finished up a full 7800 NTSC set aside from 3 games recently, and the Lynx wound up becoming the next chapter in my classic game collecting ...Much like the 7800, the smaller library of games make it a much more reasonable goal.....I can't believe how many NIB games I found for dirt cheap already, makes me really regret not getting started sooner.
  10. Cool..I was sure it was someone well known on here....I almost thought I was dreaming at one point when I saw that vid last night right before bed haha...Absolutely amazing!...& here I was envying a couple of the complete game collections on YT & then I stumble upon this! lol
  11. I've heard of "game rooms", but don't think I've ever seen a room specific to one console....& The Lynx would be one of the last I would think would have a whole room devoted to it! I don't think you could consider that a collection, it's more like a Lynx Shrine! hahaha Seriously incredible tho, the Lynx collectibles & promo displays are just epic...&BTW what's the deal with the multicolored units?? Those are just custom done, right? & did I see a Marlboro Go edition Red Lynx?? WTF?! lol...Forgive me if these sound like stupid questions, I'm still very new to the system..As if it wasnt weird enough that a cigarette company was somehow involved in an Atari game lol
  12. Yea I really confirmed that after I got my next couple batches of games in the mail (Dracula is on it's way actually). I can't remember which ones off the top of my head, but it was just weird that a couple are really noticeable, yet other games look fine. I can get past it, it was just unexpected..I LOVE my Lynx already, very glad I finally got one! I remember seeing it in gaming mags when I was a kid & really wanting one. The Gameboy was cool, but I thought it being in B&W was ridiculous & it just made no sense to me that the majority of people still went with it instead of the Lynx. That mod sounds awesome, I hope that does happen sometime in the near future
  13. Found this vid last night on YT...Don't know if the uploader is a member here, but all I can say is this is a must see if you haven't already seen this....INSANE!
  14. ...well that's what Mark of Classic Game Room referred to it as, don't know the official product name..but you know that big case that has room enough to fit one of each model of Lynx + a plug or accessory or 2.... All jokes aside that is an awesome Lynx storage solution that I've been really looking forward to getting..I like the Lynx Game Wallets sold on Songbird's site that hold 9 & fold up...my question is, how many of those could you fit inside the pouch that's big enough to hold the 1st Lynx Model?? (Assuming you could in the 1st place) The ideal way to organize my collection (Approaching over 20 games already) would be to keep the boxes displayed on my shelf like I have been, keeping my 12 favorite games in the slots of the case, and the rest in a couple Game Wallets folded up & put in that pouch. I plan on reaching up to around 30 games soon, and eventually some more... I also thought of finding some kind of very small plastic storage box, sized just good enough to hold a row of games & a sealable lid & keeping that in the pouch, but I would prefer the wallets depending on how many I could fit
  15. Yea something told me what I was seeing was most likely normal & had to do with the technology....It still S#%*S all over the Gameboy's visuals tho It's really an amazing system for the period it came out in..too ahead of it's time! It took me a LONG time but I beat Ninja Gaiden on the NES when I was like 8 years old lol..I rented the 2nd & vaguely remember playing 3 on the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy cart for Super Nintendo. I just played it a couple more times since my original post & Im doing much better...the feel of the game is starting to come back to me & I think they did a great job at recreating the NES titles with this one I thought the contrast was due to the game & not my console...Its fine with Scrapyard Dog...Guess it'll just be something I'll get used to over time.
  16. &I'm already in love with it Played Ninja Gaiden III a couple times, can't tell yet if it's a pretty hard game like I hear or it will just take some getting used to haha....Liking this version of Scrapyard Dog too & what they did with it...I nearly beat the 7800 version years ago but couldn't solve the stupid puzzle in time they made as the final boss (By catching a glance at a Youtube video , it appears they fortunately did away with this in the Lynx version & made it ...you know..an actual CHARACTER to face..lol)...California games I haven't really tried yet & I got a couple more titles coming in the mail soon that I'm looking forward too, but.... I've only seen a Lynx in action one time in my life about 10 years ago so I don't really know what to look for....I noticed while playing the games, there seems to be some discoloration...like for example vertical lines rise up to the top of the screen on both sides of the dumpster in Scrapyard Dog, & in between those lines the color of the sky is a little darker...This effect seemed to be on each game on different background items..It's not horribly distracting but is this common? It's the "Reconditioned/Like New" console from Best, it came in a sealed Lynx box, it looks brand new...I was told when ordering that every unit he had previously went through all kinds of testing for screen problems , "burn-in" & it should be fine. Also sometimes it's hard to see what's going on in Ninja Gaiden III, things seem to blend in with the background a bit...No matter how much I adjust the brightness
  17. It just came in today & I'm already in love haha....& I can't wait to see the looks on people's faces when I bring it out to a public place such as the beach once I get the sun visor attachemnt ....Not exactly as bulky as I imagined either, I'm happy with it's size...Beautiful design for a handheld IMO, besides it being larger than modern systems it still doesn't really feel that dated appearance wise
  18. Thanks for the replies....Good to know about those Eneloop batteries, I'll probably wind up going with those. That does seem like a great charger too, I read up on it a bit...I would like to try to find a model that has 8 slots though if I could though compared to buying 2 seperate units...A couple I looked into so far had a few bad reviews, gonna have to do some more searching.
  19. I guess Alien Brigade according to the Atari Age rarity guide. After a decade & a half of on & off collecting I now have every official NTSC game except Ikari Warriors (which I'm sure will turn up at a decent price eventually)..and Tank Command + Mean 18 Golf (which unless I really luck out, I don't see being in my collection for a very long time, if ever at all) I also picked up Super Pacman & would like to get Beef Drop, Sirius & Plutos some time in the future (And definitely Bentley Bear if that makes it to cartridge?) ....On a side note, can anybody point me to a complete list of 7800 & Lynx homebrews/ reproductions? Seems this site isn't updated that great
  20. Stevaside


    Man, I've been daydreaming about the potential 7800 Paperboy finding quite a damn bit these past couple days Part of that has been imagining what the theme song might sound like, both POKEY & No POKEY hahaha
  21. Ordered it from Best a few days ago & it should be here within next few days along with a few games....Can't wait! I got the package with the AC Adapter, but soon I would like get a decent battery charger/ set of batteries for it....After doing some searching, it seems like 6-Bay chargers are kind of a rarity, but 8-Bay are more common...There's alot of conflicting reviews for the chargers I've looked into so far & I figured the best thing to do would be to ask everybody here what they've had success with & possibly what to avoid, as well as with battery brands/models... Thanks in advance
  22. Please let me know a little ahead of time when Hot Dog will be out again as well as Relief Pitcher. I would like to get both
  23. Stevaside


    OMG!.......Words can't describe my feelings right now after hearing this news ..You're talking about a 26 year old + dream of mine that might be coming true after all!...I've posted about this a few times on this site already, it was the #1 game I wished would come out for my 7800 when I was a kid (Still one of my top games of all time to this day) & I even wrote Atari a letter inquiring about it all the way back in 1988! lol Incredible that someone here was able to contact you about it after all this time...I would have never in a million years thought it was actually a title that was even planned at some point..Thank you so much for coming on here, giving us info & being willing to try & find it. You better believe I will be checking regularly for an update! haha
  24. Just ordered my Lynx II from Best Electronics tonight + Ninja Gaiden III & Scrapyard Dog for my first 2 games so far SO looking forward to it coming in
  25. Stevaside

    Fatal Run

    & If I'm not mistaken I think Ultra Vortek was planned for the Lynx but never made it?? Man, I can't believe there was actually going to be a Mortal Kombat II for the Lynx, such a shame it never happened
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