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    Fatal Run

    & If I'm not mistaken I think Ultra Vortek was planned for the Lynx but never made it?? Man, I can't believe there was actually going to be a Mortal Kombat II for the Lynx, such a shame it never happened
  2. Stevaside

    Fatal Run

    Yep, he is funny. Ive seen a couple of his other vids, but not that one until now. Thanks, there's a lot more details about the game in this one then whatever it was I watched. I didn't know you could go walking around on foot too haha
  3. Stevaside

    Fatal Run

    Yea, matter of fact I was just watching a Youtube video on it & Fatal Run was the 1st game that came to mind....Looks like a good game
  4. I really hope someone would pull it off... It was the #1 game I dreamed for on my 7800 when I was a kid...Pacmania, Roadblasters & a couple others I really wished for too...I've mentioned this before on here but I actually wrote Atari a letter back then asking about it (on my typewriter, mind you ) & was crushed to find out there were no plans...Only recently have I learned of the Atari Corp drama & why none of these Atari arcade games would ever get versions on my 7800...Made no sense at all to me back then as a kid, especially since the NES was getting all kinds of em I enjoyed the NES version but in a way was kinda dissapointed & thought they coulda made it a little better...I thought the Genesis version was great & I've spent HOURS upon HOURS of my life playing it haha..I also have it on a Dreamcast arcade compilation but from what i remember the controls weren't too good on that 1..Planning to get a Lynx soon & looking forward to trying that version
  5. Another edit: Turns out Thexder & Tetris were the only games I tried switching joysticks yesterday, which didn't help...The Tetris manual said to hit the J key to activate joystick mode but I still couldn't get it to work...Happy to say that was the problem with the rest of the games & now after just looking up the Thexder manual, I learned you have to press CTRL + J on it...Thanks for the advice, I went ahead & plugged both joysticks in & tested the rest & that solved it...Now if I can only get Tetris to work now
  6. Yep, I've played Choplifter 3 on an emulator way back & thought it was pretty good...When the day comes I plan to focus on a little SNES collecting it's one of the 1st games I plan to get Hmmm I have a bad memory, but thought I saw a couple other people unhappy with the remake too. I'll have to look into it
  7. I'm planning to get a Lynx sometime soon & here are some extras I have that I would be willing to trade for. 2600: Asteroids (Sears version, end label peeled halfway off) Centipede (Slit in middle of label) Ice Hockey Raiders Of The Lost Ark ("Raiders Lost Ark" end label variation) [i HAVE 2 OF THESE] Star Voyager Tennis Title Match Pro Wrestling 5200: Centipede Galaxian Mr Do's Castle Pengo Vanguard 7800: Tower Toppler (NEW IN BOX, SEALED) One On One Basketball (Small indentation in upper left corner of label) Thanks, let me know what you can offer if interested
  8. Aside from luckily winding up with Mr. Do's Castle recently...these games I bough at a flea market in the 90's when I 1st began collecting, but they have been sitting around unplayed ever since. I never wound up getting the cables & controllers for the 5200 I was given at that time, threw it away before a move (kinda regrettingly) & I don't think I'll ever pick one up again in the future I do want to buy a Lynx II soon, and start a little collection....I would rather trade these 5200 carts towards some Lynx games, but if I get no responses from people wanting to trade after a while I wouldn't mind selling them. Please let me know if you're interested either way & make me an offer. Steve
  9. That PSP game looks pretty cool.... If u wanna take it back a little earlier, you could never go wrong with Choplifter either..It's still one of my fav games in my 7800 collection that I'll pick up & play a little every now & then...Maybe it's because it was one of the few games I had as a kid for it, but I never get sick of it for some reason. When I saw the arcade version a little after I was impressed, but felt really cheated being the 7800 version only had the one stage. But regardless I enjoyed it & not until recent did I learn the 7800 version was intended to be a (much better) port of the original Apple II game. The arcade was more of a remake. I don't own a PS3 but I've always wanted to try the HD version they have on PSN as well There was another Chopper game I remember in the arcade around the same time that I'm sure was from Sega & I think it had a Master System version as well...Thunder Blade I think it was called?
  10. hahahahaha I've seen it on just about every game imaginable... it's ridiculous
  11. Haha interesting that PS1 game that evolved from a planned Strike game....I don't even remember hearing about a Nuclear Strike, I'm gonna have to check that out as well....Man I miss the PS1
  12. or SUPER RARE ATARI 7800 GAME! you know like... WOW! RARE COMBAT GAME FOR THE ATARI! RARE ATARI 2600 GAME E.T. !! Hurrrr durrrrrr it's Aturrriii, therefurrr it has to be rurrrr! lol I feel bad for any poor little kid out there that might just be starting & not knowing any better, might actually fall for that type of shit
  13. Well I finally got my Coco 3 today...Hooking it up to my TV & firing up Super Pitfall gave me the biggest wave of nostalgia I've had in a while ..It was like I was transported right back to the floor of my parent's living room in the late 80's lol I had the black, non self-centering joystick though when I was a kid, but this time around I got the Deluxe model. Super Pitfall & a couple other games played with no problem, but others like Thexder & Rad Warrior I couldn't get to work right. I read the manual online about the switches on the bottom & dials on the top that I was never familiar with, but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to help. Sure it's one simple thing I'm overlooking. For Thexder the button is making him jump, but the joystick does nothing...Same with Tetris, the button drops the tiles down but nothing else works...on Rad Warrior the character just runs on his own until he gets stuck in a corner where he proceeds to run in place lol..Same thing with a couple others I've tried so far, button works but joystick doesn't...yet there are a few games where I have no issues Another thing...I was disappointed to see vertical lines on the screen on my flatscreen with the composite input. They're not bad enough to where it's unplayable though at least, but I could def do without them...I haven't tried the RF yet, but I imagine it would look worse. The picture from my modded 7800, Genesis & Super NES composite outputs is clear on the other hand....But my NES, when I 1st hooked it up to this TV it appeared to be fine..Shortly after the AC Adapter went bad (Generic universal NES/SNES/Genesis plug)..Once I got a replacement (Official NES) I now get thin wavy lines in the background of every game I happen to be using the same RCA cables on the Coco 3 that I was just using on the NES..But the chances of the cable itself being the problem would be too good to be true I'm sure...I have no others ATM, so no way to test another set anyways..Can anyone shed any light on any possible solution? I don't want to get a seperate CRT TV or play on a monitor (nor have the space if I wanted to) Thanks in advance, Steve
  14. I was lucky enough to start in the late 90's when a company O'Shea Ltd still had an inventory of games they were trying to clear out. So in the 1st days of my collecting I already picked up about half of the 7800 library from them right then, every game brand new in the box for 88 cents a piece! I also grabbed every 2600 game they had on their site as well Good luck with reselling the 2600 stuff....and it's a little pricey, but I def recommend Best Electronics' composite video modded 7800 console. You could always get an existing one modded too of course
  15. Damn I didn't know that & I thought they would maybe have their own label/box....So do most re-releases, prototypes & homebrews pretty much come the same way? I never cared to or could even imagine affording to focus on boxed games for any consoles that I have been collecting for over the past 17 years or so, but that seems like a more reasonable accomplishment for the Lynx's library, most of it anyway. Be nice to have the boxes displayed on shelves while the games are all in that dope carrying case I can't wait to get First things first tho, I most likely wont even be able to pick a Lynx up for another month or 2..I am pretty excited about the thought tho, so have been doing lots of research & compiling a want list with a guide to prices. Songbird Productions, Good Deal Games and even Best appear to be a great source for some of the more unusual stuff...But due to the prices, they'd have to be the last adds to my collection
  16. Haha..I think I need glasses...I've been to there site already & didn't see that they had it...Thanks
  17. Being a noob to the world of Lynx, why is this one so rare? All I can find so far seems to be a $260 & $330 listing on Ebay! Do they usually go for cheaper when they show up or is that about right? Those are both boxed too, but still.....I know the Telegames titles tend to be rare, but I think that's a huge leap in price compared to some of the other rarer ones I've searched for. Seems like a kick ass title for the Lynx regardless I remember the Strike series for Super Nintendo/Genesis, etc. I always found them interesting, but never got to play em.
  18. Yea it might have been Amazon that I noticed a few good priced on new or boxed games, but think I did see a couple good deals on Ebay. What I really meant was I never imagined some of the NIB games for the Lynx would be going for $10-$15 anywhere....For all I knew the average loose cart would be around that or more, especially being how prices for retro games are getting kinda ridiculous... As far as building my 7800 collection, def better prices on Amazon compared to Ebay, but I did get lucky & happen to spot & snatch up a couple newly listed rare games for cheap with buy it now.
  19. Yea think I'll probably still wind up going with Best, whatever's out there on Ebay now seems to be about the same price anyways..Whatever I do, I want to avoid getting one with a discolored screen or whatever. I don't think he really does returns unless something doesn't function period, but I would think he has a trusted enough reputation to not sell one with signifcant damage. & yea his prices for the games themselves are a little higher, but I already discovered The Goat Store & looked at B&C, who both seem to have some pretty good ones..Very suprised how cheap some of these games go for NIB or CIB, on Ebay as well Video 61 on the other hand is a rip off just like I expected. lol...Apparently they still had some new systems a couple years back though, sucks I missed out
  20. Yea, gotta be...there's just so much wrong information out there about classic games in general I'm noticing lately. The thing that really gets me is he obviously has an understanding of the 7800 POKEY thing, yet is stupid enough to know which games actually used it lol
  21. Yea that's kinda more than I'm wanting to pay for one, although there'd be nothing like getting a brand new in the box Lynx in 2014 I was pretty accurate guessing the US dollar equivalent, being I've ordered loads of Drum & Bass/ Dubstep records from the UK in my life haha & Yep, I can imagine that..I'm kinda sketchy about the condition of some these used systems for sale. I feel Best Electronics here is a trusted name, guess I'll just wind up calling him when I'm ready & sure he'll be straightforward with me as to what exactly those terms mean coming from him. I was wondering if "reconditioned" could possibly mean a new screen or something like that, not sure if replacing them is a common/cost-effective thing since I don't have much knowledge about the Lynx world yet. Also was sure I'd hear from someone here who had ordered a Lynx from Best & could tell me what to expect &thanks, hopefully in a couple months I'll begin my Lynx collecting journey. I really wanted one back when it was out...It does seem real fun to collect for & I know I will enjoy playing most of them as well &as far as that sun visor!.... New entry added to bucket list:Spend a relaxing day at the beach playing an Atari Lynx lol
  22. http://www.gamefaqs.com/atari7800/585382-commando/reviews/review-84076 ^ From interview on above link: " Sounds: 4/10 There is no background music that plays, unlike the arcade and NES versions of this game, and the sounds that are showcased within would be easily considered sub-par for the Atari 2600 (which is somewhat expected since the Atari 7800's sound hardware was loosely based on the Atari 2600's sound architecture.) The game could have benefited from a POKEY chip (a special sound chip used with the 5200) to give it some more arcade-like quality sounds. " ^Bahahaha I finally got this game, & it's one of the last few games I need for my 7800 collection. Really enjoy it & the funny thing is I absolutely love the music. I'm finding myself humming it around the house it's so damn catchy. lol....
  23. Hello, Lynx community I currently collect for & plan to collect for multiple classic systems..Among my favorites is the 7800, which after on & off again collecting since the late 90s, I've just about built a complete collection for it. I've never owned a handheld & realized I need to change that. I was planning on a 3DS later this year, but for many reasons I've decided first I'm most likely gonna pick up the handheld I wanted the most when I was young, the Atari Lynx... After doing some research I'm very happy to see that some of the arcade games that should have made it to the 7800 when I was a kid did in fact wind up on the Lynx around the same time, as well as planned 7800 titles & lots of others that I'm sure probably would have got releases had it stuck around & had better support. Not to forget some cool looking upgraded versions of 7800 games too. I've always thought of Lynx collecting one day & looks like the combination of it seeming like a spiritual continuation of the 7800 in a handheld and realizing how cheap the games can be found is gonna make that happen much sooner. & Since my recent focus on finishing up my 7800 is almost coming to an end, I really feel the Lynx should be the next step Hoping within the next few months I'll be ready to begin & I have a couple questions... (More to come I'm sure haha) Is it possible to still find a Lynx II new these days? Pretty sure it was a couple years back, but doesn't seem to be the case anymore &One of the main things I'd like to know is, I see the terms "reconditioned" and "reconditioned/like new" being used when listing Lynx II systems for sale, particularly on Best + B&C's websites. What does this tend to mean? From what I understand it's common for the screen to degrade over time ??....Do these terms usually mean the screens were replaced or they're in good enough condition still? Never dealt with B&C yet, although I know they've been around a LONG time online..Best, I have & I would like to support him again when I'm ready to purchase my Lynx, but just figured I'd ask here as to what to expect from buying a used system Thanks, Steve
  24. ^OMG....I remember that magazine ad!...wow that just took me back haha...
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