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  1. Well here we go again...After a couple timely, but succesful communcation attempts & orders......Now it's been over 2 weeks since Ive contacted him about a few 7800 games I wanted & NOTHING!.......Initially I e-mailed, then called a few days later after never getting a response...He told me again that he was busy & that he would get back to me...more than 1 week after I still didn't hear anything so I called one more time, left a voicemail & now here over 2 weeks later I can't even be told whether a game store has a couple games in stock that I am willing to pay for....Ridiculous...He has some good prices, but this guy REALLY needs to get his shit together...the stuff you go through is just unheard of anywhere else
  2. Just came in & I gotta say, great conversion! This was another title I really wished would come out for my 7800 when I was a kid...... little did I know over 20 years later ......... haha Unreal I'm actually sitting here playing this on a 7800. Big thanks to Pacman Plus for putting this together! Love how the manual was made to look just like it would have back then too
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    Beef Drop

    Damn, dude...sad to hear that, that had to have been rough!...I can only imagine Looks like I'll wind up getting the "VE" cart then soon, sure I'll enjoy it
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    Beef Drop

    Ahh ok, I always wondered what the "VE" actually stood for haha...So the POKEY version was a limited run & probably no longer availiable to buy new I take it then
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    Beef Drop

    Gonna be looking to pick it up sometime in the near future. I see the "VE" version is for sale in Atari Age's store. This isn't the version with the enhanced sound is it? Is that version not availiable to purchase anymore??
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    Fatal Run

    Cool......I believe I got it at a pretty good price, I happened to do a quick Ebay search before bedtime the other night & spotted it newly listed for around $30 I think it was...If I remember correctly it usually goes for much more so depends...But for what I paid for it compared to some of the other less common titles going for $20-$30 + I'd say definitely! It seems to be a long & possibly difficult game to beat (I think around 30 levels total it said & a few courses in each!), so not something most people would have the patience to sit there all day on, and I could see it maybe getting repetitive after a while, but that's where the password ability comes in nicely IDK Playing it really made my day, it was a trip & just had a very different feel to it then the rest of the games in the 7800's library IMO...I only have a handful of games left to complete my 7800 collection now & this was one I actually didn't plan on getting anytime soon until I saw it for that price...Think I got a decent deal, sure someone here can confirm that either way...
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    Fatal Run

    Finally got this...Pretty impressed! I know it seems to get a bad rep from the controls, which didn't wind up seeming as bad to me as I read (The most annoying part is when you go off the road)....but the whole weapon/vehicle upgrade system & password option to save games is kinda advanced for an Atari game I'd say The exploding citizens scene out of your window is just as hilarious as it sounded in a recent review I read...I never imagined I'd play an Atari game where I'd see a blind guy & a cheerleader blow up to their death Only played 2 courses yet, but so far seems like an interesting game that I could see myself sitting through a couple at a time & then coming back with my password to get further in the game Sure I sound like a broken record, but really gets me down seeing these type of games & imagining what else we could have got if our beloved 7800 got the treatment it deserved & stayed in the game longer
  9. I picked it up in a lot of 6 7800 games for $10 from a guy on Craigslist a couple years back...I've been procrastinating spending some time on it since lol..One day I'm going to print out the map & really try to beat it...Good to know it pays off to keep checking Grandpa's advice to get you through it, I wasn't too sure how crucial to the gameplay it might be Truly is an impressive game for the 7800 & another that gets me in the depressed "what could have been" train of thought Me & my sister still had our system at the time this came out & we were comletely oblivious to it's existence. We loved the Munsters re-runs on Nickelodeon & for sure would have been a game we wanted. A strange thing is I can remember having a dream when I was a little kid that there was a Munsters 2600 game & always thought it would be cool, but highly unlikely to have a game based on it..lol.I know it doesn't really have much to do with the Munsters besides Grampa being it but still...
  10. I'd say hands down, the thing that annoys the hell out of me the most on Ebay, and isn't as bad with Atari game searches, but I get with just about every other console out there is the damn "custom collectors case" or "refrigerator magnet" results....EVERY game I search for I have to see that..& yes, I know I can add - before the related terms & do sometimes, but that gets just as tiring....The other day I searched for the NES Cleaning Kit & the 1st thing I see is "NES Cleaning Kit Custom Collectors Case" ARE YOU FREAKIN SERIOUS?! lol Man how I wish that guy could just disappear Well anyways late last night I got the 3rd reply back from the Tomcat F-14 sellers & thankfully it is the 7800 version, with correct label.. He even sent me a picture without asking to. Third times a charm, I guess
  11. Yea I just learned of that & was coming back here to update!...There's one on Ebay now even where he said it's a mislabel that is really the 7800 version. As of right now, I can't find any other verified 7800 version besides his & none online ATM that have a 7800 label. BTW, I just ordered your Super Pacman cart a few days ago, been looking forward to getting it for a while. Looks like an awesome version of the arcade. This hotel in Daytona Beach my family used to go to when I was a kid every year had in in their arcade & I loved it. I was always letdown that it never got any home console versions. It wound up on a Namco Museum compilation for the PS1 years later which I rented at the time, but I didn't really care for the way the screen was shrunk & backgrounds put up to mimic the arcade monitor.
  12. Yep.....&I see this on Craigslist all the time too: The ad says "Atari 7800 & games" & then you click on it & see 15 2600 games & 2 actual 7800 lol...and sometimes the other way around; ad for 2600 games has some 7800 mixed in too My favorite CL ad lately was one that said "Atari games for $50" I click on it & it's a low res pic of around 20-25 cartridges in a tub, I could only make out that there were 5 Combats at the top of the pile & one was some Imagic game (that comparing label images, turned out I already had, but forgot which one it was)..the others that were visible were Intellivison games....and she said "I don't know what the game titles are in here, we're just trying to get rid of them" lol
  13. Yea that's what I like about Ebay & hate about Amazon...Alot of the games on Amazon seem to just have one universal stock photo for every seller..I've been finding better deals on Amazon compared to Ebay quite a bit lately though. So far, I have been strictly buying games that say very good condition, look at seller ratings & haven't had any bad luck. I know I could always get a refund too if someone really had the balls to send me a "very good" cart with tears in the label lol...BTW I had to edit my post, it was Summer Games they sent, not Winter Games, but it was the 2600 version. The seller apologized & issued a full refund without having to send it back, so now I have an extra I could trade... The thing that gets to me is all the mixups where they're so ignorant as to the games they're selling. So many cases of advertising a game as a 7800 title just because it says "2600 or 7800" on the label. Half of them seem to not understand that means compatible with the 7800.... I called up a self-described "retro gaming" store in my area the other week & the guy thought all the freakin Colecovision games were 2600 games lol
  14. Been looking for Tomcat F-14 for my 7800 collection the past 2 days...Seen a couple listed on Amazon, but decided to message the sellers to make sure it was indeed the 7800 version as listed, and explain potential confusion from the label saying "For the Atari 2600 or 7800"....Well 2 sellers so far replied back telling me it was actually for the 2600! Rewind a couple weeks back..... I saw the 7800 Summer Games on Amazon...same thing, messaged to confirm....Was told it was....I order...package comes in mail...Open it up & what do you think?? SUMMER GAMES FOR THE ATARI 2600 OR & 7800... Really frustrating me lately & I figured what better place to come & rant ..lol Anyone go through the same BS?
  15. Pls msg me if you have for sale or would consider selling. I also have an extra copy of Rad Warrior for trade
  16. Yea, I knew the Coco couldn't have possibly had the same ports as PC mice & keyboards lol So if I can track down a male to female 6-Pin DIN it would be compatible tho right?
  17. Thanks for the info...So if I find an extension thats 6-pin DIN, it should work fine with the deluxe joystick?? I keep pulling up results that say "6-pin mini DIN" is that the same ? & That seems to be the same thing as the PS/2 for old computer mice before USB, can that be right????
  18. Do these exist? & better yet if they do should I be able to actually find a pair out there at a reasonable price? Can't seem to find any on Ebay at least. After alot of being sidetracked, I should finally be getting my Coco 3 shortly & like the rest of my systems, I'd prefer to have extensions long enough to where I can keep it nice & organized on my TV stand & play comfortably without having to move it around or set it on the floor. Thanks for any responses, hoping to find some ahead of time. Built up a collection of 24 games already but still no Coco yet...lol..Yea, I know.. & BTW, still looking for these ones, if you have any for sale or would consider please let me know. I wound up with an extra Rad Warrior I'd consider trading for too Androne Demon Attack Don Pan Dragon Fire Math Tutor [Had it as a kid, played it alot with sister & would like to experience the nostalgia of seeing it & playing again. (Think only 1 low quality screenshot exists on the web ] Rampage Roller Ball (Coco 3 Version)
  19. According to the site I found an image on, I believe it was an official 7800 accessory called the "Atari 7800 ProSystem game organizer" The store owner I spoke with said he actually did have a few of those too
  20. I called up a game store I found recently that said they had a huge variety of them & to call for details...Turns out the owner threw them all away because he said they were taking up way too much shelf space needed for games ....It's still unbelievable to me that millions of used games are availiable to buy out there, but when it comes to storage cases you have like 2 types to freakin choose from
  21. Androne Demon Attack Don Pan Dragonfire Math Tutor Mindroll (Coco 3 Version) Rampage Thanks
  22. Update: Well about 5 days after he told me he would get back to me in a few days, I decided to call back. He answered right away this time, told me my order was almost finished & should be by the end of the day. I also added a couple more games to my order. I requested for him to send me an email when it was shipped, but I just got one that showed what I was billed with no list of games. I was a little anxious because I could tell by the price one or 2 of the games I asked for weren't in stock, but wasn't told which one. Instead of bugging him, I just let it go & decided to be patient til they arrived. I honestly was expecting it to take like a week or more, but 2 days after I spoke to him, there the package was in my mailbox. Just one game was missing, the rest he had in stock (I believe a total of 10) & all were in good condition (all loose tho, didn't order any boxed). Thought I should mention he told me the majority of the loose carts on their site should be in stock, it was the boxed that weren't updated as much. All in all, there were a few quirks here & there & I could have done without all the waiting around....but in the end I got a sweet ass deal for what I paid, which made dealing with him worth it in the long run. He really has some good prices, for all systems I looked at..And I would guess things were smoother before he changed location. If they can get their shit together as far as inventory & faster response, they'd be one of the best
  23. Yea I feel bad now...He actually called back the next day, I requested to buy a few games & he told me he would get back to me in a couple days to finalize my order. He explained how swamped he had been. I was really frustrated the other day when I went on that rant here lol...In all the years I've been collecting, I've always been used to being able to call or email a place & get a instant or quick response, be told on the spot whether they have games in question I'm looking for. Reading the negative experiences here just really added fuel to the fire. He did seem like a nice guy at least during this particular convo. Just got me real pissed emailing about games & then anxiously waiting every day for about a week for a response & then no phone return call that day. I was convinced I was never going to hear anything. I just hope the loose carts I order have the labels attached/look somewhat decent. Still kinda paranoid about the condition of his carts, but we will see I guess
  24. Lol no, I have ordered from Best. It's not as bad IMO because its much quicker to scroll through their list of games, there's alot fewer being there Atari only as well...and I'm sure the inventory is updated much more frequently. I've had nothing but good experiences with him, and he strikes me as someone who actually cares about his customers. But yea that site does look like something out of 1996 hahaha
  25. Yea I'm very suprised how little the variation of cartridge organizers seems to be out there...The woodgrain is nice, but just feels too 70's to me for my 7800 games lol....My 1st 2600 we had a black plastic one, single row, that maybe held around ten & it had a white lid you could put on & remove that covered the games...Haven't seen that anywhere
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