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  1. Ridiculous....Apparently they could give 2 shits about business half the time....I gave up already...I went ahead & paid a little more on Ebay & Amazon just to have piece of mind & stop wasting my time....&making angry comments about collectors being a pain in the ass by making him get up & check the condition & availiablity of the games he advertises...what a joke...They're in the wrong business if that's the way they look at things...&Upgrade your site FFS....It's 2014,isn't there some basic software you can use to simply catalog what you have & remove what gets sold..Absolutely absurd
  2. Wow...I noticed they had some decent prices for Atari & Genesis carts & I've been planning on ordering....Their website is designed pretty poorly IMO, I don't even see a search option..very tedious looking for a game....I had a strong feeling their games list hadn't been updated in ages, looks like I was right...Well sent an email like 5 days ago & still no response...And I wound up running into some of the stuff I wanted at a hobby shop yesterday lol...We'll see if they ever get back to me. Im really sketchy now too about the condition of the carts they would have sent me now after what I've read here Update: I just tried calling for the hell of it & nothing...but 2 different voicemail greeting messages played simultaneously hahahaha.....There was a guy (assuming owner you guys mentioned) & a woman speaking on top of one another, sounded crazy, must be some kind of glitch their not aware of
  3. Been searching around a while for game storage. I decided I want to take the games I play the most off my shelf & keep them handy in storage cases close by my TV . The woodgrain "2600 cartridge library" that holds 14 games & has that center space for manuals I am planning to get for my favorite 2600 games & this one I found an image of would be perfect for the best of my 7800 collection. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction to some online stores I can find this or something similar (preferably black, around 14-18 cartridge capacity & not too bulky) Thanks in advance, Steve
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    Awesome....just got a quick look at the ST version, does look a bit better even....Funny how he said he was against making a 2600 & 7800 version but Atari insisted...Also woulda been cool to have an Crack'ed arcade game like he claims almost happened. "Hopefully one day we'll be able to play Crack'ed on our cell phones" -2003 Haha sure enough sometime later through emulators
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    Yea I did read it was the mouse, it was Mark from CGR that threw me off, he said he thought it was the lightgun...I thought about it, don't think the Atari lightgun had 2 buttons & it would be awkward to both shoot enemies & rescue eggs by shooting at the screen....I'm using the 7800 joypads, I can def see the joystick being harder to control...Wonder how a trakball controller would perform on it, think the only possible option would be to try that 2 button "7800 trakball" I believe Video 61 has...
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    Yep, music would be cool. &yea what's the deal with that Rooster Ranch? I'm assuming it's a bonus round & thought I could possibly get more eggs, but guess not. I could do without that level honestly But a good example of 80's weirdness & creativity in games, gotta love it. Just what is in those freakin eggs that every creature imaginable is after them?!, including ghosts, squids, DRAGONFLIES?!..even water bubbles are drawn to them .......& I never knew chickens laid eggs & kept nests on the ocean floor or other planets either. lol I also like the humor of what some of them turn into after you shoot them, such as the squid becoming a canned appetizer & the birds turning into roasts haha
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    Thoughts on this 1? Finally got it just now. I saw a Classic Game Room review recently where he said the controls make it pretty hard. I agree they could be better & I think I read somewhere this was originally meant for the XE & a lightgun, which would make sense....but it's not nearly as bad as I imagined. And I find the more I keep playing, the more used to the controls I get. Fun little game IMO & I enjoy the quirkiness & originality of it. & it's funny to me cuz I wrote a letter once to Atari when I was a little kid asking them if Paperboy & Pacmania were going to get released for the 7800 like I hoped...They replied back telling me something like "Unfortunately there are no plans, but here is our upcoming line up of games for this year" & I remember this one being on it. I always imagined what kind of game "Crack'ed" could have been. Then one of my 1st times in my life on the web I found an Atari site that had a screenshot
  8. Yea, you're right. I was thinking more Super Nintendo, alot of the games I wanted seemed to be going for around $30 or so, even ones that were pretty common back in the day. Genesis on the other hand, now that I think of it, there were a few pricey games but most were $10 or less that I looked up. Can't remember exactly either but think maybe Turbografx 16 games were a little expensive..The Turbo Duos go for like $500- $600 or so I know that for damn sure. I really want one, but the thought of paying more for an old console than a PS4 + a game or 2 lol
  9. I dont know about that, aren't the majority of the 70's carts the most common? lol I don't think year really has much to do with things...If anything the later games tend to be more rare because less were produced & sold towards the end of the console's lifespan. Everything as a whole does seem to be going up & 16-bit system prices are getting crazy from what I understand
  10. Looking for the following cartridges to add to my collection: Androne Demon Attack Don Pan Dragonfire Math Tutor Mindroll (Coco 3 Version) Rampage Shanghai Thanks
  11. http://www.ebay.com/itm/WINTER-GAMES-1987-Original-Video-Game-Cartridge-ATARI-7800-RARE-GAME-1-/131229279912?pt=Video_Games_Games&hash=item1e8ddfe6a8 Ladies & Gentleman!: Instead of $40, right now you can have this "RARE GAME" for just $32! Yea, good luck with that, guy.....Oh how I wish I could smack people like this through my monitor lol During a recent move I seemed to have lost a few 7800 games, this being one of them. Gonna have to get another copy, but think I saw another Ebay or Amazon listing for like $5-6 or so, much cheaper than this delusional pricing here. Sucks tho cuz all the games I need to replace I originally bought from O'Shea LTD in 1998-1999 for 88 cents a piece I believe NIB haha
  12. Order shipped out even faster than I was expecting & was packaged very well....Great seller
  13. Whats up there James? Yep, that's already on my want list Was suprised at how nice of a port it looked like, saw a clip on YT recently Thanks for the heads up on that 1 too, they seem to have made some decent games for the COCO that company from what I remember reading
  14. If I'm not mistaken you collect for multiple systems, Atari Leaf...does the same go for the Atari as well?? When I started out I wanted to get everything I could find...Now after a long break I'm realizing I'm close to 200 carts & want to reach that & then slow down for a while, but eventually down the road build another hundred or so more.. I gotta say the motivation to get every single game I can find isn't the same nowadays...& I think ALOT of that has to do with the fact it was so much easier to find games out in the wild in the 90s when I started...Gone is the thrill of stopping by that thrift store to see if I'll find something I don't have & what will it be, because at least in Central Florida, I haven't seen SHIT in years, after stopping by tons of different stores across several counties..When I started, alot of videogame stores still had boxes full of em for $1 a piece because they just wanted to get rid of em...Now we have Play N Trade & hobby stores who all know their shit & price accordingly lol
  15. Yea man...The 7800 is the only system I plan to complete some day, which shouldn't be too much of a problem with it's small library & availability.....Along with it, I originally began collecting for the 2600..& although we all know it's impossible to complete it, a LONG TERM goal of mine is to come as close as I can within reason, most likely ignoring the extremely & outrageously rare games....In all honesty, I'm finding it increasingly harder to get into playing 2600 games aside from a select few. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't more of a collector than player for it. Everything else I collect I have want lists made up of pretty much just the games I know from experience or conclude from research are worth playing, or have some nostalgia factor associated with it. In other words, if I can afford it at the time & I run into some games in the wild...If it's a 2600/7800 game I don't have I'll pick it up, any other system only if it's something I really want/will wind up playing.....The big picture for my non-Atari goals is having a nice media tower displayed with what I think are the best group of games for multiple systems...Of course I could just say to hell with that, I'm gonna download all the roms for free...or just get a cuttle cart, etc...but then I'd probably be on an emulation forum, not here talking about games I WANT to purchase for my classic game COLLECTING hobby lol & I can't wait to get the tape deck someday, I've never played a game from cassette before haha....One of the sellers I dealt with recently was nice enough to throw in Zaxxon as a bonus too, so even more reason I want to get one soon. & yea hording or not, I can already tell the Coco is a system that's very unrealistic to expect to build up a big library for, so many of the games just too obscure...
  16. Here's what I have extras of, I know they're common for the most part, but have been sitting around forever...if I can swap em for something I dont have then cool-----> 2600: Asteroids (Sears version, end label peeled halfway off) Centipede (Slit in middle of label) Ice Hockey Raiders Of The Lost Ark ("Raiders Lost Ark" end label variation) [i HAVE 2 OF THESE] Star Voyager Tennis Title Match Pro Wrestling 7800: Tower Toppler (NEW IN BOX, SEALED)...Being I don't have any boxes left for the rest of my 7800 games, I'm OK to part with it for something decent One On One Basketball (Small indentation in upper left corner of label) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Games I'm looking to trade for right now (I know some of these might be a little uncommon, but come from my personal list of what I would like to pick up to get my collection up to 200 2600 games & are the only remaining 7800 games I really need that aren't the ones that usually command higher prices) -------> 7800: Ace Of Aces Ballblazer Impossible Mission Mat Mania Summer Games 2600: Coconuts Fast Food Frankenstein Miner 2049er Moonsweeper Montezuma's Revenge Picnic Pigs In Space Porky's Smurf Snoopy Spy Hunter Tapper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have happen to have quite a few extras yourself & are looking to get rid of them, but don't see any on my wantlist, message me anyways of what you have to see if I'd consider trading. Thank you all for looking, Steve
  17. haha well that sequence was kinda cool, next level looks alright..,,that dual death tho, funny shit
  18. hahaha, thats all I seem to keep hearing around here....I enjoy collecting as a hobby.......I'm not out to get every possible game for the Coco I can get my hands on, Ive narrowed it down to 30 cartridges I really want for my library & I'm already pretty close....THEN I will most likely get a disk drive & copy some of the other games out there that Id have a rare chance of finding (Which seems like a damn good percentage of them) ...and when that day comes, I want that same official Tandy storage box you have BTW, nice
  19. Me & my bad timing Well it hasn't been too bad..I've managed to get a couple small lots for great prices & now have 19 out of the 30 carts on my want list...Most of the games left on it (carts anyway) I've seen go for usually no more for $10 or so aside from Demon Attack & Rampage...just a matter of waiting around for them to pop up on Ebay again....... Man what I would do to go back in time & start collecting Atari games in the early 90s compared to the late 90's tho! haha...Still a hell of alot easier then nowadays at least
  20. I know what you mean, but in this case I messaged him & asked why he put it up to $20 & told him that I would be willing to pay around $10 for it like he originally listed...He replied that he would switch it back, which he did..I bid $10 at the beginning of the listing & wound up winning it for just that, not one other bid haha
  21. The following are games I am looking to buy & will consider trading an extra copy of Rad Warrior I wound up with for: Clowns & Balloons Demon Attack Don Pan Dragonfire Math Tutor Mindroll (Coco 3 Version) Poltergeist Rampage Roman Checkers Shanghai Thought I might as well mention I have a double of Title Match Pro Wrestling for the 2600 that I would be willing to trade for any of those...I have a couple more Atari extras & when I can get to them I will update this with titles Thanks, Steve
  22. Ok well went back knowing the right way but the controls are just awful....Now I totally understand...I didn't care to keep trying, but out of curiosity what happens after you beat the 1st dude? lol...Is there at least decent variation in the game with levels & enemies?? Doubt I'll ever find out by playing, pretty sure this game is about to go back on my shelf for eternity =P For comparison, I'd like to try the Apple II & Atari Computer versions which from what I understand were good games, even considered classic
  23. Yep...and I've "messed" with MESS in the past a little too haha Yea I thought of msging him, but don't think he'd be willing to go to $20, which is about all I should really spend right now...Hopefuly someone on here looking for it too can bargain with him to drop it to something reasonable....If let's say I was real close to finishing my goal of 30 carts & that was the only one I needed, I wouldnt mind going up as high as like $40-$50 if I HAD too but at $100, forget it... Some ppl I swear.....Recently I saw someone list a Coco game for $10 & no one wound up bidding on it at all....So what do they do as soon as the listing ends? Put it right back up for $20! hahahaha.....yea, that makes sense =P
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