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  1. Hello there Simius.
    I could be interested on acquiring a couple of mylars for two of 65XE i have around.
    Are your mylars for the single layer or double layer models? I believe the units i got at home have a Mitsumi mylar.


  2. Any news about the connectors or the issue with the Covox implementation? I can't find the other thread you referred to, Ctirad. Cheers.
  3. Ordering one complete unit. PM sent. Happy New Year.
  4. Ctirad: I'll PM you again in the first days of january. Enjoy these special days with your family.
  5. I would be interested on this item too. But, a question, what about the other accelerator Lotharek is advertising on his site, the external one. Is meant to be used on the A8 computers only or maybe it would be able to work on the C64?
  6. Hello Ctirad, this is INDEED the kind of expansion i've been waiting for. I would like to order ONE unit for my 65XE, including Covox and enclosure. PM on the way.
  7. Oooook.Device tested. List can now be updated. Thanks.
  8. Got my package yesterday. I'll check the device today if i have the time. Thank you Zaxon.
  9. Let's see, Zaxon, you said you've done and sent 129 SIDE units so far? Well, don't get me wrong, but there's people here waiting for almost a year so far, if you were able to deliver 129 units you could have sent the units we ordered from you. I'm not sure about your situation, if you had a bad time, if you just gathered too many orders so you don't have the time to deliver them... It really doesn't matter, we all hope your economical situation gets better, but remember, your part on the deal was to deliver the units. And it's been a really long time. So, it's time to get serious Zaxon. Deliver the units and close this thread. Otherwise will really drain down your reputation for future projects. And that would be a pity, for YOU and for US, because we know you're an skilled technician. So, time to put your hands on this, and deliver all the units here. No more delays. Cheers.
  10. Firedawg, mine was ordered on December 28th. One unit. 28/12/2011 15:10 GMT-08:00
  11. I contacted Zaxon to gather info about the status of my order. I made a mistake and i told him i sent the money via PayPal. He required me to be more specific since he doesn't work with PayPal. I sent him back another email apologyzing for the error, and giving the proper info about the google checkout transfer. A few days have passed. No answer. I'll email him again tom.
  12. Email sent to Zaxon with full data and order details.
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