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  1. Refund Received! Thank you Grant Crazykong
  2. Just checking in on the current prices. Popeye was my favorite controller if I had to pick one to push my bid on. At 150.00 though I have some serious thinking to do.
  3. I will start: Carnival - 75.00 Donkey Kong (R.S.) - 75.00 Pac-Man Plus - 75.00 Popeye- 75.00 Buck Rogers- 45.00 (50.00 if Loafer is a starting bid) Gorf- 85.00
  4. Hi everyone- I truly want everyone's opinion on this story. I bought about 3k of NES games from a long time trusted seller here about a year ago. One of the games was a sealed NES Pro Wrestling. I sold that game two weeks ago and the buyer sent it to Wata for grading. Wada verified it as a reseal. When I contacted the person I bought the game from with the information, I received a message that the game was sold to me in good faith so oh well. I replied that I bought the game in good faith and that has ended the back and forth. Email sent from Wada to the buyer Thoughts?
  5. I have a Neo Geo AES system on the way. Would like to find a 2nd controller and a memory card if possible. Thanks, Bryan
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