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  1. I'm sort of a cheap ass, lol. I have about 20 dollars in other auctions in my name right now. i'm not overly anxious to go out and buy up the countryside. I'll see how things turn out...
  2. Well, surprise surprise, it ISN't JerryG, but instead one James F. Redd. This is getting to sound extremely suspicious to me, it's been almost 3 days since my first email to him, and almos tone since I requested photos of the chipboards. Still no response. This is one auction i don't see myself coming through on. I don't really care if I land myself with a negative rating.
  3. yeah I guess I sort of jumped on it a little fast. i started bidding without really considering the product. looking at the label a few things strike me as odd. 1. The initials CV in the upper corner. I'm assuming they stand for "ColecoVision" If this is indeed a coleco prototype would the people reviewing the cart not be coleco employees, and would designating it as a coleco cart be necassary at all? 2. Would any coleco employee actually go through the effort of "fancying up" their writing to label a cart that was never meant to pass hands more than a few times, and was lkely only viewed by emplyees who really didn't give a crap what the label looked like in the first place? 3. The casing for the cart is obviously not authentic... Of course it could be authentic, I have considered the fact that a collector could have purchased the chipboard and later placed it into an empty casing, and labelled it himself. You never know. I'm asking the seller to provide a picture of the chipboard itself if it's at all possible... i hope that will be able to clear things up a little...
  4. i got 7 on it before shipping and handling... Unless I find some evidence that it IS authentic i don't see myself bidding any higher. I'm hoping that someone out there will out bid me just to relieve me of it.
  5. My concern is that it's just a retail Gyruss chip board enclosed in a cleaned up case off some other game... The price is low in my eyes right now... If I do happen to acquire the cart I don't think i'd have any problems with allowing someone else with more knowledge, the oppurtunity to inspect it...
  6. Here's the information I have. Ihave one pic and a short description of the cart. "This is not a standard Parker Brothers production cartridge as you can see, and the circuit board sticking out of the end is not the same color as a regular Parker Brothers one. It seems to work fine, but I do not know what the differences between it and a regular Gyruss are, nor do I know what the set of numbers in the lower right-hand corner of the hand-written label mean."
  7. hey guys, I'm looking into purchasing my first prototype cart. It's a Gyruss prototype for the Colecovision. I looked around a copy of Gyruss that I could buy to compare the two carts, but I can't seem to find it, a coleco rarity listing I found rates it an R3. Which I'm guessing would be the equivelent of about a 6 or 7 on the AtariAge rarity scale. So I don't knwo how much luck I'm going to have. I am already aware of the physical differences between the carts. But I am interested in finding any variations in the gameplay between the two copies I guess I'm a little intimidated by making the purchase too, if any of you prototype gurus out there **couch cough** tempest **cough cough** could answer a couple more newbie questions, that'd be great. I'm just windering what the odds of picking up a hoaxed prototype are? While alot of the Atari prototypes I've seen are the typical black lab label with a small sticker. Thisis just a normal black coleco cart with a white sticker and some hand written information...
  8. 5. Crackpots 4. Video Olympics 3. Centipede 2. Asteroids 1. Dig Dug
  9. Thank you Tempest. I still have some looking around to do to get a big list of all the best information resources put together for myself. I'll add your list to it, it seems to have everything listed, and this page has been fantastic too. I've found rarity guide for the intellivision, colecovision, and more also. I made a deal over the phone with a guy I know this afternoon for about 60 random carts across hte 3 systems. I bought 'em all for 5 bucks canadian I'm sure I'll put them all to us in assessing my purchase. Either way I'm happy with the deal, I'm sure I can find a load of excellent gameplay in 60 carts I'm glad I found myself an enjoyable summer hobby, lol, Hopefully I'll carry on with it. I do love classic gaming...
  10. i've looked through the variations listed, all three of these ae different variations from those shown, once I have new batteries for my digital camera I'll post the pics here. The text and dates vary from the listed cart pics to the carts I have...
  11. Just today I saw a new auction come up on ebay for an Atari 5200 Track & Field lab prototype loaner, it's out of my price range right now, i'm a little too broke to be purchasing these sort of things online, but incase it interests any of you, here;'s the URL. Click Here To Goto The Auction
  12. Tempest, i see you're subtitle is master of prototypes and I've read that you are planning on acquiring 40 or so more prototypes through provate deals. I was just curious as to how many prototypes do you have?
  13. I have a few carts that weren't listed... 1983 Silver Label Dig Dug 1980 Silver Label Space Invaders 1982 Silver Label E.T. The Extra Terrestrial I have no idea what availablitity there is for these games, there were other listings for Dig Dug & Space Invaders (of course) but no listing at all for ET The Extra Terrestrial... any word on it's availability?
  14. Just for kicks I figured I'd check out a few of the carts I hand in the drawer beside me, 4 carts into my first handful I found one of my alltime faves, Space Invaders. I couldn't find my cart in the rarity listing. There are six different varities listed, only one silver labelled edition which is dated 1988, my cart is labelled 1980 and varies from the listed cart in a few ways. The variety of the cart is not listed. Just found itinteresting, you should maybe look at adding the cart tothe list. i don't believe itis anything rare, but someone looking forit may be lead to believe otherwise
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