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  1. Yeah, the one in my game was bad and I "borrowed" a replacement from a Colecovision I had to get mine working. https://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=380222
  2. Some quick questions about the MK2: Does it still output video on the original pins? Can I get analog RGB from it? I would like to put one in my Baby Pac-Man as the vidiot board in it does a terrible job with converting to RGB (Via a chroma decoder) I would like to get something that will look better on the original arcade monitor. I would be sweet to also have a TV connected as a spectator monitor. I still want one for my Colecovision, so the digital output for that will be awesome.
  3. My excitement keeps building!!
  4. * Standard 20-pin FPC header but make my own connector board with a DVI header. This would allow an audio header on the header board and possibly analog VGA signals. This seems like the best choice, some applications would prefer a analog signal and others a digital signal. It's easy enough to buy a DVI to HDMI adapter.
  5. Oh and what about one of these? https://aerialpixels.com/shop/audio-video-cables-accessories/ultra-thin-hdmi-cables/hyper-thin-hdmi-mini-hdmi-mini-female-flat-ribbon-cable-11%E2%80%B3-30cm/ You just need the female end and the ribbon, then have a header on the F18A?
  6. Is there a list I can get on to get an F18A MK2? I missed out on the first version because all I could find the codehackcreate.com site.
  7. I'm actually planning on putting it in my Baby Pac-Man arcade game. But if I can get two I'll put one in my USA colecovision.
  8. Thanks, I did the contact as instructed earlier today. I guess I'll look around for stock in other places.
  9. Does anyone know when or if there will be another run of the F18A board? http://codehackcreate.com/store#!/F18A-V1-6-Video-Board/p/14022176/category=0
  10. Can someone point me to info on the F18a? I want one for my ColecoVision and I want to try putting one in my Baby Pac-man arcade game. It uses the same TI chip.
  11. No there is a local collector that rents space in the building.
  12. If anyone wants to get inside the factory this Popeye for sale is inside the factory http://albany.craigslist.org/vgm/5713249076.html
  13. KLOV has google surveys installed to generate revenue from people who aren't signed in. Looks like it is not working right in your browser. If you have an account sign in.
  14. Here's the KLOV thread with photos from inside http://forums.arcade-museum.com/showthread.php?t=380716
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