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  1. How did I miss this? Why does it seem like I am only now finding out about all these great homebrew games that I missed?
  2. Is it just the one pack of Series 4 GPKs, or are there more? I might be interested, regardless.
  3. More of a humorous anecdote - but there was this one time when I fell in a lava pit in the original Metroid, and the game wouldn't let me jump back out. The problem was, it had been a few hours since I'd last written down a password - and I'd gotten a lot more items since then. In fact, I was down to needing just two more energy tanks before I'd have every one in the game! It took a full seventeen minutes before Samus finally died... I made and ate lunch during that time!
  4. Genesis - Toejam & Earl: 110 min. Solo - had every spaceship part but one! Emulation - Phantasy Star (Sega Master System): 60 min. (via Phantasy Star Collection for GameBoy Advance)
  5. Genesis - Streets of Rage 2: 77 min. Thank you, Sega Genesis! For being there to provide me with digitized enemies to pummel, as an outlet for my current rage...
  6. NES/Famicom - Getsu Fuuma Den: 70 min. I haven't yet been able to defeat the first (out of, I believe, four) major end boss - but the game is set up oddly, in that you have a world map with dozens of side-scrolling levels to work past; a midboss; a dungeon-crawler level with a first-person, over-the-shoulder perspective (and real-time fights); and then finally one of the demon end bosses!
  7. The reason I like classic (pre- Playstation) games so much is that I always felt (even back in those days) that hardware restrictions actually forced game companies to be even more creative! Especially back in the days of the NES, it always seemed to be like - Game exec: "We only have it in the budget to make a 2D side-scroller. But there are so many of those on the shelves already... how do we make our game stand out from the rest?" Programmer: "Well, what if our character couldn't jump?" Game exec: "ARE YOU CRAZY?!? *ahem* But, you've certainly got my attention - go on..." Programmer: "And, instead of jumping, you have to like, use your bionic... uh, extend-able... metal arm, maybe?" Game exec: "BRILLIANT!"
  8. NES/Famicom - Getsu Fuuma Den: 124 min. This game is incredible. Where was it, though, when I actually had the boundless energy required to play NES games for near endless stretches of time?
  9. NES/Famicom - Getsu Fuuma Den: 48 min. Although this title was never released outside of Japan (a dang shame, too - although it has a distinctly oriental mythology-based flavor, this one would still be heralded today as a true classic), I've been playing it via my new, translated reproduction cart!
  10. Genesis - Streets of Rage 2: 60 min. It's a good thing I'm going to be too busy this week with exams and essays to do much game playing...
  11. Genesis - Streets of Rage: 55 min. It's a wonder I can still use my hands!
  12. Genesis - Streets of Rage: 28 min. Streets of Rage 2: 52 min. My first time playing either - heck, my first experience with the series at all! I think I'm in love. The first game, especially - it's like, you feel like you're the on actually out there, kicking butt... Someday, I'm going to have to order the uncensored English version of Bare Knuckles 3...
  13. Genesis - Sonic 2: 40 min. It's just going to take some good ol' fashion practicing, it seems...
  14. Genesis - Outrun: 52 min. Dragon's Fury: 17 min. Sonic the Hedgehog 2: 40 min. You know, I'd play Dragon's Fury for longer stretches of time - but at just seventeen minutes, I've already got blisters... Is there some trick to becoming good at the side-scrolling Sonic games? I have always been terrible at them...
  15. Genesis - Dragon's Fury: 38 min. Because when my three-year-old niece pretends to play video games with an unplugged controller from another system, she demands that there actually be something on the screen, dangit!
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