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  1. Yes, I also can't past 96. When the sides of the island get separated, the bricks never fill in the join them back to the center. Don't remember that happening in earlier versions. Still a great game, but now the patterning is more obvious.
  2. Is it really new? The FB9 Gold (AR3650) firmware on the AFZ site for Nov 28, 2019 also reads v2.1.1, but my FB9 Gold console displays that I'm already at that firmware version, which I upgraded back on Feb 25, 2019. I just downloaded the Nov 28, 2019 firmware file (for FB9 Gold) and it is exactly the same file size as the previous Feb file - 63,365 kb. I have the CFW menu hack so I'm not interested in installing it just yet.
  3. If you already have a template, I would certainly be interested. Figuring out the joystick socket alignments in the printed sticker paper kept me from doing it.
  4. That is cool looking! How did you do this? I once though of using some kind of adhesive paper with a woodgrain design to do this. But never got around to it.
  5. The ini files I'm uploading is based on my system, the FB9 Gold, which is sorting Activision games instead of Atari games in the main menu. It should be easy enough to fix. For "Genre=" type in whatever the tag is for Atari ("atari"?). Look at your original all-games.ini file to find out.
  6. You beat me to it uploading Zaxxon, Xevious, WoW, Venture & TRON. Anyway, here are some more Arcade/Activision/Imagic ini & box art files: Conquest of Mars, Draconian (early Stella 3.9.3 version), Dragonfire, Fall Down, Kangaroo, Kung-Fu Master, Midnight Magic, Moonsweeper, Omega Race, Rampage, Sky Jinks, Solar Fox, Solar Storm, Space Rocks, Star Voyager Tapper, Taz, Time Pilot, Trick Shot, Tron Deadly Discs and Vanguard. I'm done with this for a while. Will happily contribute more later, maybe when everyone starts hacking the FBX. But I'm going to keep on with the FB9. I have over 180 games so far in the main menu and it runs beautifully. Arcade_Collection_2.zip
  7. I have the FB9 Gold version with updated firmware from AtGames (V. 20190226.img). I agree with your assessment of when the sounds in Pitfall occur. I even checked the sound with the rom playing on the Stella emulator on my PC and there is a difference - but the delay is almost imperceptible to me (a matter of frames/milliseconds). Nothing like what's is shown in the video, nor do I have those screen aspect issues. When I load up a heavy shooter like Asteroids or Yars Revenge, it feels and sounds natural to me. I switch the FB9 between 2 HDTVs (a 49" Phillips and a 24" Insignia - both on "Game" picture settings) and I'm very content with its performance. I don't sense any lag whatsoever in sound or control. I think there is a documented issue when playing through a soundbar. I did experienced a lack of certain sound effects when I first got the FB9. But now I run the console through the TV speakers and not my Vizio soundbar, and have had no perceived sound problems since. But I do not consider myself an expert or serious gamer, so I'm not incredibly sensitive to these descrepencies.
  8. I did the paddle swap out months ago. Personally, I think that's easier compared to circuit board, component-level soldering (I am NO electrical engineer.) Open up the controller, unscrew the lock nut holding the potentiometer, replace the pot, solder 2 wires onto the new leads, screw the lock nut back on, close up controller. Done.
  9. I'm sorry that you're having problems - it was the exact .ini file I was using. Is the file extracting as "all-games.ini" (along with the file extension .ini?) If the file extension is not there, it can't be read. Add the ".ini" extension if it's not there. Otherwise, if there were any script/coding problems, it would only affect the metadata of 12 new games, not the original 120 games that proceed them in the file. Was anybody else having similar problems? Let me know and I'll load it again if necessary. I'm up to 170 games in the main menu, plus added 2 new bezels. I'm loving this CFW!
  10. I have been obsessed with this CFW for a few days now. Attached are a bunch of box art and game instruction files I made that can be included in the "all-games.ini". These are official and homebrew Arcade ports and some Activision titles. The box art has been properly resized (there are 2 images per game - a small file for the thumbnail in the main menu, and a larger file for the instructions page.) All the box art and game instructions (formatted and edited for the ini template) come from Atariage with a few exceptions. I have not included the game roms, but its very likely you have all the roms anyway. After installing Brad_from_the_80s' CFW, unzip the attached file "arcade_collection.zip" to your desktop. The roms, image files and the "all-games.ini" files go in the /rom folder created by the CFW. Copy the contents of each game's .txt file and paste it into your "all-games.ini" using Notepad or Notepad+ (it doesn't matter how you order the titles, the "Sort" tag will display them alphabetically on the main menu.) Copy over both image files of each game. Make sure the game rom file you supply (.a26) is titled EXACTLY as the image files and how it is referred to in the ini file (or else it won't play when you click on the image in the main menu.) EX: To play Star Wars Arcade from the main menu, make sure you have: StarWarsArcade.a26, StarWarsArcade.a26.png, StarWarsArcade.a26.s.png, and the [Star Wars Arcade] metadata in the "all-games.ini". Files included are for: Atlantis, Barnstorming, Battlezone, Berzerk, Boxing, Cosmic Ark, Star Wars Arcade, SW: Death Star Battle, SW: Empire Strikes Back, SW: Jedi Arena, Defender, Demon Attack, Dig Dug, Dolphin, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong VCS, ET, Fast Food, Fishing Derby, Frogger (2600), Galaxian, Gorf, Grand Prix, Halo 2600, Joust, Juno First, Lady Bug, Laser Blast, Lunar Lander (FB2), Medieval Mayhem , Moon Patrol, Ms. Pac-Man, Oink!, Pac-Man, Pac-Man Arcade (8k), Phoenix, Plaque Attack, Pole Position, Pong Arcade (FB2), Popeye, Q*bert, Rally-X, Scramble, Skiing, Space Invaders (2600), Spider Fighter, Star Castle Arcade, Tac-Scan, Tennis. Additionally, I changed the box art for the FB9 versions of Frogger and Space Invaders. The FB9 uses the original 2600 box art, but I wanted to use them for the newly loaded 2600 roms. The attached "frogger-spaceinaders.zip" swaps out the FB9 art for new box art utilizing their original Arcade flyers, but have been named the way they were in the original ini file. The 2600 versions (in the "arcade_collection.zip") are titled "Frogger2600" and "SpaceInvaders2600". Enjoy! frogger-spaceinvaders.zip arcade_collection.zip
  11. An .ini tool editor would be very cool. I've done nearly 30 rom entries so far (I'm kinda obsessed with this new firmware at the moment), and typing the .ini file is incredibly tedious - even when copying and pasting from the online HTML manuals and making them fit within the form of the .ini script. Using Photoshop to crop and resize box art is actually the easy part. But if the rom file is misspelled, the box art file isn't exact to the rom name, or a line break [\] isn't where it's supposed to be, then the entries/rom doesn't show up on the menu. But when it works, it looks nice!
  12. I took the liberty of updating the all-games.ini file downloaded from the FB9 to include the 12 missing M Network games' meta-data. All the hidden roms and boxart are already stored on the console, this .ini file just unlocks it. You should now have access to all 132 roms, boxart and instructions. After you follow the instructions from Post#10 above, unzip the attached file and replace the original all-games.ini with this file on your SD card. Also, if you add "Genre=atvi" to future entries in the .ini file, the rom then appears in the Activision Games submenu, and "Genre=paddles" makes it appear in the Paddle Games submenu. (Astroblast now appears in the Paddle Games list.) I'm continuing to add more titles to my menu (mostly all the arcade ports and the entire Activision/Imagic catalog). So far, I have a total of 160 titles and boxart appearing on the menu with no issues. If there is such a place to share entries, I can contribute more. Much thanks to Brad_from_the 80's for all his help with this! all-games(all_132_rom_data).zip
  13. My SD card is only a SDHC 1Gb San Disk (an older card I've been using, but with plenty of room for FB9 roms.) I'm fairly certain it's a read/write speed issue, as the files contents were incrementally increasing every time I took it out and viewed them on my PC. I would be happy to contribute to an .ini directory, but so far I just copied dummy entries (your Air Raiders example in post #10) and only changed the rom file title. I plan on creating about 50 or so entries (and resized boxart images) that I want on my system starting tomorrow. Sadly no more time for me today. Thumbs up so far on this!
  14. Good news: It works great! Not so good news: It took me about 5 tries. Installing the firmware went fine, but dumping the roms took some effort (though I suspect its because of the finicky nature of how the console reads my SD card or my impatience.) After completing Steps 2 & 3 (when it completes the boot up and the menu displays), I take the SD card out and look at it on my computer. 1st reboot there were no roms files or folder at all on the SD card, 2nd reboot just the titles each at 0k in size, 3rd try only a few titles fully copied over, 4th try no all-games.ini (no games displayed on the console menu), etc. Was I not waiting long enough to copy? Does this process completely happen all during the AtGames bootup (which takes about 7 seconds) or does it take longer? Anyway, it eventually all copied over. So far what I'm seeing, this is exactly what I have been waiting for! I quickly edited the ini file to include the "hidden" M Network files and their boxart displayed and the games played perfectly! Can't wait to see what other tricks you're working on!
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