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  1. This is the Dell Monitor: https://www.cnet.com/products/dell-e151fpb-lcd-monitor-15/ The output on this 1040ST can go to both my High Resolution Monotone SM124 and Low/Med Resolution Color SC1024. I don't have any other monitor to test the composite cable so I can't rule out that it's just a bad cable. That said, my Atari 800 XL works just fine with this TV and it's own composite converter cable.
  2. I am trying to use this Wise Wing Monitor: https://www.newegg.com/wise-wing-w902db-19-sxga/p/N82E16824104001# I also have this ST to Composite cable which I tried to use with this SylvaniaTV but also got no signal. I was eventually able to get this Trash Picked Dell monitor to work in High resolution. So I'm guessing that these cables will only work with monitors that support a 15khz sync signal? Is there a list of compatible monitors somewhere that I can consult?
  3. I picked up this VGA converter cable for my 1040 ST several years ago but only just now have been pulling the machine out of storage to get it set up. When I plug the cable into the ST and a VGA monitor, I get no picture at all. What am I missing in this set up that could be causing it to not work?
  4. Are these still available? I'd love to procure one. Cheers!
  5. I will definitely give this a go. I've moved the machine down to my basement workspace where I have more room for tinkering. I'll let you know if they come back to life. While it's relatively "dry" in the garage (not accounting for possible humidity variations) I'm going to open er up some time this week and follow your advice. I'm not at all squimish about such things, just terribly under educated in the ways of electronics and their physical workings. Thanks for your help!
  6. I guess, that's the problem. They are all trackers, not synth-tools. If someone gets a step "back" to test the A8 "for fun" he will encouter the limits very soon. Other then the Raster Music Tracker, I cannot find any reasonable search hits for the others. Does anyone have a link to where I can check these other programs out?
  7. I've recently pull out my Atari 1040 STf out of storage to try and work on some chiptunes but it seems to be on the blink. Until I can figure out how to salvage the poor machine, I thought I power up my 800 and see what I could do with it. Is there any resources out there where I can possibly pick up some software for generating music with the 800?
  8. Okay so today I went to format a disk and I receive the following Error... "Your output device is not receiving data. Before you retry, make sure it has power, is online, and is loaded with paper or film." This is despite the fact that I can browse the directory hierarchy and view text documents. Now I've also noticed that the keyboard wasn't responding to my attempt to give the disk a label name. I'm starting to have the terrible feeling that perhaps there might have been some hardware damage due to possibly getting bumped around while in storage. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what my next step in salvaging this machine would be?
  9. i'll give a blank a few formats and see if that does the trick. I'm a little bummed out that i may have lost my all my software. Is there a repository somewhere where i might be able to get fresh copies. Come to think of it, if i were able to download software how do i get it onto a properly formatted 3.5" floppy?
  10. Hi folks, I just pulled my old Atari 1040 STf out of the garage after 15 years of neglect to work on some chiptunes. Unfortunately, whenever I try to launch a program from a disk I get an error which reads "Data on the disk in drive A: may be damaged. You must use the right kind of floppy disk; you must connect your hard disk properly." It does this with any disk I put into the drive. If I boot with a disk, the U.S.A. Language Disk for example, the computer will get stuck in a reboot cycle that never ends and does not present any error message. Oddly enough, however, I can view the files and directories on these disks as well as read any text document. Does anyone know what could be going wrong? Are all my disks "damaged" after 20+ years?
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