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  1. The fix only applies to games on your SD. Download the latest version, as it improves compatibilty. The update notes that EWJ was fixed.
  2. I had some bad luck with opening game consoles to clean them. Has anybody attempted ths? Is it really possible? Have not ben able to do it on the Lynx II.
  3. ¿De casualidad alguien en Monterrey, México tiene un Atari Lynx? Lo que pasa es que no estoy seguro si la pantalla del que tengo este descompuesta (se ve muy pálida, pero puede ser que siempre haya sido así) y quisiera ver otra pantalla para comparar. Veo dificil comprar otro Lynx pronto. Saludos Frank y Mundocool!
  4. Excellent, thank you very much Nick Harlow! I will try this today!
  5. I can't recommend enough the NGPC. I have one and play with it daily. It does have a small but generally very good library.
  6. It's much better than I expected, but still, I wish I knew what to do on that level...
  7. Hi guys, I'm having a bit of game trouble with Dino Dudes. I'm on level 7 (Wagon Wheel), the one with ice and I can't seem to finish it. I tried to see if there was a guide in Gamefaqs, but all they have are the passwords and I really want to see how this level is completed. Does anybody know how to finish it? Thanks in advance...
  8. As an owner of a GameCube, I can tell you this: 1) The controller sucks for fighting games or anything that requieres an intense use of the D-Pad or switching quickly from pressing button "B" to button "Y" or "X". (like, for example, Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance or Tony Hawk series) 2) Practically zero online games. I'm mean c'mon, there is a modem, yet no online games in America besides PSO. How about Splinter Cell or something? 3) Practically zero LAN games. Only Mario Kart. So ok, I understand that maybe developers do not want to mantain servers and all that online stuff. How expensive or hard could have been adding LAN support? 4) Lack of third party support. Even MS, a relative newcomer to the industry, managed much better support than veteran Nintendo. Still like my Gamecube, though.
  9. Altered Beast has problems too when you have two 6 button controllers. I fully recomend the 6 button controller, in my opinion it has a much better D-Pad and is a bit more confortable.
  10. Well, it worked! I cleaned the PCB contacts with alcohol and now it's back to normal. Thanks! Now I'm off to play some Rampart...
  11. Thank you guys for answering so fast! Exactly! I tried again today, and discovered that while I can turn the Lynx off with the "Off" button, I can't turn it on with the "On" button. The only way to turn it On is by inserting a game. I'm going to try what you recommended!
  12. Seems like I'm having a bad month with portables. First, the screen of my NeoGeo Pocket ceased to work. Because of this, I decided to play again with the Lynx I, wich easily had been in storage for a month or two. So, with brand new batteries, I insert a game and all of a sudden the Lynx turns on. Weird. So I turn it off, remove the game and insert another game. The same happens. So, is this a good thing? I no longer have to turn the console on, but I still worry it might be a sign of trouble. How could I repair this? And I apologize about the bad thread title, but for some reason my mind has a bit of a problem translating in english what I want to say. Thanks!
  13. I think I got in agust of 2002. It was an excellent deal, I think, as it included many games, ac adapter, comlynx and the carring case. I always wanted it but never could find the right situation to get it.
  14. Thank you Stephen, that was awesome. It's very interesting to see the 3D0 and Jaguar comparisions. I was expecting the 3D0 to be superior overall, but now this explains why it had a crappy Doom version while the Jaguar one looks a lot better.
  15. Thanks for the replies, guys. This is very interesting. Too bad about the missing info. BTW, did id also release the source code for the Jaguar port of Wolfenstein? Maybe Wolf would be easier to hack or understand.
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