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  1. Why limit it to just one thing? Lol! I have a feeling Tommy will create variations for the crazy collectors amongst us. Maybe a gun, a robot, a spider, the running man....
  2. Thanks to a heads up from Steve Jones, I did two separate orders and it worked as 10 Euros each for shipping.
  3. That was so much fun to watch. Honestly I'm not even sure if monthly is frequent enough for you two to get together.
  4. Of the non launch titles, in the "yes we're definitely doing it" category, Utopia is probably at the top of my list. I've been waiting for a Utopia 2 for the Inty for years. An updated version on the Amico will be very welcome news.
  5. I bought one from Sean a few years ago. He told me he had a box or boxes and he opened the box and shrinkwrapped them himself to protect them.
  6. I don't see that option when I use PayPal. Here's a pic of what I see.
  7. Just went to order 2 copies and it showed 55 euros for shipping to Canada? Is that correct?
  8. Off the top of my head that Crosswords 2 might be a record for KC software. Ouch.
  9. I asked about it. It's the only one I need at this point.
  10. Shit got too real. Lol. Not sure why Crosswords 2 went for so much more vs 1 and 3
  11. Lol. Yah I went from loose to CIB myself so I hear you. These don't come up that often
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