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  1. I've never seen one and have at least one copy of all of them. It would be cool if one existed though or if @Mark Thompson could make one for each 🤔😎
  2. Hmmm. Guess I'd better check mine.... 🤔
  3. The second version of the box does not have an origin on it.
  4. Dale you're a saint. I'm definitely going to top up the trade though. PM incoming.
  5. That's the Blockade Runner I need. Lol. If you're willing to trade it for the regular one plus.... 😎
  6. Man that's licensing I'm sure Tommy would love to get. Great work as always
  7. That’s the one that comes in the white and green box. It’s probably the most common of all of them actually
  8. Better or different? We have a Switch, a PC and a PS5 and my son and I can't wait to play games together on the Amico. One doesn't preclude the other as a valid choice.
  9. I’m not even sure why I didn’t. 😬 I think I was just so excited to get that off my list.
  10. Ouch! I thankfully never ripped open my bagged one. Can’t remember seeing one of those in forever.
  11. Yah I certainly paid for mine too. Maybe one day I’ll stumble on to one of these great deals.
  12. Yah we lost a kid who might not end up being an NHL'er so not the end of the world. Next few days will be interesting. I still have lots of FC extras when you're ready. And yes I still need the VOLLEYBALL version, I have the other two. 😂
  13. Two great pickups Joe! Especially that white label Backgammon. 👍🏻
  14. Welcome! Are you talking about the white and blue labelled one? I'm at work and can't look at mine. I know Alex Pace had made a Test cart reproduction box.
  15. Last time I checked. I think they're early reviewer copies
  16. Lol. Pretty much. Sometimes you have to show the peeps you have street cred.
  17. I preordered a metric f*cktonne of these and can't wait until I get to play with family and friends 😊
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