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  1. Was Eli's Ladder available in shops or just advertised in magazines/newspapers like Red Sea Crossing/ Birthday Mania/ Gamma Attack?
  2. BMX Air Master cart didn't have a cartridge label, Wall Defender has no box
  3. So it would've been a cartridge and booklets, if I read this right. Still, I wonder if maybe one person owns the cartridge/a cartridge of this game? It could happen....
  4. The Lynx was more popular in UK than US. Most video game shops in my area (Software Cavern, Computer Care South, Ultima Computer Shop) had Lynx games, Lynx was well featured in UKs gaming magazines, for example C&VG, Mean Machines, etc. Of course, me and Colin always wrote about Atari Lynx in our fanzine 8/16, and also Edwin and I did Lynx User/Atari Entertainment. Telegames always advertised in most UK gaming magazines for the Lynx. In London was Silica Shop and CEX. I think all this helped a bit. Mind you, in UK most of the girls wanted Game Boys
  5. It does sound very weird/interesting. Is there any game play or just a stats simulator?
  6. Habe nicht so lange her mit Thomas Anders gesprochen, kam zu uns ins Museum (ist oft bei uns oder im Restaurant nebenan). Ganz netter Mensch ohne Starallüren.
  7. I always wondered why Atari didn't release a Pong cartridge for the VCS, instead of a Video Olympics. Video Olympics is more a sports cart really.
  8. The Crash slowly started in 1983, but happened in 1984
  9. Every 'silver box' range. After the coloured box, the silver box games was 'the next level'.
  10. If it's still available, this is a must, great and difficult game.
  11. Guess I could've made the box bigger Nebulus, Rana Rama, Firelord, Zynaps, Netherworld, Alleykat (not the A8 classic). not a bad compilation
  12. UK companies were quick putting out compilations, sometimes with great box art
  13. Stunning parallax scrolling, it was like wow, way back.
  14. Weren't they available in Brazil on cart?
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