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  1. What the pictures show, I can't grasp it. The mind boggles. So much work.
  2. Being in UK, I always stuffed $50 into an envelope, send it over to Brad, and a month later the cartridge I ordered arrived in my mailbox.
  3. And some folks pay more for Mario
  4. Atari carts are still available by the 1000s and more? Besides ebay. Did Albert get carts from the Atari games in the cave? I've got a printed 2600 cart from a guy in Spain or France (can't remember). It works great. Is that an option in the future?
  5. Best I can do without getting any reflections
  6. I've got that one and the Poster version. They are great (well, my Poster version is still sealed) I think there's a third version?
  7. In the UK I also found out about the USA Computer Gaming World magazine. That also was awesome. reading about the games for Apple ][, Atari 8 bit Computer and Commodore 64 and later PC.
  8. If I remember right, there was a EG 90s version, shortlived? Joe Santulli had a page in that version?
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