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  1. I purchased Pro Golf from GDG, love it..Will Pro Tennis be available there?
  2. My end label has 7800, never noticed after all these years
  3. Hallo

    Soll ich mal Beta testen? Oder wie viel um zu kaufen?


  4. ***Pending***EURO 50.00 Worship the Woodgrain - Original Release (4 CD, instructions, big CD case), ROMs in WAV files for modified Starpath Superchargers Give me another week, then I ready for purchase.
  5. I got signed carts, mostly from some pimpled kids who owned them before me.
  6. Oooh nice, maybe 'love hotels', like Nintendo
  7. My PAL: Congo Bongo: Box 006-10 Cart 006-01 Star Trek: Box 004-10 Cart 004-01
  8. Haven't had an email for quite a while now
  9. Nice, I like it, good reading. Well done.
  10. Instructions: http://web.archive.org/web/20170827062032/http://www.atari2600homebrew.com/ladybug.html
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