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  1. No more 7800 cartridges in stock. I will contact Telegames if he get's a re-stock, but I don't think so. 7800 carts are getting rare.
  2. This thread is drug-related, isn't it?
  3. Excellent great story. Thanks for sharing. It's not often you get an inside of the 'whats going on' within gaming companies. Maybe because you and the old ladies tested the Parker games we have a great ratio of good games within the Parker range. Did you know any programmers like Ed Temple or Mark Lesser or Laura Nikolich?
  4. Being a Kylie fan at the time, I had to play Street Fighter The Movie (Street Fighter Real Battle on Film) over and over. Actually, lots of time was spent playing the Street Fighter series.
  5. I once send a heavy gaming load from Germany to Norway, it was very, very expensive for the buyer. Norway is not in the EU, so it was to be expected.
  6. Very true. I think Portfolio is all over the place.
  7. I'm for it. Playstation 1, my most favourite awesome console of the 90s. So many good games, I'll try to find the best I like. SONY PLAYSTATION CONSOLE (PSone) - Video Game Photos from the Room of Doom (digitpress.com) [parasite eve], loved this game, me and my gaming friend played it throughout the night, one's narrating the other controlling. Same with Final Fantasy VII, playing, shouting.....go there, that way, no, get him.....awesome times
  8. Try the Digital Press/Library
  9. Also, 83/84, in USA the C64 /fdd sold oodles, games were like, 'wow the next level' when compared to VCS....And computer games are copyable (bonus). Apple ][ was gaining more sales as well. Atari 800XL came along, the same Activision games looked and played better on computer than VCS, EA had a fantastic line-up of games. And more games came for the IBM, the Juggernaut
  10. Atari VCS games/ stuff is never ending. Mind you I would love the Atari holder behind
  11. There's two ET homebrews on Good Deal Games for sale, they could be ET II, ET III
  12. Yep, he's legit, German company. Ordered from him many of times, quick and fast delivery. Through him I managed to complete my Atari Lynx collection (some items Telegames UK didn't have). His 7800 collection is rapidly getting less, so once they are gone, they won't be refilled. So, never had any problems with this seller.
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