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  1. Homebrews are worth collecting if you want to play the game and support the programmer/developer. If you are getting into it in hopes of having a great investment, you would be better off putting your money in an IRA. Atariage doesn't do a bunch of Limited edition Homebrews. You will find some every once in a while, but for the most part they are not. Neo Games does most releases on a limited basis. Gooddealgames also does some as well.
  2. Chuckwagon was very expensive in the 90's. It looks like someone decided to make one to play. It could very well be from the 90's ,given the label looks like it is just printed, cut out, and glued on.
  3. It's not your imagination. 2600 games, in general, have gone up quite a bit. Sealed games have gone up crazy amounts. Some games 5-10X what they sold for last year. I would agree, the influx of graded games is driving the market.
  4. Just looked at 3 Bit Corp carts and 2 had the same type of board
  5. Why do you think they are fake? Is it because you can see what I assume is some sort of a resistor? If that is the only thing you see wrong with it, I wouldn't worry. I many examples of games like this.
  6. Value is all in what someone is willing to pay. Even many of the rarest games have a track record for sales and putting a "value" on them are much easier. When you are talking about a game where only 3 are known, and then throw in the fact that it is PAL, things become a bit hazy. it has unreal rarity for sure, however, there are less PAL collectors by far than NTSC. It is truly what someone is willing to pay
  7. Decio, Nice to see you finally signed up here. Long time since we have talked. Hope you and the family are well,
  8. Whoa! Always nice to see old members come back. Welcome back, hope all is well.
  9. I did not think it was released in PAL format. This is the first time I have seen one. Cool find, Congrats. Atariboxed has it as an R9 http://atariboxed.com/index.php?go=detail&modul_refnumber=470
  10. I figured it was that. The pricing looks like some sort of average. A few things to consider, The prices you see on Ebay may include shipping as many items are listed as "Free Shipping" and the cost is built into each inflating the price to more than what it would sell for. The second thing to consider would be condition, your carts do not seem to be in very good condition, in fact many look dirty and in poor condition. Lastly, you are selling in a marketplace without any fees, to collectors. You should include any selling references you may have on other websites. If you really want to sell them, have clear pictures of the items including both labels. Use a good camera with proper lighting and take some pictures. Maybe browse through some other listings here in the Marketplace, you will find many examples to use as a guide
  11. can I ask where you are getting your prices from? Are they the price it showed on website somewhere?
  12. I am not sure where or when this was. I think I recall seeing a loaner cart from Xonox that had the pink label. I am guessing early/pre-production.
  13. Curt would probably know better than anyone. Even for 1985, i find it hard to believe that they were selling Track&Field with the controller for just over $2 ea.
  14. That was my first thought as well. I am assuming he is just another scammer. He did not reply to my message yesterday asking why the game would be in an Atari cart shell. Just add him to the list of scammers.
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