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  1. There is not many around. With today's crazy prices, I can't see it selling for less than 1K. Someone willing to wait may get 2K
  2. Many people will pay you fairly for items sold here and you would save the fees. And if it is rare items, you would probably sell then within a day or two if you are asking a fair price
  3. atari181

    NTSC Atari 2600

    i have many for sale, the issue would be the price of shipping for you.
  4. Give him a break, I don't believe English is his first language. English is not the easiest language to learn, much less punctuate.
  5. Legend http://www.atarimuseum.com/articles/joedecuir.html
  6. if you get to the point where you want to use some type of liquid, A cotton swab with alcohol will work fine, as long as the cellophane is in tact.
  7. Cool shirt. I would be careful, this is something you could easily receive a C+D for.
  8. Game for sale, goes in Marketplace, wrong forum
  9. This is why I was asking, I was wondering what the excuse would be.
  10. Not sure they would let me use just the number at my local MG, I eat there a couple times a year. I would be willing to give you a few bucks for one if you can ship it to Ohio.
  11. This is such horrible news. Hang in there my friend. I am praying for you.
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