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  1. Yes! CCAG, The last I looked we had a few tables left. It is a great time as well.
  2. I may be intersted if you had interest in shipping them or prting it out and shipping
  3. Awsome shirt. I see, HERO Barnstorming Spider Fighter Bridge Chopper Command Freeway Sky Jinks Megamania Kaboom!(think I see a bomb) Tennis(looks like a baseball, but would have to be a tennis ball) Ice Hockey stampede fishing derby Laser Blast
  4. trying to send you a message. I will buy them all. I guess your mailbox is full
  5. When you're ready to purge that Picture label, Sears Superman, you let me know.😆
  6. what is a reasonable price?
  7. I hate Ebay, They removed my negative feedback warning others of his BS
  8. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293012-2600-cart-auctions-with-repro-labels/?tab=comments#comment-4305272
  9. The seller is a member of some of the Facebook groups dedicated to retrogaming(AA included) His Name is J. W Robertson III. I would be wary of any transactions with him outside of Ebay.
  10. Not sure this dick needs a list of things to change next time.
  11. After talking with another member here, yes, he was selling Activision games with perfect labels. Amazing that he has 100% feedback. Ebay makes it so hard to give neg feedback.
  12. I hope so, but, unfortunately, Brian, you as well as I know, not everyone is as keen as you and I. I would guess that at least half the people would throw it in the collection without a thought.
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