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  1. Know very little about these. They are in SS carts
  2. I have one of these that was given to me by another member here. It is a very cool piece.
  3. My original account was 1998, so almost 23 years. I remember using a crappy webcam to take pictures of items I was selling.
  4. atari181

    Best Bar Ever!

    16 bit in Cleveland, all games are free if you buy a drink. The family and I took a day off and are having a blast.
  5. Been a tough go lately. Grabbed these. I still need the boxes
  6. When I was first collecting, I remember finding a couple of these in the bottom of the box from a lot I purchased off Ebay. I also remember throwing them away because I didn't know what they were. 😱😱
  7. Lol, i read this wrong. I thought I could trade my Gemini for a Jaguar. You will probably have to sweeten the pot a bit.
  8. "being from" does not mean where an item is manufactured to me. The games are obviously manufactured with the same art as Taiwan games, however, many items as manufactured overseas and seen as from a different company.
  9. Zellers carts are from Canada sold at Zellers Department stores in Canada.
  10. Threw mine in the trash last year. I'm sure you can find one, they aren't in high demand.
  11. If/when we get CCAG back up and running, you guys should meet there and include me!
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