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  1. I vote Super burnout the only other game here that i have is CF and im pretty good at it but in no way do i want to play it.
  2. I got the Saturn version in a 4 game lot a day or two ago for less than £10 with post i hope its good, i would go for that option if you want to play the game.
  3. If i was in charge i would have changed the company name to Nintega and called it the Meganes, since by that time nobody really wanted to buy Atari as the name reminds people of Space invaders and the 2600. Which is what your dad would have played (Hardly good for selling to the next generation of kids.) Oh and hope to not get sued for to much!
  4. I just picked up Ultra Vortek from ebay after looking since i got the system, it cost me £15 a bit steep for the cart on its own is that to much? also what are your thoughts on the game?
  5. I dont know anything about Battlemorph but Cybermorph is so bland and dull to me, probably the worst pack in game i have ever seen and certainly put many people off buying the console. Thats right i think that one game gets atleast a big chunk of blame for how badly the system did in sales.
  6. I have made it to the final stage i know how to play lol, i just think compaired to all the megadrive and saturn shooters out there why would you want to play this? It is so average and the lack of music and dull space stages make it very boring after a while. some of the power ups are pretty cool tho.
  7. Yay i have both of these although im not exactly a fan of Trevor Mcfur but im sure i will have a stab at it.
  8. Its true even Jaguar noobs like me have one of those.
  9. Indeeed it is supposed to happen something els i noticed is if you go into a vent it also gets rif of your map which just sucks. Although i usualy play as the predator and since they cant go into vents it doesnt really bother me much.
  10. Just keep the games out of the box as i do with all card boxes for games i found the hard way that if you use them alot you will ruin all of them. The cart should keep in good condition if you put them on a shelf or something.
  11. I had one more try and got it down a bit, next year i will play it for a while and get something better since i really have barely played this game. (to busy with all the Saturn games i have been picking up)
  12. Im pretty sure i used the "Wheels of Terror"
  13. I didnt play this game much in the end not to bad tho considering i only picked it up half way through the month.
  14. Everyboy bashes the controller i just ask them if they even own one, nobody has ever answered yes lol. I always remember a post that went something like this. "The saturn controller has to be one of the worst controllers ever just like the dreadful Jaguar and gamecube ones playstation is best ever tho!" Comments like that always crack me up.
  15. Crude Dude

    Doom 1.5?

    Cool ive seen this done on the 32x version i hope he makes the full game.
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