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  1. There was one for the 130XE, but so far as I know there never was one for the XF551 drive. At least it isn't in my 1998 Sam's catalog. Unfortunately, I don't have the 130XE ComputerFacts, or any service data for either of those pieces of Atari hardware. And I couldn't find anything when I looked for it. Best Electronics lists the 130XE ComputerFacts as sold out, but he might have one floating around if you call him. He did when I was looking for a ComputerFacts for the 800XL. I've sent off an email to a friend (Hias) who's been helpful before when I was looking for hard to find service data. If he can help I'll post whatever he hooks me up with here. =^.^= BobKat Greetings I am looking for Sam's computerfacts for atari 130XE, you have it?, You could share? thanks
  2. hello, I'm looking for this manual for the atari 130 Xe, someone can help me find it in PDF format, thanks
  3. Saludos, de que parte de colombia eres?
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