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  1. Also, in the post I mentioned the problem with selling some of the lots.. Read it and let me know if the cost of the rarer titles are OK with you or if you'd rather me remove those and sell them separately

  2. So since this is such a huge lot.. I prefer to see if the real heavy hitters get out of the way first. Any interest in rayearth, Albert odyssey or shining wisdom? Those would help my situation in a big way and I hate to lose fees to eBay on them. As far as anyone asking for lots. Most of the lots have a couple games each that are 40+ each. Does that bother anyone? I can piece those out to make it cheaper for you guys
  3. This sounds like the type of game I get when the price drops to 39.99. Anyone agree?
  4. My market thread is getting TONS of requests. You guys are great. I'm not ignoring you but I have a 16 hour day tomorrow, gonna do my best to keep up. Don't worry, nobody has claim to anything as yet

  5. Hey guys, anybody played the new Doom yet? I'm thinking about buying it as I'm a huge Doom fan from back in the day, but I get nervous about buying so early. How's the single player? I don't care much about multiplayer (except for Star Wars: Battlefront), but does it have any online co-op modes? Like a hoard mode/ zombies type thing? Tell me the stories of your survival!
  6. Just spent 2 hours working on my marketplace post. It now features 40+ pics of hundreds of games. Come check out the thread of the decade (I might be biased).

  7. What genesis games did you have in mind Kreator Kat? I also want to thank you all, I've gotten a lot of interest so far. I'm still going through what I have and adding pictures. Here are a few so you have more of an idea of the condition (when I buy a game I'm quite picky about it's condition, with a couple exceptions). -Drew Edit: Punisher and Hyperstone Heist are my two favorite Genesis games.. Make and offer on them if you wish but I'd really need to be floored to part with those two. Hyperstone Heist does not have a manual either, box only
  8. So for those of you interested in the 7800 lot. I believe I have 1 controller. All of the cables of course. And as for the games the lot would have Winter Games, Commando, Ninja Golf, Pole Position II, Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, Food Fight, and Choplifter. Commando and Ninja Golf are two of the more expensive 7800 games, 40 for Ninja Golf and 40 for Commando (many people believe the 7800 version of Commando is superior to the NES version), so if you wanted to lower the price I could sell those 2 separately.
  9. I've always wanted to live in Northern Cal. Like Napa/Vallejo. What'd you think of Shelton? Our town used to own the Guinness world record for most bars within a certain amount of miles. Fun facts!
  10. Fibro: 40 for ninja golf 38 for ogre battle 45 for smash That's shipped/tracked individually. If you went all three we can knock some more off of that
  11. And for prices, make me an offer. I generally look at the normal buy it now price on eBay, bump it down a little and that includes shipping, so that should give you an idea
  12. Which Saturn stuff did you have in mind? The working designs RPGs are my most expensive games, they'd be a couple hundred plus, and maybe 350 for rayearth. That's what I'd ask on eBay but I always give AA'ers slightly better pricing
  13. Go check out my Marketplace post: Rare rare stuff, from atari to sega and everywhere in between. 3 Working Designs RPGs!!!!

  14. Just for proof of concept, here's a pic of the most rare Sega Saturn games ever made that aren't named Panzer Dragoon Saga or Saturn Bomberman, and a couple others just for the hell of it.
  15. Sadly my friends, financial difficulties and being a poor college kid have put me in the difficult position of having to sell my most prized items in my collection.. This is gonna take some time, and I'll be adding to the post throughout the next day or two. Shoot me a line if you're interested or feel free to message me on fb: Facebook.com/andy.gabianelli. so let's get started before I cry (that's like half joking): -N64: ogre battle 64, super smash bros, Mario Golf, all loose. Doom 64 CIB with plastic protector, -Sega Saturn: shining wisdom, magic Knight rayearth, Albert odyssey, Batman forever, guardian heroes, golden axe the duel, marvel super heroes, doom, resident evil, all complete. -Atari 7800: ninja golf, commando, winter games, all loose. I have maybe 10-12 games and would consider selling the console and all the games as a lot. -Sega Genesis: there could be more for available but for now, Castlevania: Bloodlines, one CIB, one loose. Splatterhouse 3, sunset riders, contra hard corps, all loose. phantasy star 3 (CIB), phantasy star IV and death and return of Superman loose. -2600: Snoopy and the Red Baron -Playstation 2: Mega Man X Collection, Street Fighter Alpha Anthology, Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo (this game is from the original Mobile Suit Gundam series, so don't expect to see the Talgeese or Epyon in it. -32X: knuckles chaotix, after burner, space harrier, all boxed. Darxide repro, boxed. Kolibri, t-mek, and primal rage, loose. -Jaguar: Doom, Wolfenstein, Boxed. AVP loose. I have 13 games total, maybe 8 boxed. I'd consider selling the console (which is also boxed) and all the games if anyone was interested. -Sega CD: Final Fight CD, Batman Returns, The Adventures of Batman and Robin, Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure -Gamecube: Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast, Ultimate Spider-Man -Sega Genesis 3 console, loose. I use a model 1 with power base converter, Model 1 Sega CD, and 32x so this console is pretty expendable, -I also have a basically complete extra Virtual Boy that has minor issues with screen lines. I could part it out if someone needed something specific, like the lenses. I also have several Virtual Boy Controllers. EDIT: Due to laziness, I don't want to post every single title I have, so here are some shots of my collection. If you see anything you like make me an offer. I can part with most of these with a few exceptions EDIT 2: The PS3 tiles WWE2K16, TNA Impact, and WWE2K16 for PS4 were all signed by Sting. WCW for life! lol Pictured here: Wireless Genesis controllers, I have a pair. Also a VGA box for the Dreamcast (it allows the Dreamcast to output in HD, and worked even back then. Check the back of Marvel Vs. Capcom and it will say VGA Box supported or some such). The other is my controller for the Neo Geo CD. That console is also for sale.
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