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  1. Are these still available? I've been googling for years but can't find an online store to order from.
  2. vk4akp

    Vectrex SD Cart?

    Yes. Thankyou. I'm in! We bought 2x for our local retro group 9ish years ago. They are fantastic. Still the best and only SD solution for Vectrex! I finally have my own Vectrex so I'll be pleased to get one. I had hoped someone would develop an SD, bigger CPU, ram, + Ethernet / WiFi solution. But I won't hold my breath. PM sent. Thank you Richard for supporting the community ..
  3. Yes this is a hard thing I guess. Everyone has their own views on the subject of keeping things original. For example me, well I can't stand when people put holes in cases to add reset or ROM change switches etc. Yet others love to pimp their machines. They can't get enough switches, buttons, knobs, colour changes or overlays on their retro machine casing. But for me I believe it's a piece of history and deserves to be kept original. And I can appreciate your efforts in trying to keep the VoX side of things original sounding for the era. But it's all really a matter of perspective. SD cards for storage are way into the future for a Vectrex yet we are lucky and now have a way to use these. I think it's a matter of looking at what it can offer the user as far as.. 1. Helping to keep the platforms alive and enjoyed. 2. Enhancing the experience. 3. Costing, (addons need to be affordable). A network interface would mean that Vectrex users could play games with each other across the globe. Since we represent a very small niche group these days that's a big thing in favour of helping to keep the interest alive. If we could get some 3D Imager headset kits on the go again too, that would be a killer combination. Networked 3D Colour Vector games with speech anyone???!!! Yes please! Ethernet options have been made now for the Commodore 64, Amiga, & Apple IIe. In each case it has been very positive and successful. The two big things that seem to regenerate interest in retro computing and help keep these old platforms alive are storage & connectivity. We have the storage sorted (SD cards) now it's only the connectivity left. Maybe a simple way to address this could be just to make or use a serial to Ethernet module. And chain it on the second joystick port like with the VecVox? My question there would be. Can devices co exist on this port? 2nd Joystick, VecVox, SLIP device? And what sort of serial speed can be handled by the Vectrex on the 2nd joystick port? As far as originality is concerned, we would only really be extending the original Idea someone had of networking Vectrex's via the 2nd joystick port anyhow. .-.-.
  4. Got mine already! It turned up a couple of days ago!. It is truly a wonderful and amazing device! And the quality of the surface mount soldering job, OMG.. Perfection! How does he do this so well by hand ?? You can see the original pictures and click on them to enlarge. here: ShaZaM; Vectrex MultiCart Pics. Sorry about the picture quality. Not enough lighting in the room for black items. .-.-.
  5. Oh Wow, Thanks. Now to find how to make the adapter. And yes it's a terrible shame so many wonderful things, information, and people lost to time. I hope we see Alex conquer his health issues and return for many many more enjoyable years in the scene. As far as where to start re adding Ethernet to the VecMulti have a look here for some idea's. Ethernet / WiFi options. This is just a bit of a starting point to give an idea on just how much stuff is out there now to build with. Quiet amazing. There is even a self contained RJ45 connector that has the complete CCT offering Ethernet and even WiFi embedded into the connector. This is made by Digi but might be a bit cost restrictive for the VecMulti+. However I am told by friends in the know that there are several very cheap Pic Micro IC's now that offer Ethernet connectivity. Perhaps a keyboard and mouse connector compatible with standard PC bits would also be a good idea? Vector based web browsing anyone¿? LOL The sky's the limit these days really. If some of the original designers of these wonderful old machines could see all the amazing stuff retro buffs are doing with the gear these day's they'd probably poke a big hole through the lids of their coffins with a big stiffie!. .-.-.
  6. Wow, Nice! Are you hand soldering all those surface mount IC's? OMG your keen! Hey out of interest, was there ever a way to network Vectrex's together to play multi player games at all? Could the next design for the VecMulti perhaps have a NIC (RJ45 Ethernet) connector added? Networking could open up all sorts of fun stuff for the Vectrex. It's become a very common thing these days for other retro machines. SD card, & NIC seem to be the two big things needed to expand any nice old retro console or computer. .-.-. He did a quick test on 2 of his consoles and it worked fine. So I'm thinking rare glitch. I'm building up 50 at the moment, and a friend is doing me a nice label.
  7. Yes, there's 2 guys testing it at the moment (VectrexMad! and Tickled_Pink). There was some weirdness going on between consoles, but I think it's fixed now (I hope). I was going to continue making the VecFlash, but the flash memory is just about impossible to find now. I have no carts left (I even sold mine). Our group so so so wants one of these SD card adapters for the Vectrex!.. . AU$ is strong at the moment. Please take our $'s while we can still afford to get one!> LOL.. Also any chance of ever seeing Omega Race for the Vectrex? I soo used to love that game! http://shazam.zapto.org .-.-.
  8. Sounds great. Looking forward to buying one. Also if anyone can help our group secure a Vectrex we would love to hear from you!. Most likely it would have to come from the UK and by surface mail to .AU to keep things affordable and compatible with our power here. There seems to be a lot of them on eBay lately in the UK. ~Ken - vk4akp. Sj of the RCC. http://shazam.zapto.org .-.-.
  9. Like this one - I was just looking at the specs of the Vectrex and I have some questions. Will this new SD card cart expand the 1k of memory the Vectrex has? Or is there any other way to expand the memory? More memory would allow better games to be developed. What is the weight of a Vectrex? (For shipping calculations). Our group is looking to buy a Vectrex for our displays. Either locally in Australia or from the UK. If anyone can help out please contact me. (We need a PAL 220 / 240 VAC model). Are there any plans to make more of the speech adapters for the Vectrex? Its so wonderful to see people still developing such amazing items for these wonderful old Retro machines. TNX! .-.-.
  10. Oh OK. What stumbling blocks have you come up against with the SD card implementation? Also were you the original designer of the VecFlash as well? I would assume the big advantage of the newer SD card version would be you could store far more ROM images in it? .-.-. Some time yet. Which is why I'm thinking of resurrecting the VecFlash for a while.
  11. Very nice! Please add me to the list of potential customers. Let us know when where and how much. I'm certainly interested. .-.-. Like this one -
  12. Wo! Someone get this Awesome guy back to making more VecFlash carts!. There is still a big interest. In the mean time. Why isn't someone doing something similar with an SD card adapter? Most other platforms have this now! .-.-.
  13. This is really cool! How much are they and where can I get one? .-.-.
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