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  1. Hello, I would like broken/part psone mini's what have a good laser assembly. I got some first gen japan ps1's and the laser assembly's are shot. thanks, Sean
  2. *Update* Found a scart model 2 cable to test but, the cable is bad as their is no blue. Also, price drop to $260 shipped as I would like to sell it quickly.
  3. It has audio from the din as well. The system can used for many audio setups
  4. Hello, I am selling my toploader because I don't need it anymore as my Analogue NT is on the way. It has the mod's you would want like Component Jack's, and a sega model 2 Din for composite. The Din is wired for s-video and rgb as well but, I don't have a sega model 2 s-video cable to test. *Update* I found a scart model 2 cable and rgb work's but, the cable I have is bad as it's missing blue. The Person that modded my system was Osgeld so I would think everything is working fine but, only buy if you want composite or component. The pallet switch is set to playchoice or normal and it as a 3.5mm audio jack wired for stereo/mono and their is audio from the model 2 din as well and a nice power led to tell if the system is getting power. The System should be a great set up in any retro game room. To make it worth my time selling it I would like $260 shipped that would be for the system to be shipped flat rate and insured. Feel Free to ask questions Composite Component System back
  5. Hello, I am selling games and maybe a few systems till I get my goal of $1,000 Feel free to make a offer on my stuff also the more you buy the better the deal. Systems PS2 Slim New Open Box $70 shipped Games for systems below GB-GBA DS-3DS Sega Genesis - 32x Snes MISC Nintendo rgb ppu $60
  6. What, is a person to do when a person will not help me.

    1. Show previous comments  12 more
    2. Sean1
    3. Sean1


      I changed my mind on what I wanted to say.

    4. Sean1


      Wiz,were even in the chat when I got banned.

  7. Sometimes you need know when to hold them and know when to fold them. I think that time is now so it's been fun on the site but, since I got banned from the chat It might be best that I leave the site.

    1. retrorussell


      Don't leave the site just because of the chat; other people have been banned from the chat room for pretty lame reasons from what I've heard. Just stick with the threads.

  8. I foud a 10-doh! figgure for $.99 and spiderman for gameboy for $.99 today

  9. I should have Just talking about my Apple G4 Cube Pickup in the chat today

    1. Rick Dangerous

      Rick Dangerous

      Nice. A work of art! Can they be kept current still?

    2. Sean1


      You can get a dual core cpu upgrade for it.

      Their are also video card upgrades for it but, OS wise you can install 10.5 on it.

  10. Hello, I found the 7800 & 2600 adapter that was made from retrokidz and was wondering the value of it. I paid $150 plus shipping so I would think it would be worth atlest $150 since very few were made. thanks, Sean
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