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  1. Yes! Back in the day the games were so goddamn primitive that you had to use your imagination to fill in the blanks. Those amazing painted box cover lies didn't help, either, they looked like the final action sequence of a bitchin' space movie and then you plug in the cartridge and... a few LEGO bricks sliding around. Hmmm.... But I liked Star Ship/Outer Space as a kid. Didn't love it, but then I really liked Surround, too, hahahaha. I was a kid in the '70s so I remember the first wave of shitty black & white arcade games (and a few decent ones) and the mechanical games and thinking "so what" about the whole genre (I spent a lot of time back then playing baseball and football with my friends instead, or playing with LEGOs). It wasn't until later in grade school/high school that I overheard some friends talking about going after school to go play something called Galaxian (this was around 1980) that I noticed what I'd been missing and decided to get back into it. And the games really took off at that time, very quickly Galaxian looked simple. Great time to be alive if you like video games, sad time to watch so much allowance fed into those things, hahaha. I always wondered why Atari bothered making Star Ship, it seemed so primitive even compared to other early 2600 games (I always felt so lonely playing that game, like space was an endless void with the occasional ship to shoot at). It wasn't until recently (like a few years ago) while attending an arcade game expo (California Extreme? Arcade Expo?) that I stumbled across the old Atari arcade game Starship 1 and thought "Wait, I remember this from when I was a kid..." and then as soon as I started playing it I thought "Holy shit, this is where that old 2600 game came from!" Compared to the arcade version, the 2600 game isn't that bad at all. And I finally had an answer for why one of those ships in the 2600 version had a vague Star Trek look to it, it's because the arcade version had a more obvious design to copy from.
  2. Ok, that seems to be the ticket. Thanks!
  3. With the old system (and I admit I may have been doing this wrong/the hard way) whenever I wanted to responded to a person's quoted content paragraph by paragraph I would switch to BBCode (or whatever that was called) in order to add carriage returns (new lines) and mark a portion of the quote ended, add a few blank lines, then copy/paste the code for the top of the quote ("on June 15th so-and-so wrote...") in order to split the paragraph in two so that I could respond to that first specific part (and maybe later parts, too). I can't figure out on the toolbar how to do that now, right clicking at the point where I want to split the quoted content does nothing. I tried Googling CKEditor but I guess I didn't word the question right because I couldn't find an answer that way, either. So, what is the modern way to change [a bunch of quoted text in the blue-outlined box] to [a bunch of quoted text] my comment [in the blue outlined box] my other comment so that my response can more directly reference specific statements in the quoted text?
  4. Agreed. Years ago I would have assumed it couldn't happen but after seeing the homebrew version of Battlezone I'm sure this could happen, too.
  5. ledzep


    If I may suggest, I would think that a few people might be in the market for those damaged box games if the price was reduced vs. no box at all (assuming a limited run of the boxed version where no more boxes will be printed but more loose carts + manuals might still be sold). A couple pics posted of the beaten examples would be enough for those buyers to decide. I prefer a perfect box as much as the next guy but I've bought a few eBay boxed games that weren't in the greatest shape but were, legitimately, real boxed games from the '80s or whenever. Maybe offer them once all the good boxed versions are sold? And as someone who had waited years for the 5200 Tempest and some Vectrex homebrews, I don't mind so long as I actually end up with the game. I mean, it's not like I have a hard deadline to play the game today, or X will happen, right? I appreciate the effort to get these boxed versions done at all. Of course now would be best-case but I live in the real world so I understand the multitude of reasons for why cool shit gets delayed.
  6. I wonder if, in regards to the non-Atari shells, it's because they all seem to be glued together? I just looked at a 5200 Activision "Zone Ranger" cart, also seems glued/welded together (no screws). I suppose someone would have to design a mod so that the shell could be screwed together yet still hold the circuit board in correctly and probably nobody's in the mood to deal with that (I assume the circuit boards are different shapes from Atari's, too). And it wouldn't be "authentic" compared to originals. Too bad, I'd love to get the AtariAge "Zaxxon" in a Sega-shape shell (I have the original boxed game already), it would open up a lot of cool designs for homebrew 5200 games packaging.
  7. Have there ever been attempts to reproduce those cartridge shells? I was thinking that the 2 halves could be glued together or a mod for a screw-together version but it would still look like a Parker Brothers cart. Have there been repros of other carts, like Activision, Sega?
  8. Same here (loooove analog controls). I didn't own one as a kid but a friend did (we all pooled our resources, I had a 2600, he had a Vectrex, other friend had a 5200 and an Intellivision) and I remember loving to play it. I'm an old arcade games fan, late '70s-mid '80s, and my favorite games are almost all vector (Tempest, Star Trek, Space War, Space Duel). Of course since my luck sucks that means that there are far less vector games than rastor and only one vector home console available. Still, the games are all great, the arcade ports are near-perfect and the homebrew scene is amazing now (couldn't believe Battlezone was finally available!). Like a previous member who posted, one of the best aspects for me is the color overlays, I will always pay extra for a boxed game with an overlay. The Vectrex really feels like a shrunk-down arcade cabinet. Just wish a real trak-ball and paddle controller was available for it. The Vectrex, to me, is sort of like arcade version of those scaled-down gas engines that people make, a few are even put in scaled-down cars (and a biplane?) - http://www.fornbill.is/myndasidur/miniature.html
  9. Fair enough, I wasn't sure about Ratcatcher. I also got Xari Arena from AtariAge, that's a 5200 exclusive, yes? And I'm a complete (box) game biased collector, too, so I tend to overlook which games have had code files released for other systems because I'm simply not paying attention to those. My loss, but I care as much for the packaging (especially Vectrex games with overlays!) as the games themselves.
  10. There is also now, Realsports Curling and Ratcatcher. The homebrew scene isn't amazing but it's pretty good. I'd recommend the 5200 for the analog-stick version of Star Raiders alone, it's night and day (along with all the other controls at your fingertips). And as others have mentioned, the trak-ball is fantastic (even though it is an abomination in terms of how it functions internally, so I've heard and sort of agree with though the results are great). I've never had an issue using the joystick but I've always played Atari games with my thumb on the top of the joystick (same with the 2600 sticks) so maybe that helps. And as has already been stated, Tempest is lights out.
  11. I don't doubt what you say is true, it just seems funny to me that Crystal Castles is the game that is too terrible for the trak-ball to be coded for, I would have thought a game like Tempest would be the harder nut to crack, it seems like people work that spinner way harder than Crystal Castles players.
  12. The test cart, does that work on Trak-ball controllers, too? If not, is there another test cart for that?
  13. ledzep

    Black Widow

    Thanks, but I'm keeping the Gravitar stuff, I love me some vectors! I want them all, can't afford that, though. I need to get a couple Cinematronics cabs, Star Castle and Space Wars for sure, maybe Rip-Off, though that game ruins my wrists. Maybe Armor..Attack instead. No room to store/play them currently, though. Never enough room...
  14. I remember buying a couple off a guy on eBay, can't remember the price but I'm sure they were less than $40 a piece (less if you had your own joysticks and sent them in to be modded). I think he used 2600 paddle knobs, the controllers look like official Atari products. They are well worth the price regardless for the paddle games like Super Breakout and Kaboom!, joysticks aren't nearly as good. Like the difference between paying a dedicated Major Havoc with the roller controller vs. a Tempest conversion Major Havoc with the spinner.
  15. ledzep

    Black Widow

    And a Tempest spinner instead of the odd-ball but really cool green roller. I also have a Black Widow that was a Gravitar. I have the board and CP for Gravitar in a closet so that it can be swapped back but I really like Black Widow so that might not happen for a while.
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