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  1. I think The Dreadnaught Factor is going to be the toughest regular game for me to get. I had no idea it was so rare or whatever that the game is really expensive on eBay for a boxed version.
  2. Dammit, my bad, was thinking of another game. That's what working 6-day weeks gets you, a desire to nap while driving to work and not remembering which 5200 games use trak-balls. Still, the work done on that game was so good, and the packaging so right, there was no way I wasn't going to buy it once it was finished.
  3. Hahahaa, nothing personal but I'm not into traditional Olympics type sports (games/individual competitions, mostly, I'm more of a team sports guy). I don't include when they add in normal sports like baseball. On top of that, I'm not that big a fan of video game sports since they typically are so far away from reality, especially in the classic 8-bit era. But Realsports Curling is inspiring me to get the rest of the 5200 sports games (football, baseball) so it served its admirable purpose. And it uses a trak-ball so it's required for me, in much the same way that I could not not buy Xari Arena.
  4. I kind of agree. I mean, I don't care about the backstory to the game (never saw the movie, have no nostalgic pull towards that never-was game) but I am a 5200 fan and I gladly bought the boxed Realsports Curling homebrew even though I could not give a shit about curling. So I'd definitely buy another cool back-in-the-day game that finally appeared for the 5200, my favorite homebrew purchase is still Tempest so far but I'm betting that Scramble is going to rise up that favorites list.
  5. I know you've done shirts before but I'd love to get one of those blue/white AtariAge symbols as a sew-on patch. I got a couple stickers in my last 5200 cartridge order and all I could think of was trying to put one on a hat, hahahaa.
  6. Whatever, I know of exactly zero people who suffered from TV tube exposure (and no TV tubes ever imploded unless it was done on purpose, I worked at a Sears Service Center in my youth where they'd destroy old defective TV tubes that were swapped out of repaired TVs by dumping the tube in a dumpster and busting it open with a bat, nobody died there, either). Some people just love to complain and imagine crises where there are none. Jeezus, I was in video arcades for most of the '80s, all those dangerous, lethal TV tubes and radiation bathing my growing body in death and disease, I should be dead 10 times over! But then I can't buy a delicious Delaware Punch here anymore, either. The syrup is made here, goddammit, it's then sent to Mexico where it's bottled and then, can't import the drink back in here because the red dye is verboten. But at least the children were saved, our precious brittle children are free from the horrific tragedy of accidentally ingesting Delaware Punch internally, in their bodies!! But back to the subject, the Vectrex version of Spacewar is fantastic, though the one-player A.I. is pretty predictable eventually. But at least it has the option, the arcade game never did.
  7. Wait, why is it illegal? It's a glass tube. I'm sure there's a stupid reason to ban them but it's not like they're made out of asbestos or cocaine.
  8. That is fantastic, both of you. Around how much would it be, would you say, to round up a set of CIB gatefold games? I assume the Atari versions would cost more, yes?
  9. This is a great idea, though I hesitate at the price. Of course I could change my mind on something so cool. Off-topic, but would you consider making something similar for the Atari 5200 later?
  10. I wonder if that's something that could be created (minus the cardboard portion) with a 3D printer? Or is that printer plastic just as flimsy?
  11. I disagree. Yes, preserve the software, the data, that goes without saying. But the physical form matters to some people. Seeing a movie on film in a theater is not the same as seeing on home off a Blu-ray disk or streaming it on a tablet. Listening to an album on vinyl is not the same as listening to it on CD or tolerating the MP3 version on an iPod with those shitty earbuds. Yet the source is (practically) the same. People will prefer the outcome in different forms, though. I much prefer the carts when it comes to console play. I much prefer the consoles themselves, too, along with the correct controllers. So emulators will never be good enough for someone like me. And it ain't that fucking hard to make new cart readers for PC, companies are just lazy or not interested in "enough" profit vs. "maximum" profit. What about SATA devices? I would love to have a physical (accurate) cart reader in my PC in one of the 5 1/4 bays (optical drives, typically). It could actually house the entire 5200 or 2600 hardware, probably. the controllers could be plugged in with USB but otherwise wouldn't SATA connections be the better way to go?
  12. Yes and no. Ya, we want to avoid the RF connection, of course. But HDMI isn't necessary. Easy of connections is necessary. So HDMI is sort of a standard currently so why not. But RCA connections work as well, I'd expect both for those of us who prefer playing a 5200 on a CRT or other similar 4:3 crap SD resolution It needs a cartridge slot for sure in order to play real 5200 cartridges. The SD card slot should be there, too, but that could be mitigated by something like an AtariMax cartridge. It cannot simply be a console with some built-in games but no ability to play anything else, that's a deal-breaker. Agreed, but a similar shape to the original would be ideal. Yes, 15-pin connectors for new (digital or at least self-centering) joystick controllers that can also correctly accept vintage controllers (analog input is still analog input). I'd pay more for a functioning cartridge slot but, ya, there is a limit in terms of price. Now, if it came with a working cartridge slot and a new pack-in game made specifically for this release, that would be something. An improved, completed version of Asteroids? I, Robot perhaps?
  13. The goal, or hope, would be a Flashback for the 5200, so an emulator would be useless since it already exists and (some) people still want the 5200 Flashback. While the core architecture is almost the same, the result is not. I much prefer the 5200 versions of the same games that were on the Atari 800/400, mostly because of the controllers.
  14. Wasn't aware of the driving controller hack (though now it seems so obvious), I have a boxed Omega Race with the special controller. So I can't say which would be better since I haven't tried the others. Of course it won't compare to the arcade version with the vector graphics but I'm glad somebody made a port of that rare (even back in the day) game. CBS seems to have focused on arcade ports, which I applaud. My favorite CBS game would probably be Wizard Of Wor, though now I must experience the new/improved one. Solar Fox is a close second, always played that game in the arcades when I got the chance.
  15. Depends on how you like to play. Meaning if you have the benefit of friends to play it with (need a 2nd controller for that) then I'd recommend fun 2-player head-to-head games like Armor..Attack, Rip-Off and Space Wars. If you like boxed games with overlays I'd say grab a copy of Stramash Zone (Battlezone) if it's still available. Star Castle is another winner but that is 1-player like Stramash Zone.
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