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  1. I missed out as well. I hope that if Packrat or someone else decides to sell them (as has been implied elsewhere) that they do the complete package - full box and cart, overlay, etc. I'd gladly pay the money for that.
  2. I agree about more than one version. I would also change the lines to balloons or something else (maybe known Vectrex objects from other games?). I suppose Spike and Molly (one of the few times I'd be supporting using them in another Vectrex game) could be the ones bouncing up and down, arms waving (that was in the arcade version, yes?), or just the stick-figure guys from the arcade.
  3. Same here (almost). Best friend had a 5200, we'd play that thing all night on weekends. I had the 2600 (which was the king of alternate game options). Years later when I became aware of the A/V conversions I decided to get a 5200 and ditch that power brick. Even back in the day I loved the analog joystick (except maybe for the lack of centering but I quickly got used to it, certainly lightyears better than that painful Intellivision disc) so that was never a deterrent (Vectrex has an analog stick as well so I guess I'm biased). I also have an Atari 800 home computer so I was aware of Atari 8-bit family and the games, and specifically Star Raiders but when I saw how much better the 5200 version was with that joystick (and having all the controls on the keypad) I was hooked. And that was before the great homebrews and released protos available now. Tempest is fantastic and I'm looking forward to playing Scramble. Ya, to me the '80s were thee best for arcade games and home video games. I know more recent stuff is faster, more powerful, better graphics. But I miss the innovation, the variety of early '80s arcade games (especially the unique controllers) and home consoles. I don't give a goddamn about sims. But it ends with 8-bit hardware. Can't stand 16-bit and beyond, cannot stand that shit. I'd much rather play Tempest, Xevious, Centipede, Star Trek: SOS, Armor..Attack, Red Baron, etc., than the newer stuff. And the 5200 embodies that vibe. But I guess I'm old-school, I mean I'd rather watch old theatrical cartoons for days over anything recently animated, that stuff is trash. I have all the WB and MGM cartoons I can find (including laserdisc), the DePatie-Freleng stuff (Pink Panther, The Inspector), all the Disney cartoons that were released in those Walt Disney Treasures tins, there's no comparison. Same goes for 8-bit for me. There's just something about having to make solid, quick, fun video games in that environment compared to new games that eat gigs of diskspace and require 4-core CPUs. No thanks, I want to live in Flynn's arcade, that upstairs looked roomy.
  4. I bought mine new (12/50) so I don't know about resale pricing. This seems ridiculous, though, https://www.ebay.com/i/174339432880?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=174339432880&targetid=915850255573&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9031199&poi=&campaignid=10456340584&mkgroupid=101996179605&rlsatarget=pla-915850255573&abcId=2145998&merchantid=110359058&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIy_XSrorW6gIV9j6tBh3WAA5wEAQYASABEgKIfPD_BwE but I guess it depends on how badly you want it (Meteorites).
  5. Wow, those are cool. Do you make any for homebrew games? I was thinking it would be cool to get some for Tempest, Scramble, Xari Arena, etc.
  6. True, but I doubt that anybody is using #1 or #3 in these discussions, "rare" usually means hard to find/buy/even encounter. And you forgot close to uncooked (rare steak), why would you skip that definition?
  7. I'd probably pick Cloak & Dagger mostly because it would be a unique game for the 5200 (not many of those). I never saw the movie and don't care in that sense but it sounds like a cool idea that's also not another shooter. I'd also pick Asteroids so long as the 4-player options were added, it was switched to faux vector graphics, and the special controller was included, too. That all-buttons controller could be used for other games.
  8. Well, I understand the reasoning to a degree. I mean, it would be a simple exercise to track down how many copies of each game were ever made and then, whichever game had the least amount of copes made automatically is the Most Rare, going down the list with increasing production numbers. But that's not how it works for most games, the official ones were sold all over the place, some were made in larger numbers than others, and some were so popular that everybody bought them, so finding a copy now is a bitch. Which means rare. Other games were just as numerous but since people don't like them as much, way easier to find them on eBay or wherever and pay less for them, so much less rare. Making only ~10 copies of a game, on purpose, when you know that most Vectrex fans would buy a copy if only they were given the opportunity, is idiotic. That's just bragging rights to be "super rare!". Check out my new game, isn't it cool, well, jump through these hoops to get one because I'll only allow 20 of you to have it! A more organic way to achieve rarity many times is due to perceived lameness at the time. The game seems to be a dud, production stops compared to other games, 20 years later it's hard as fuck to track one down, especially complete (box/overlay/instructions). Another way is the due to the unappreciative laziness of gamers, they buy the game, don't care about the packaging or other crap, play it for a while, neglect it, it's gone, one less copy for later when someone else would buy it off the owner. I would shoot more for popularity (most copies bought) over exclusivity (hardest to encounter). I mean, just because you make 10,000 copies of it doesn't mean you'll actually sell 10,000 if it sucks. On the other hand, you make 300 copies and you sell out, that's saying something about how cool your game is, maybe you should make another couple hundred due to demand. What good is it to make a game ridiculously rare? Everybody wants my game, it's so rare! Prove it, make 200 more and see how well it sells.
  9. Well, there is the aspect that you know that down the line you'll want to own/play it and so hanging onto it now, getting the certain games or peripherals now, when they're more available and possibly cheaper, is worth it. Nothing burns me more than realizing that, hey, I knew back then I wanted this thing eventually, I should have fucking bought it back then when those really cool and now apparently really rare items were all over the place and affordable even though I wasn't that desperate to get them, now I have to search the Earth and whore myself out to eBay sellers to piece to together most of the collection at 10x the price, fuck! It is infuriating so I have long ago figured out to bite the cheaper bullet now and collect early. If I decide I legitimately don't care enough about it anymore or it's impossible to be satisfied because too much of the original stuff is lost to time, unattainable, then I bail on it. I have zero time right now to play my 5200 or Vectrex but, goddammit, I'm scooping up every cool game and homebrew I hear about because when I do have the time all that shit will be there ready to go instead of me having to track it down and find out that nobody has them or it was a 30-copy run only or whatever. No thanks, that's too annoying to deal with (for me at least).
  10. Can't remember if it was the Atari 800 my dad bought for us (probably) or the IBM 1130 that my high school had for its computer class, which used FORTRAN and had 8K total? Fun times back then.
  11. Those are fantastic. I tried emailing you from your site but maybe I did that wrong. I was wondering, you mention on your site - "The vectrex controllers also have 2 buttons at the back, mapped to Vectrex joystick positions UP & Down (this is useful for navigating flash cart menus and entering hi scores on games such as Vector Pilot)" I was wondering if you might do a custom version of the buttons. Instead of on the back, have them on the top (with the other buttons) on the upper left corner (where those little round dots are on the original color and black & white Asteroids design) and use the old-school "volcano" lights with the cherry LEDs - https://www.aceamusements.us/atari-volcano-cone-lighted-start-button.html I would think the shorter version would work better. Anyway, could that be done? I suppose there might be a cost increase but I think they would look pretty cool and really arcade "accurate".
  12. Oooh, what does that look like? I just bought that and SpideX, do you have an overlay design for that, too?
  13. I think The Dreadnaught Factor is going to be the toughest regular game for me to get. I had no idea it was so rare or whatever that the game is really expensive on eBay for a boxed version.
  14. Dammit, my bad, was thinking of another game. That's what working 6-day weeks gets you, a desire to nap while driving to work and not remembering which 5200 games use trak-balls. Still, the work done on that game was so good, and the packaging so right, there was no way I wasn't going to buy it once it was finished.
  15. Hahahaa, nothing personal but I'm not into traditional Olympics type sports (games/individual competitions, mostly, I'm more of a team sports guy). I don't include when they add in normal sports like baseball. On top of that, I'm not that big a fan of video game sports since they typically are so far away from reality, especially in the classic 8-bit era. But Realsports Curling is inspiring me to get the rest of the 5200 sports games (football, baseball) so it served its admirable purpose. And it uses a trak-ball so it's required for me, in much the same way that I could not not buy Xari Arena.
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