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  1. I will give it a shot. Many thanks!
  2. Much appreciated! Do I touch both tips of the multimeter to pin 1 and then to pin 3?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have both multimeter and soldering iron, but am not skilled with either, unfortunately. Is there a visual guide for testing and repair?
  4. My 2600 has been going to a static fuzzy screen with the game audio still running after about 5 minutes of working normally. The connections are ok, and I've tried with two different TV's with the same result. Any idea where to start troubleshooting this? Thanks!
  5. I'm using the Retrogame/Coolbaby RS-97 portable emulator handheld without the firmware upgrade. I am stumped as to how to use my roms from the external micro SD card. What format do I need to have them in; zipped or unzipped? In its own folder or not? Or do roms not even run directly from the external SD?
  6. I know I'd be fine if the situation were reversed. But I hope to use the 4.5A supply with the 5.6A console. I'm just wondering if the 5.6A supply is essential or if 4.5 is more than enough.
  7. Yep, the Sony brand PSU seems to be international. They all accept from 100 - 240v. So I'm good there. I guess I'm really just wondering if the older slims actually demand more amperes than the more recent versions. I may simply track down a used original Sony version with the older model number. The new generic Chinese replacements are all crap.
  8. I have a NTSC Japan PS2 slim, older model 70000 series. I'm planning to use a power adapter from the newer 79100 slim. I notice that while both are 8.5v, the older power supplies are something like 5.6A while the newer version is 4.5A. Is it OK to use this newer one with my console?
  9. Hello all... Can anyone advise whether one of these el cheapo 9 pin gamepads would work correctly on a VIC 20? I know they are probably fine with a 2600 and I know Genesis controllers should not be used with a VIC or 64, but these things have got me wondering.....
  10. Anyone know if there is any way to get Blast Works downloads from the old Blast Works Depot site now that Wiiconnect24 is gone? I am bummed that I bought this game AFTER all the cool stuff is no longer available through Wiiconnect.
  11. Yes, I know the first bit of advice would be "Just buy a 360". But my problem is this: My old Xbox (made in 2005) has been working perfectly. I try to play a disc that looked a bit scratched for the first time last night, the drive runs for a bit then stops and gives me the screen with the xbox logo. I open the tray and the screen then shows the "disc read error" message. I try two other flawless discs and a music CD; and now EVERY one of them produces a disc read error. No disc will load on my system. Could that really happen so suddenly? Can one bad disc cause the DVD drive to go wacky? Any ideas on how to get this unit working again? I'd really like to keep using the old system as there are really only a half dozen or so games I really want to be able to play.
  12. Thanks for the input, everyone. I'll probably just leave it alone. Something bad always happens when I use Goo Gone; I accidently stripped the color off of an old radio that had some crusty gunk on it. I have doubts about alcohol too. A little ugly marker ink is better than a ruined disc.
  13. Has anyone found an easy, safe way to get sharpie marker ink off of a PS2 disc? (or any disc) I've got a couple of old rentals with marker on them that I'd like to clean off. At least it's just marker and not a big ugly sticker. I can leave them as they are if it's a pain to clean the ink off.
  14. So, would everyone advise against the Neo Fami?
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