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  1. Well, technically it *was* released in 1984, but so far as we know, only an ultra limited Bay Area of California release, of which almost no one seems to have noticed (I suspect this explains the super rarity of the few 1984 known labels of Joust and a few others). But I've never been able to get first hand accounts of someone who owned or knew someone who owned one that early.
  2. I think Bosconian is at or near my top want for the 7800. The 2600 version was a fantastic bit of homebrew magic, just imagine what a 7800 version would look like.
  3. @PacManPlus I like it so far, though I concur with Jesse's suggestions for venting/back port for modded connections. My setup doesnt have room for side outputs, and my own 7800 therefore has the s-video/composite out of the back. I know you already did it as a green prototype, but I was wondering if would be possible to do it in at least the styling of the 7800? By that I mean black w/ a silver plating (not sure if this would overcomplicate it, or even be possible with 3-d printing). Otherwise, I like the smaller design and may be interested if this ever comes for sale.
  4. From the test, it def still did the same drop with Asteroids, and I think I could see it in Buck? Buck isn't as obvious though.
  5. Ah. It did the drop the 2x does with Asteroids...so it isn't perfect.
  6. Asteroids Moon Patrol Buck Rogers Empire Strikes Back This is a longshot, but I also want to see tests with s-video modded Genesises/32xs. Some unmodded Genesises have problems with the 2x even with just composite though. I have to use HD retrovision cables with my 32x set up or I get 'rolling' colors in svideo mode (and B&W in composite).
  7. Ah, yes, I almost bought the mini too - why do I need component? I asked. Good thing I had second thoughts about the mini at the last second. Sounds like you're going to have to upgrade no matter what.
  8. Well at some point I do intend to send back my Sega Master system to you to put the pause mod on the second controller port - probably later this year. Should I be sending my 32x too? It could all be a moot point if this new retro tink is a little bit more tolerant of the weird Sega signals because we've established that it does it with composite too in some cases.
  9. Some genesises (is that a word?) have trouble with their vanilla, unmodded composite through the retrotink as well. Mine had a similar result when I took off the 32x and just ran it through the stock composite out. I've seen a few people who had genesis 2's with a similar result, so it's just not clear if there is a particular set of video hardware that causes it or not. Bottom line, let's hope this new one has better compatibility.
  10. Jesse, Genesis's that are s-video modded seem to be hit or miss with the retrotink 2x..when I was doing research before I bought a retrotink, a little more than half or so of the (rare) svideo modded genesis users I could find who used it with a retrotink had the same video issues. But some people don't have this issue, I spoke to the Retrotink creator about this and he had no idea why this was, he didnt do enough testing with it to figure out if it was certain kinds of genesis systems or not. Unlike with the 32x, which seems to always hate it. Hopefully the new one doesnt have these problems, but that may be wishful thinking.
  11. Not quite, mine is fine but I HAVE to use it with an HD retrovision cable.
  12. In that case, I might go for it in a later wave depending on what is reported about its compatibility with Atari 2600 stuff. But I hope someone here would test an S-Video modded Genesis or 32x with it, those had major issues on the retro tink 2X.
  13. I have the old 2X-Pro, and several games (ie Asteroids) hated screen transitions - it would go black for a second when starting a new game. Other games that use odd resolutions ie Buck Rogers also had weird screen transitions. There are others too, and that's just what I was able to test. Atari probably was the worst retrotink experience of any system I tested, so I hope it got worked out. Is there really any advantage to upgrading when one already has a 2X? I also wonder if it hates s-video coming from sega systems modded for it like the old one does.
  14. This is one of my most wanted 7800 ports. If you make it into a full game, you have at least one guaranteed sale from me. It always drove me nuts that the rare Intellivision version was the only one that had the 'torch' intro.
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