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  1. Yeah, I figure Fairyland Story is probably just about right tech wise for the 7800 - Rainbow Islands and Halley's Comet are probably too advanced. The 8 bit ports of Rainbow Islands have to use heavy flicker to make it passable, not even sure what the 7800 would do when you make a 'stairway' of 10 rainbows.
  2. Defender youd have an instant preorder if you ever do it 7800 is IMO the most exciting homebrew classic system right now. I am continually shocked at what is being done with this amazing, underrated system
  3. Much as we all love Bubble Bobble, if there were another Taito game done as a homebrew I would like to see something that either wasn't ported or had few ports - maybe Halley's Comet or (especially) Fairyland Story? My recollection is Halley's Comet only had semi-ports as 'Halley Wars' on the FDS and Game Gear, and Fairyland Story only as an MSX port.
  4. God I'd love it if someone did a full game for that Congo Bongo 7800 mockup someone did awhile back. (hint hint to whoever did it) Popeye looks interesting! I like all of these games, so the more the merrier.
  5. Been meaning to do this for awhile. I've been doing all of my mods with Crossbow for the last 2 years. Haven't even really considered anyone else after I liked the quality of the first mod he did for me, which was composite modding my Atari 7800 in summer of 2018 (IIRC). But I've gone back to him (many) times since then. A list of what I can remember - 1. Atari 7800 composite mod 2. SNES jr LED addition 3. Sega Master System FM mod 4. Sega Genesis model 1 recap 5. Colecovision composite mod 6. Atari 7800 - sent back for S-video mod that I stupidly didn't do the first time 7. 32x s-video mod/repair And what I consider the coolest - I had Crossbow do something I've always wanted to see - a 'drill-less' Sega Master System s-video mod. ..So when I had him do the FM mod originally, I said to remove the RF from the motherboard and put it in the channel switch. SO this time when I wanted to add S-video, I figured - let's put the s-video in the other RF port hole, and use the audio off the composite. Presto! Not aware of anyone else having done this before, but I love it and it looks fantastic. Not only that, but he also pause modded this SMS and modded an aftermarket controller to work with it. So it's probably the most tricked out SMS in existence. So I cannot recommend him enough. His contact is excellent; some modders I dealt with in the last would go radio silence for long periods, but he does not, and tolerates my 50 questions ha. In the future I will probably have other things done (thinking about trying to do a pause controller mod on the 7800 with the same idea behind the SMS one) again with him.
  6. One thing about the NES version is that Michael Denio actually worked on it for Color Dreams, so in a way it was an 'improvement' approved by the creator. Better versions of some of the music he put in? Bentley Bear proves you can have good classical music renditions. It's almost tempting to ask him for input but I have no idea whats hes doing or if hes even still alive.
  7. Twentysixhundred, if you release a port of this game (or a near port) 100% I will buy it. I wanted a decent console port of this game forever and I hate the NES one, too fast and annoying renditions of the music.
  8. Yes I would buy Captain Comic, very interested in a good port of it, dont like the NES version
  9. Now that these have been out awhile, I wonder how they have held up over time? Some of the previous new 7800 controller attempts have ended up having directional issues; ie registering diagonals when they shouldnt and getting sluggish with directions in general.
  10. Ot but that mockup really has me jonesing for a Congo bongo 7800 port..
  11. I can happily report that LadyBug works on my Atari 7800 - this is what freaked me out, another poster saying this exact game didn't work for them - as a copy I had bought was on its way to my place! Excellent port btw. Dark Chambers 2600 seems like a poor trade off; though I'd be curious if Secret Quest and Stargate don't work on these systems for any one who has them. As to why I don't just play 2600 games on a 2600 - a combination of both space and the fact that the 7800 does play about 99.9% of the 2600 games. My system is an AT85, and has an early 'purple box' (matching serial) so it is before the systems were modified any.
  12. Uh oh, this gives me pause. Crossbow, since you've had my 7800 at your place twice now, I hope my 7800 fell before the 'evil' range? I ask this because I am about to start getting alot of 2600 homebrew in the coming months, which previously I only had 1-2 of. IIRC Star Castle is the only homebrew I have run on that system. I can't remember what you tested on it.
  13. I'd be interested (in terms of $$$) in an 8 bit bowling game; I don't care for the one on the NES, and Bowling for the 2600 is too primitive. I'd like something in the style of Capcom Bowling or Crazy Bowl arcade games. 7800 is def advanced enough for it.
  14. Thanks Crossbow/Jesse, I didnt mean to minimize your hard work on the system. I was very pleased with the result. It actually ended up being more work than either of us expected. I sold every game listed above except for Rally X, and the DK that comes with the system. But the system, rally X, and the Col-USB are still available. If they dont sell by next week I am going to be listing everything.
  15. Hey everyone, making the difficult to decision to part with my Colecovision stuff, though some of it I haven't had long. I wanted to give AA the chance to nab these before I list them. Right now these are all 'for offer' - I need to check current market values before i can add prices. 1. I have a CIB composite modded Colecovision. Box in in poor shape (its missing both sets of flaps so its more like a slip cover), but its there. The system was modded by AA's very own Crossbow just a few months ago, and I was very happy with its quality. The controllers have had ball tops added to them by him - note that this prevents the controllers from being able to put in the system box - too tall. Includes a Donkey kong cart + manual. No system manual. Has the original brick AC which works. No system manual. 2. CIB Homebrew games. a. Rally X (pixelboy) - the box has a ding in the corner
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