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  1. I think Bob said something about Defender ? (just to note Bob - I didn't buy the colecovision version of it in anticipation of your port 😄)
  2. PM Sent! Now if only I can get something similar going with the Intellivision...
  3. In the earlier WIP videos attract mode only seems to show a game demo, are the ghost 'intros' something that had to be sacrificed? If this new collection had the intros/ms pac man marquee 'and starring ms pac man' bits that would be perfection as far as arcadey-ness goes. The other suggestion someone brought up earlier was the possibility of a 'Tengen' style ending instead of a kill screen? I just went through the thread again to make sure I didnt miss any updates, and it's funny that Bob mentions why he's including the 'popeye' bootleg - one of the first pac-mans I ever saw when I was about 4 years old was the 'piranha' bootleg - perhaps a bit too obscure to include in this!
  4. Will def be pre-ordering in that case!
  5. One cool feature from the original Pac Man Collection that I liked (that I didnt see on the video) was that when you selected a game in the menu but didnt actually start it, it would go into that game's attract mode - which is why I asked about Ms Pac Man's marquee lights.(nice to see them in the menu) But it was also neat to see Pac Man Plus's attract, being such a rare title. Does the new one still have the attracts?
  6. Thanks guys, that would be great if that would be possible, in fact it was similar to what I had in mind (though I lack the tech know-how). When it comes to classic gaming, I am a 'consumer grade CRT only' type, and S-video is the best I can do with my TV.
  7. Hey this all looks fantastic! This may sound strange considering RGB's superiority to it, but is there a chance this could help with a (true) s-video out for the CV? With my setup, S-video is the best I can do, and even with a (very nice) composite modded cv, there is still some blurriness on some games with small text.
  8. This will sound silly, but one reason I held off on buying the original was because there was a technical reason (?) why the marquee intro in Ms. Pac Man didn't have the moving lights - is it still not possible to add this? It's just a favorite arcade intro of mine so I have the NES Tengen version as my Ms Pac Man 'representative' instead.
  9. I sent an email about a 5th run but havent gotten any kind of reply...
  10. Do you have them? If so I may send you my controllers when 'we're ready'.
  11. Can another run of these be done for those of us who missed them? I am interested in Bosconian and Penguin Adventure at least.
  12. Hey I loved what I see of alot of Collectorvision releases - but many of the ones I would like to buy are long gone! Does Collectorvision ever do 2nd/3rd runs of older games? Because there are a number I'd love to stock up on.
  13. Hey all, getting back into Colecovision after a few years away, and I was told that Yurkie retired from modding, so I would not be able to get his nice controller ball tops again. So I am wondering if anyone either knows what he used for these, or has a comparable solution that is something like them. I really liked the ones that I had (and I regret selling them) and would like that set up again
  14. One that I saw on AtariProtos that interested me was Loco-Motion. Did that one ever get released at some point?
  15. I have two of these, and the quality has continually gotten better. I held off for a long time because of no dip switch settings, and although I did break down and ended up buying a TMNT, which lacks them, I was pleasantly surprised with Star Wars having the full selection of dips for all 3 games. IMO it is their best release to date. The Burgertime one looks interesting, but I think going forward, dip switches are going to be a non negotiable for me. I understand they were considering doing X-Men too, which I think I would also get. Just wish we'd see upgraded versions of some of the older cabs. I wanted to get Galaga, an early release, but not just with Galaga + Galaxian. Wish they'd rerelease it with new firmware and maybe make it a 4 in 1 with Galaga, Galaxian, Gaplus and Galaga 88.
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