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  1. Do you have them? If so I may send you my controllers when 'we're ready'.
  2. Can another run of these be done for those of us who missed them? I am interested in Bosconian and Penguin Adventure at least.
  3. Hey I loved what I see of alot of Collectorvision releases - but many of the ones I would like to buy are long gone! Does Collectorvision ever do 2nd/3rd runs of older games? Because there are a number I'd love to stock up on.
  4. Hey all, getting back into Colecovision after a few years away, and I was told that Yurkie retired from modding, so I would not be able to get his nice controller ball tops again. So I am wondering if anyone either knows what he used for these, or has a comparable solution that is something like them. I really liked the ones that I had (and I regret selling them) and would like that set up again
  5. One that I saw on AtariProtos that interested me was Loco-Motion. Did that one ever get released at some point?
  6. I have two of these, and the quality has continually gotten better. I held off for a long time because of no dip switch settings, and although I did break down and ended up buying a TMNT, which lacks them, I was pleasantly surprised with Star Wars having the full selection of dips for all 3 games. IMO it is their best release to date. The Burgertime one looks interesting, but I think going forward, dip switches are going to be a non negotiable for me. I understand they were considering doing X-Men too, which I think I would also get. Just wish we'd see upgraded versions of some of the older cabs. I wanted to get Galaga, an early release, but not just with Galaga + Galaxian. Wish they'd rerelease it with new firmware and maybe make it a 4 in 1 with Galaga, Galaxian, Gaplus and Galaga 88.
  7. Well, if you ever want some ideas, beyond the much requested Pac & Pal (which I'd also buy), one game I'd love to see done someday for the 7800 as it never had a port that I know of, is Gaplus/Galaga 3. Not sure if the 7800 could do it, but it would be an impressive effort. If only I could program I probably would have already done it myself. The 7800 is absolutely underrated for these arcade conversions. When I saw the Jr Pac Man some years ago I was blown away by the attract mode being intact.
  8. Ordered the minute I saw the front page. Been waiting for this for months, thanks to everyone who was able to put this together. And Bob, I look forward to your future releases - I already have several of your homebrews on cart.
  9. Yeah I actually first heard about this because the repairman I mentioned in my post managed to get one (but only one) of these and used it to repair a Millipede PCB - so I got a little excited thinking we had a great solution - until I saw the price. Obviously in the long run, it will go down as you say.
  10. I still think in the long run, it would be good to have a more permanent solution than a finite number of donor carts. I know of an arcade repair guy who has hundreds of pokeys taken from Ballblazers that he uses for various Atari PCBs; someone making a few custom carts won't be a big blip in the long run, but I don't think this is sustainable forever. I just had no clue how many had actually been destroyed, maybe my experience with the repair man has made me paranoid. I have no intention of keeping these forever, and it is the only game I have more than one copy of. I only collect games that I will actually play, so my collection is rather small (about 300 games across all systems from 2600 to the Switch)
  11. The issue isn't just this tiny blip of AtariAge people; my understanding is that there were others using Ballblazer as a donor on arcade boards or Atari 5200s. Again, you're probably right, but if I knew the numbers of these things that are out there vs. a pretty good guesstimate of how many have been destroyed, I'd probably stop worrying and learn to love to sell these things for people who might want them. I only need one copy for my collection after all.
  12. I guess I'd have to see production numbers of Ballblazer + if anyone has any idea of how many have been sacrificed for Pokeys. If it turns out I am being too paranoid about them (it is true after all that the game is worth 30-40 bucks now loose), I can always just unload the ones I have. Still, I think as collectors we'd all agree that in the long run, it is better to stop having to 'borrow' the Pokeys from them entirely.
  13. This. I just found out about the site take down, and while there was obviously some good traders there, there was alot of outright BSing that caused the site to slip several years ago. Alot of people who would demand a little knock off on the price compared to ebay, you know, from one collector to another. OK. And more than once, I would later see the games I just sold to these 'collectors' end up on ebay within a couple months with the guy reaping the profit. I'd also get guys wanting free shipping on 10-15 dollar games, shipping cutting so much into whatever I was going to make I may as well give you the game for nothing. Greed/how to make a quick buck became the overriding principle there. Half of them didn't even seem to really play the games. So I stopped going there quite some time ago. But it is still sad to see the whole site (and SegaAges) overturned and ruined. I hear alot of the younger guys say that Atari/classic games are 'too old', and maybe that acts as an insulation to a certain degree from the worst of the game 'collecting' scam artists/con men.
  14. As a matter of fact, yes I do. Considering that we've managed to turn a formerly 5 dollar game into a 25-40 dollar game, I plan on holding on to them.
  15. We gotta stop killing Ballblazer carts. As a collector it makes me cringe to see that many of them get their guts ripped out. It's one thing if we were recycling a super common 2600 gameshell, but Ballblazer was never *that* common and it seems like at least several hundred (perhaps even 4 figures?) of them have been destroyed for homebrewing. I've already hoarded about 25 of them over the last 2 years (Protective custody?), mostly ones I have run into locally, just so I can release them into the wild once a (cheap) pokey solution has been found.
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