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  1. This is one of my most wanted 7800 ports. If you make it into a full game, you have at least one guaranteed sale from me. It always drove me nuts that the rare Intellivision version was the only one that had the 'torch' intro.
  2. I would buy this as a full game (hint hint) I think someone else did a demo of this game before - was that someone else? I dont think it had any movement though
  3. I always loved the Coleco style boxes, wouldn't mind seeing some of that cabinet look with 7800 boxes.
  4. I used to have this board, based on the (laughably false) claim that it was supposed to be a sequel to Crime Fighters and Vendetta - it's way more goofy than those, so I ended up selling it after having had it for just a couple of years.
  5. Oh man. Several here - The first arcade I can remember going in was one attached to a swimming pool on a military base I was living at with my parents. They rotated out games, but the constant one I used to really spend on was Heavy Barrel. Also in this arcade - High Speed pinball, 1942. The same base also had an arcade attached to the commissary - most of these were newish though, so think late 80s/early 90s classics like TMNT and Final Fight. I found out much later (just a few months before we moved) there was a third arcade at a rec center on the base as well - I can remember either Space Position or Action Fighter (uncertain which now), my brother said they also had Yie-Air Kung Fu but I don't remember that. That's the thing about these arcades - most of them were not arcade chains. They were a side part of a business or something like that. Another one I recall was at a pool after we moved to Ohio - only game I remember was Crime City by Taito. Alot of trouble makers went to that pool, so I only went a few times. The first actual named arcade I used to troll was Fun 'n Games at the Upper Valley Mall in Springfield, Ohio - now a dead mall. It died a sudden death along with most remaining arcades after the fighting game fad died down. I think it was gone totally by 2000.
  6. I actually know of 3 (!) different BPMs around me now. And when I was younger, I never saw it. It was considered a problem machine then, and the ones I know of here are down half of the time. Seems to really suffer from a sticky ball in the playfield. I actually think Jr Pac Man is quite a bit rarer, at least around here. Not counting classic game conventions, I have only see it once in the wild - as a cocktail version. The same owner also had Super Pac-Man in cocktail. To answer the OP's question - off the top of my head, my examples - I only saw Marble Madness and Bubble Bobble after they were way passed their prime, in the mid 90s. I am younger than some of you, so I missed alot of the early 80s classics to begin with. Didn't really start going to arcades until about 1988 or so. Some one else mentioned Tapper - I NEVER saw this game until last year. There is one near me, that like the BPMs, is down alot because of monitor issues. I only have been able to play it once. Still never seen the 'Root Beer' version anywhere - all the ones I know of are the Bud version.
  7. Is this different than the previous Venture 7800 port that went dark a couple years ago? IIRC it had a thread.
  8. I watched a video of someone playing an earlier beta, and maybe the only thing missing (other than the 'scolding', which I know is simplified for technical reasons) is the finishing of level 2. In the arcade, when you finish level 2, the notes are shown slower as though they are being 'played'. It looks more random in the current beta. Not sure if this is possible. EDIT: one other thing I am noticing from longplays on youtube - after the first loop, I am noticing that it does not go to the ship level at level 6 like it would if it just repeats the same 3 levels in the same order - 'Round 6' is back at the first stage. I did not go back and see if this is the case with the port. No clue how the order works as I usually would just be happy completing one loop on the real thing.
  9. I admit I am no Dragonfly expert - but would it work with YM with just a regular 7800? Sorry if that sounds like a dumb question but if I need some new module for the game I am willing to do it.
  10. to OP - I use Retrogamecave's aftermarket Atari 7800 AC for my own system despite owning an original. They are available now here: https://www.retrogamecave.com/product-page/atari-7800 They have a blue indicator light and are way slimmer. But they are also 34 dollars. However, I think his ACs are worth it and use them for all of my systems now.
  11. I think for me it wasn't so much the Coleco shell, but I liked the arcade art on it better, ie taken from the cab and flyer and using the arcade logo, instead of the original art that was used on the non Coleco version. I mean, I am happy to get this however it comes out, but I always thought the cabinet of Ladybug had beautiful art and I hope that can be utilized.
  12. This looks great. I am adding it to my 'get when released' list. I missed out on getting the previous run of the first version of Ladybug with the Coleco style case and ended up having to get the 'normal' version - is there any chance this gets a fancy Coleco style release, or would that end up making things too complicated (Al told me when I asked about if he had more copies of the Coleco case version that those things are a pain to work with).
  13. If they were to put some of those up in a straight auction (ie with no buy it now), they wouldnt sell for that price. I see several 7800 - confirmed working too, but with no cords - selling for as little as 50 dollars in ebay's completed items. Ones boxed are 150+, as much as 300 if it has a bunch of games. But you probably don't need all that. So just be patient, try to win it the hard way in a straight auction if one comes up.
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