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  1. CLICK on the first tall skinny bar on the right, after the huge black screen! - I haven´t found yet how to change colors, haha, I thought I would just click somewhere and a color chart would popout!
  2. Aloan


    wow, being a Pitfall2 fan, I loved this work! so but I still did not understand. You said this is a final release. So you don´t plan to continue the game anymore?
  3. LEFT Wikipedia - RIGHT Stella emulator Which of the 2 is the closest and or the original to the actual Atari 2600? thanks The wikipedia one has ECECEC for the "white" color while the Stella one has EAEAE9 and so on (colors are a bit different) Btw, I just saw that I had asked this question 3 years ago, but got no answer - maybe it´s a little mystery...
  4. page has moved again (several years ago) to: https://aloan.neocities.org/atari_graphics_simplified.html Sorry for the late post because I don´t come here often (shame on me, I know)
  5. Awesome! this train game is really what I´m excited for!
  6. wow this looks like an epic discovery.. I wonder why it was not used that much in later times when ram was a bit higher because of lower prices. By the way, so you can then keep shifting the player in away that it can extend over the 48 color clock limit, or maybe what I mean is the sprite can be as wide as the 160 color clocks then as long as you can shift it that far though - btw, that must be the best looking dragon on the Atari 2600 ever!!!
  7. Thanks Master SpiceWare, will check!
  8. Look at the second sprite (besides the player!) it is 16 wide where players are supposed to be only 8 (going beyond a player´s width limit)... But no this is not player0 adjacent player1! this is just Player1 according to Stella. So did the developer made a trail out of Player1 just like it can be done with a missile or ball? by the way on the second picture the same thing happens.. so does this mean we can do a trail as big as 192 scanlines to smooth out graphics using any of the object sprites? (players, missiles and ball)
  9. ah, true! I like it! and this game is awesome!! I guess I like it more than the side scrolling super mario they made! I had version 13.. I am downloading v.27 now to see what is different! wow, songs have 2 audio channels now and you made more songs + the rooms got a make over I guess! Very nice!
  10. Sorry to ask this here! I did not find a specific place to... but this may be an easy question: It´s regarding the Stella Emulator. When I press F12 to take a screenshot it saves the picture to 160x228. But I read on the net that 228 is the PAL resolution and so I wanted the picture to be taken at a 160x192 resolution or actually play games at that resolution instead. I went into the settings for NTSC is not even a word inside there (I did not find anything related to that) Does anyone know how I could do so games play and pictures taken are all at 160x192? thanks
  11. Was there ever a 2600 game or games which featured bird/birds and or Crickets sound effects? (except for frogs and flies which did not have a looping cricket sound). And just to gain opportunity: what ever happened to Atari Age´s Discord? invite link is invalid! (at least the ones I found on the net/even on Atari Age´s Twitter)
  12. Answering Zap: 1) Pressing escape just quits. This is expected as I made this game to be a M.A.M.E. like game. And as such that´s how M.A.M.E. games behave ;D 2) Am I missing a joystick option? I do know that if you plug in a Logitech controler PS2 style, You can play.. at least it worked for me, but I have not checked it after I switched the Shift key for the Alt key (same as M.A.M.E´s) 3) The map. When I press the map button, please add a blinking cursor so I know where I am. Also, disable movement while on the map screen, because if you press left or right, you will actually move. Answer: The map is actually just a picture and the blinking treasures just animated sprites... So I don´t have a clue as to how to do live mimicking that would work over the map (seems complicated to me)... in regards to moving while accessing the Map screen.. what I do and what I suggest is to just stop and stand on a safe place (corner) and then access the map! it may add to the challenge Btw, if anyone reads this.. if you will be going to the game page, I ask that if you decide to buy the game, DO write to my email: [email protected] so that I can add your credentials (username and password) and then send the updated game to you.
  13. wow, just an update from 2008 for 2021, that my page with many Atari 2600-ish related stuff including game engines and drawing tools, changed to: http://aloan.neocities.org/atari_graphics_simplified.html
  14. 1- Pitfall 2 Lost Caverns: I was just blown away! 2- Jungle Hunt: love the graphics and tropical setting all along + varied gameplay 3- Smurfs: great graphics and music 4- Bob is Going Home: love the music and gameplay 5- Mr. Postman: Very cute + Fun challenge 6- Superman: flying and putting villains in prison
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