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  1. Yeah, Capcom made a promise and they backed out of it for greed and because they knew Nintendo couldn't afford to do anything about it. Although I am curious how they plan on porting the most graphically impressive GC game to date to the PS2.
  2. More like they include an extra level in the game but in order to unlock it you have to buy a GBA and Metriod Advance and a link cable to perform the super-secret download. >_< It's good that Nintendo is taking a different approach, more attuned to multiplayer in the same house. It gives the consumer more variety. I would gladly buy an XBox for online play if I had the money and the time. With school and all, I could foresee my grades going down the drain because I'm addicted to competition and self-betterment.
  3. It might come in handy if you, the master of unlocking, take it with you.
  4. Has anyone here played Tales of Symphonia? It's a great RPG but half of the voice-overs are lame. Some are awesome like Kratos who has a well-known professional doing his voice. Some like Collette make me want to rip my ears off my head.
  5. Too bad you're not online or we could fight back swaths of Claws together. Then again, if you could go online you wouldn't need Action Replay codes because you could just get a hacked/duped item of someone else. (and WHAT'S so wrong with porn sites may I ask??? )
  6. I like girls with above-ass-crack-tattoos. Then again I myself have a tattoo so maybe that's why.
  7. I finaly got the movie to load. I didn't see anything EarthBound related.
  8. New EarthBound on DS? My computer wasn't being nice so I didn't get to watch the movie. I'm sure my avatar says it all.
  9. Sequel to Legend of the Mystical Ninja? That's it I'm sold.
  10. Finaly got my last gold! Those last 3 songs were: We Will Rock You Rock this Town Sing Sing Sing (with a swing)
  11. My personal favorite is F-Zero GX. Incredible graphics combined with incredible gameplay. So fast and challenging it makes Korean cyborg gamers cringe. It's the most adrenaline inducing game made.
  12. -not saying that I hate Sony. I'm just saying that this gives me a better aprreciation for the engineers at Nintendo seeing as how SONY, one of the biggest electronics powers in the world, is having a hard time creating a system to compete. And from what I've heard, Nintendo is the only company still making a profit on their consoles, which is suprising considering they cost less than their competitors.
  13. This is a testament to the geniuses that design Nintendo hardware. They can both make it durable and make it cheap.
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