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  1. Yeah I thought there was music for every ride. My favourite version is the DOS version of the game, I guess I'll have to stick with that. Though, at least I have sound effects in Theme Park on the Jag now.
  2. As am I. Surely if there was anything wrong with hardware in the Jag or the cart then the game wouldn't work altogether?
  3. That seems like a good idea. None of my friends have even heard of an Atari Jaguar, most haven't even heard of Atari. I have 2 carts now. The first one which had no sound or music, and this second one where there is sound but no music. Would it be my Jag thats the problem though?
  4. Oh I thought they would all have Atari on them. Anyway, yeah, there are people on the rides and I am over the rides, still no music. I know I'm dragging this out quite a lot but I just want to know whats wrong with it.
  5. *UPDATE* As I said, I'd ordered another copy of Theme Park for the Jag. Well, it arrived and I've been playing it. I finally have sound effects (albeit the volume is a little low compared to the growling boot screen) but theres no music (like from the rides and stuff). Is this how its meant to be? Music and sound is turned on in the options menu and Im hearing the normal sound effects. Also, why do the Theme Park carts not have 'Atari' pressed into the plastic?
  6. I'd love to go to Jagfest UK, what exactly happens there? Also, does anyone know roughly how much (in $ or £) Nick sells Jaguar CD's for?
  7. I have tried absolutely everything messing with all the sound settings and taking the cartridge and system apart to thoroughly clean it all but it hasn't made any difference. Ive ordered another copy anyway. Im putting my money on it being a dodgy cartridge (although it looks faultless).
  8. Thanks for the replies. I'll definately be checking out some of the sources you've provided. I guess I don't really want the Jaguar CD for its games catalog, but more because of its rarity. I've got a habit of collecting hardware and games just because its rare, regardless of its playability factor.
  9. I know they're super-rare and stuff but I want one so bad! I live in the UK, theres one on eBay UK here brand new in the box, unopened selling for £200 (which is, I think, just over $300). Its a bit out of my budget. Does anyone know where these things are most commonly found? Any particular websites?
  10. I agree. Like I said, everything looks to be in perfect order. I cleaned the contacts. All my other games work perfectly, it's just this one and it is baffling. I've ordered another copy from ebay, hope it wasnt a waste of money.
  11. Haha, thanks. Should I spend and buy another copy of Theme Park. All I can think of is a manufacturing defect with the cartridge. Pretty rare though right?
  12. Ive tried turning the in game sound on and off in the options menu. No change =\ I can't see a problem anywhere. As far as I can see, it should work fine.
  13. Hi all, I'm trying to play Theme Park on my Atari Jaguar but there's no sound or music from the game at all. The game plays fine, and it boots up without a red screen; the Jaguar boot screen growls etc but there has never been sound in the game. I've cleaned the cartridge connector thoroughly with a contact cleaner as well as cleaning the system connector itself. None of the contacts are damaged on the cartridge. All my other games play sound perfectly. It's so frustrating because I love that game, so many childhood memories. Can anybody shed some light on this please?
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