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  1. You can start the TI-Workshop Modul-Image in Classic99 under Cartridge / Apps, a Disk Manager is available here
  2. Disk Fixer and german TI-Compiler TI-Compiler.pdf DiskFixer.pdf
  3. here some TI-99_PC (2.2.2 / 2.0.4) , but a 16 bit Windows is required (extract it with Winrar) TI99_PC.rar
  4. I tested with these 3 floppy Disks on a real TI-99 with PEB etc. and created a DATA and an ACCOUNT (KONTO) Disc for example with Classic99: insert the ID-DATA Disc into LW-1, the DATA Disc in LW-2 and the Konto Disc in LW-3 run XB now professional Business People like "Schmitzi" should be able to work from Home with it (Homeoffice !) ID-DATA.DSK DATA.dsk KONTO.dsk
  5. bekomme beim initialisieren Fehler ! I/O Error 07 in 9060 (Classic99) ID-KONTO.dsk
  6. here the 2 Discs ID-DATA2.DSK ID-DATA1.DSK ID-DATA.DSK
  7. here my Tomy Tutor Manual Tomy Tutor Mein Manual.pdf
  8. TRON is on the Flascart from Team Europe https://team-europe.blogspot.com/2019/05/flashcartsmulticarts-for-tomy.html
  9. here https://archive.org/details/tibook_introduction-to-assembly-language-for-the-ti-home-computer
  10. I found here a Picture from the BASIC1 Cartridge https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m69339598721/?_s=U2FsdGVkX18T_vq6d72Jga359_7UnLuNDYWrlI9gCHu16-PdooB6hMLlViy5eJflXv-rAlv9tu9IOFpGab6pxiamEaCcQ3JYv-FNjc31kZDjNxYbX2txFzsYUm8FhJpn very interesting, has a printer interface, I think it's for the Pyuta not for a MKII
  11. here some Scott Forseman Manuals Addition and Subtraction 3.pdf Decimals-2.pdf Frog Jump.pdf Multiplication-2.pdf Number Bowling.pdf Picture Parts.pdf Pyramid Puzzler.pdf Star Maze.pdf
  12. a Rare Espial https://www.ebay.com/itm/ESPIAL-TIGERVISION-TEXAS-INSTRUMENT-TI-99-4A-Cartridge-1984-Rare-Vintage/153805815592?hash=item23cf8a7f28:g:-uwAAOSwXMheKMfv
  13. this is the original Grom from Connect Four CONNECT.bin
  14. and STATISTIK German PDF Statistik-German.rar
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