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  1. here Jon from the Vintage Computer Festival https://www.facebook.com/guidry/videos/10157511537557450/
  2. here this 2 blue upper and lower
  3. The TI-Revue was continued in the HCA from 1987 zo 8/1988 , some issues only the TI-Part here the german HCA Home Computer Active, end was then with the No.8 1988 https://wetransfer.com/downloads/64dfcc813da3348fbd807440e339755020190420201038/3889ba Happy Eeaster
  4. I have here the Terminal Emulator I and the Testtrainer Manual TE1.pdf Testtrainer.pdf
  5. I do not know any translation tool for big PDF Documents !
  6. Here is your easter egg, the 2 most popular German TI Magazine ! TI-Revue and TI-Journal download it and unpack with Winrar, it's valid for 7 days https://wetransfer.com/downloads/404732216b4809652ee32d5a93c7d02f20190419150155/f9ea02
  7. It's my Tomy here the 3D-Adpater, the 3D-Multicart and the FlashRom Cart you can buy it from Klaus Sommer (Austria) [email protected]
  8. Schmitzi has the European Central Warehouse for TI !
  9. here Pictures from a EU (german) TI-99/4A Board
  10. not Ebay, Cyberdeck TI-99/4A Computer with 3 USB https://www.etsy.com/listing/680857900/cyberdeck-ti-994a-computer?utm_source=giftsuggest&utm_medium=api&utm_campaign=api&source=aw&awc=6091_1553952385_9364b49ae217eaada8c94418513800a1
  11. here the W.K. Debugger for Win99A (WK-DEBUGGER.rar) and V9T9 (WKDEBUG.rar) , in Classic99 it does not work ! WKDEBUG.rar WK-DEBUGGER.rar
  12. I have Test the W.K. Debugger on a Heiner Martin Modul (Rom/Grom) I have here a short Video, left Side the E/A-Eprom (2764). right Side the W.K. Debugger Eprom (2764) here the Pictures and others
  13. here on Disk from TI-Club Errorfree (DEBUGGER-1) anwender-3.dsk
  14. I take a non-functional TI-99/4A for spare Parts, but I have 2 much more difficult to get 99/4 that will not work, it is worth repairing for them ! I'm looking for a specialist here in Germany, who would watch this 2 TI-99/4
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