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  1. I found here a Picture from the BASIC1 Cartridge https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m69339598721/?_s=U2FsdGVkX18T_vq6d72Jga359_7UnLuNDYWrlI9gCHu16-PdooB6hMLlViy5eJflXv-rAlv9tu9IOFpGab6pxiamEaCcQ3JYv-FNjc31kZDjNxYbX2txFzsYUm8FhJpn very interesting, has a printer interface, I think it's for the Pyuta not for a MKII
  2. here some Scott Forseman Manuals Addition and Subtraction 3.pdf Decimals-2.pdf Frog Jump.pdf Multiplication-2.pdf Number Bowling.pdf Picture Parts.pdf Pyramid Puzzler.pdf Star Maze.pdf
  3. a Rare Espial https://www.ebay.com/itm/ESPIAL-TIGERVISION-TEXAS-INSTRUMENT-TI-99-4A-Cartridge-1984-Rare-Vintage/153805815592?hash=item23cf8a7f28:g:-uwAAOSwXMheKMfv
  4. this is the original Grom from Connect Four CONNECT.bin
  5. and STATISTIK German PDF Statistik-German.rar
  6. Oliver Arnold from the German TI Club Errorfree will soon post instructions for the modification at AtariAge, he now has a PC Game Pad rebuild to a MBX Joystick and two TI joysticks at the same time. here a Picture from the old configuration (at Birkenau/Germany 2017)
  7. some Manuals, with MUNCHMOBILE Beyond Parsec.pdf Computer Math Games III.pdf Fractions 2.pdf Junkman JR.pdf Munchmobile.pdf Space Journey SF.pdf TRIS.pdf
  8. Hi still interested in 1 completed board !
  9. after IDELOAD I have this Screen but if I want to set the Time i get an Error Message
  10. there is no use knowing only the pin assignment, you have to consider more, I have instructions from a TI friend who converted a Joystick, but unfortunately it is in German !
  11. I have Paint 'N' Print here Paint 'N' Print EGP.pdf Paint 'N' Print.pdf
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