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  1. He never responded back to me.. did you hear anything?
  2. I'm in Raleigh and reached out to him - will let you know if he responds to me.
  3. You could say his reviews are not the 'best'... for certain.
  4. Very interesting find! I'd be interested in trying it out.
  5. Yes.. I believe it is almost finished and may/may not be called Parsec due to discussions with TI. I think from the same person who made Piggy Bank. They are also almost finished with a port of Space Bandits and there was a video on the Intv Facebook group.
  6. I bought Parsec for the 2600 too.. very cool.. Wish I could get a proper box for it. 🙂
  7. Really awesome! I also can't wait to see the Intellivision version coming out!
  8. The only part confusing for me is that Collectorvision does not mind if anyone rebrands their product and no agreement is needed. I'm certain Apple, IBM and others would not allow this but obviously they are a different case. My 'guess' is that Coleco will rebrand with the Coleco logo to say "see we make products with the trademark" and maybe orders more in the future from Collectorvision if they have enough demand. This is not a bad this for Collectorvision of course but as you mention may not be the best long term for the community with Coleco "taking back" the brand.
  9. I'd like to know too can understand Al not wanting to provide everyone a number. 🙂
  10. Very cool that the OUYA has a following..
  11. Would be awesome if someone made a box for these!
  12. Only 50 units seems very odd to me.. maybe they bought an initial 50 but plan to buy more if they sell out, etc...
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