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  1. I do have the driver disks so hopefully I can get it going..
  2. Good grief.. I must be blind.. I swear I looked at every port on the ST and it would not fit.. ugh..
  3. I picked up a FA-ST hard drive and have been trying to figure out how to connect it. The cable attached fits into the 'Computer In' port but I can't figure out how to plug the other end into the Atari ST!?! The guy provided all the cables he said he has but I do not see any others that would work. Any suggestions please? Thanks!
  4. I received a Panasonic Q that the drive will not come out. The belt seems ok and the gears move, however, the tray gets stuck unless force is applied at a specific point. It appears to me the tray bottom has pieces broken off around the corner which appears to be where the drive is getting stuck when ejecting or closing. Anyone have any suggestions on how to fix? Is there a drive tray I could use to replace this one? The belt seems fine and moves the drive when it is past this spot. Thanks!
  5. I can not find my 2019 club rom link but have the 2020 link.. can someone PM me please? Yes, I am a member of 2019 and 2020. 🙂 Thanks!
  6. Haven't heard any new recently about core updates but I understand they take time. I hope more and more systems sell to help with updates and future support!
  7. There is a technical reason for it - at least for Sam's Journey.. I'm sure someone will provide details. I expect they would like to make for NTSC also for sales if there is no issue with it.
  8. Have not opened it yet.. next step for sure but not sure what I'll be able to do with it. The drive will not format either and I have tried other disks. It does seem to load a directory though which is interesting... I guess I'm hoping it is one of the main chips where I might have a spare.
  9. The drive will not load disks and I ran a drive test program and it shows that track numbers are not being read correctly. What chips could cause this problem? Thanks!
  10. Raleigh.. nice! Me too! Are you an Atari only guy? I have an Atari ST also..
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