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  1. Mine should be coming soon.. should I go ahead and buy a separate PSU for it? I saw someone had a link from Amazon earlier.
  2. I remember a bin full of $5 games at a local pharmacy store. Picked up Tennis and I expect the rest were commons also at least from what I can remember...
  3. Woah.. that is impressive! I want to come over! 🙂
  4. Looking for either in good condition with box please Thanks!
  5. Was there a $10 discount for ordering both? Thought I saw something earlier about it.
  6. I reattached the cap and all is good! The overscan is terrible on this old tv - I only used it to see if I could get it working after the fix. I got lucky..
  7. So I bought that potential Tutorvision system from ebay for $170 + shipping... pretty high risk for the price but I think it worked out? Does this confirm it? That being said, i do not get a picture but I noticed the large black cap is no longer connected at one side so hopefully that is the issue...
  8. Does anyone make a good quality universal power supply with adapters that can be used for classic consoles and portable? I bought a cheap one from Amazon that gets decent reviews but it is cheap. It has different size plugs, etc.. but the quality is lacking.
  9. Only GameGear Everdrive remains.. price lowered.
  10. Wait a minute... 'Member' 1 was Rev... are Rev and Cmart the same person??
  11. Glad you enjoy making videos and playing the games!
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