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  1. Bummer.. that is what I thought.. 😞 It looks so close!
  2. Was HERO available for download?
  3. Honestly I do not think they are worth much but if you are interested in selling please send me a PM.
  4. Agreed.. I couldn't believe it was so cheap when I heard about it! Can't wait to get it!
  5. That was terrific.. thank you for posting!
  6. I'll add to the Vectrex list please..
  7. Any video of gameplay please?
  8. Interesting... the possibilities..
  9. Definitely waiting until you have a problem is not a good solution. The system could work now and starting to leak... if the leak gets bad enough then you may not be able to get it working again.
  10. Great info.. I know NECs are bad and Amiga CD32 is problematic... Guess I should look at other CD systems at a minimum.. Already had the GameGear and Lync recapped.
  11. I'd be interested for many consoles including Jaguar!
  12. I know some are worse than others like Turbo Duo, Turbo Express, what about others? Sega CD, CDX, 32X? Saturn? It seems like the really old Atari 2600, Coleco and Intellivision are very good without? Bally, Vectrex, etc? I want to get the recap done for problem systems... I had my Turbo Express done and it was leaking and non-functional.. luckily not much damage and a recap fixed it up!
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