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  1. Incredible picture! I wonder if any of them have heard you are releasing a game console. Just wondered if they had any advice, etc.. I expect they would be helpful to you.
  2. I just used Extended Basic and it worked as-is.
  3. 100% agree... ridiculous.. Can't wait to get my Amico!
  4. Very cool.. wonder what the title screen looks like..
  5. So tempting... it looks awesome and I'd need the memory expansion.. and would want the disks and cart. ha..
  6. Holy crap these are awesome!! Thanks so much! Love all the Cinemaware games!!? A couple things I noticed in general... after I play many games I noticed that I need to hard-reboot the system or a game bombs when loading. The same game then works again when restarting the system. Is this expected? Is there a way to easily start the menu again after quitting a game back to the desktop?
  7. I'd consider it at least rare.. How easy is it for someone to get a copy if they want? Not very.. Collectors outside of the TI want items such as this and it is quite difficult to get.
  8. Thanks so much for aware creating these! If the remaining Cinemaware games could be done it would be awesome! They were my favorite.
  9. It ends up that my settings were fine but the SD card got corrupt somehow.. I recreated it and it worked great.
  10. Thanks! Is HDDRUTIL.APP built-in to Cosmos Ex?
  11. I have separate partitions created on the SD card and have updated the firmware in my Cosmos Ex. I see drive 'O' but no other drives. Am I missing a setting? Thank you
  12. I'm enjoying listening to it now.. Thank you for the gift! Hope to get my founder Amico by the end of the year! Best of luck with everything!
  13. Site is great! Would be cool if publicly available roms are on the page also. I realize it would not be many of them.
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