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  1. Wow. Awesome day today! Went Goodwill hunting with my girl in tow and we found some awesome deals! First up, two swing music box sets for the price of one LP each (.77) along with the Rocky Horror Picture Show OST (.77) and two books of b-movie poster art! Then at check out I spied Banjo-Kazooie/Viva Pinata for 360 for $2. I had no console to play it on but figured "What the hell?". In line, this old man asked if I played "Those xbox games."and I told him no because the damn things are too expensive. He then proceeds to tell me that he has a 2010 model xbox 360 at his house that's never had a game put in it because his son bought it for him for media streaming but he hates it. Long story short, we waited in the Goodwill parking lot while he went home, disconnected it and brought it back so we could buy it for $30! HDMI, wireless controller, 256mb internal memory and one mother-effer of a power supply. It's also so clean I could eat off of it. Not bad!
  2. I have no idea where mine has gotten off to & I need a copy of it to complete a forum trade. Original release preferred but Platinum Hits version will suffice. No box or manuals needed. If you have one that you can let go of for cheap please PM me. Thanks!
  3. I had to sell off my Neo CD back in March to help pay bills (out of work) and then found a job the very next month. I was pissed! lol But, I kept one of the control pads for whenever I decide to start plunking money down on a consolized MVS. I love the control pads. The sticks? Not so much.
  4. Today I found Sonic 3 CIB, a beat up first party Genesis 3 button turbo controller and the receiverfor a pair of Akklaim wireless SNES controllers. My local Goodwill NEVER sells receivers and controllers as a set. Why they sell stuff like this piecemeal is beyond me.
  5. What's confusing about it? The guy has CLEARLY put a lot of effort into logging his collection. Don't blame him for your inability to properly understand a simple spreadsheet.
  6. I picked up a boxed 7800 on a trade and it won't play ANY of my 2600 games. Not one single game. I just get a black screen. Oddly enough, 7800 carts play just fine on it. Anybody have an idea of what could be wrong? I'd hate to have to ship it back as it's a beautiful console & it came with some great boxed games.
  7. I emailed the guy and he assured me it was a typo. Figured I'd take my post down least he be spammed by a million AAers. lol
  8. Bump. If you think my prices are too steep, feel free to PM me an offer! I won't get offended!
  9. Same here! Please post or PM me! Thanks.
  10. Indeed it was only released in Japan. Too bad it didn't include the spine card though. Fun fact: This LD contains the original theatrical version of Phantom Menace. All other home video releases have been "tweaked" by George Lucas in some way. I'm a big fan of directors/creators leaving their films the hell alone once they've been released. God help Zemeckis if he ever gives the BTTF trilogy the "Special Edition" treatment. lol
  11. For reals! The supplementary material alone is killer! They wanted $5 for it b/c it was a box set. I kerplunk'd my money down on the counter like a crack fiend 'cos these sets hardly go for less than $50 on epay.
  12. Bump! Don't be gun shy about PMing those offers. You won't offend me. Trust me!
  13. Just found these at the Habitat For Humanity Re-Store. $20 for all. Pulp Fiction is the 4 disc Criterion collection & Phantom Menace is a Japanese release. I hate Phantom Menace but I've heard this is one of, if not the most beautiful LaserDisc releases ever.
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