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  1. He got them from a guy "From A Guy Who Worked At Atari In The 1980's"


    It'd be a bit more believable if the guy worked for PBs.


    But you never know. I know for sure I wouldn't be paying anything near that sort of money though.


    I agree. If seller said they were evaluation copies provided to magazine game editor or something like that or perhaps Atari mgmt would get eval copies as well back then?


    The labels look right and show enough wear for age and consistent with prototypes at that time for PB just hard to prove this stuff :)

  2. I'd value pastfinder at about $200-$300 as the most expensive cart



    I guess that I should sell some spares...


    It very rare to find, if you have a box of them in your basement then of course value will drop :-D


    how much stuff did I pay $50-$70 range boxed and now the Venezula sellers selling hundreds of stuff on ebay for $9.90 making the stuff common as can be


    Yea, but you have high shipping and a long wait, though they are consistent. They are selling great items though. That boxed Fort Apocolypse went for $300! I wish they had some Bristles, Flip Flop, Materhorns, and Esprial's.


    I've given up on Espial a long time ago!

  3. it's a lot to spend on "untested" cartridges :) the risk is too great for $650+


    If pastfinder does not work or racke'em up does not work you loose money for sure!


    I'd value pastfinder at about $200-$300 as the most expensive cart and rack'em up in the $100-$125 range...if those don't work I'd say the buyer overpaid by far...plus you don't know conditon of labels either...I'll be looking for them on ebay soon :-D

  4. I only want 1 cartridge out of that entire lot :)


    The thought of having to sell 88 of them on ebay at 13% ebay commission final value fee then 5% paypal fee plus 3% shipping fee plus ebay listing fees, and last but not least cost of shipping bubblewrap/envelope would make me sick to my stomach! no thanks!


    I'll let who ever wins work 40hrs of man power selling all that and I'll just buy the cart I want :-)


    makes me wanna barf!!!!

  5. I'm looking for A8 carts so if you've got any spares in your collection I may be interested


    I'm not worried about boxes or manuals but prefer ones with decent labels. There's no point in me typing out a list of all the carts that I don't have because it would be too long so here's a short list to be going on with




    Designer's Pencil

    Dreadnought Factor



    Keystone Kapers



    Space Shuttle


    Zone Ranger

    Ace Of Aces


    Assembler Editor

    Atari Graphics

    AtariLab Temperature Module

    Caverns Of Mars

    Crime Buster

    Dark Chambers

    In-Store Demo Cart

    MS Basic II

    The Learning Phone


    Star Raiders II

    Summer Games

    Telelink II


    XE Demo Cart


    Frogger II




    There are plenty of others that I don't have so let me know if you've got any that you're willing to part with.


    I live in England and I'm happy to pay shipping from the US for multiple carts but shipping single lower valued carts is not really cost effective


    many of those cartridges commonly show up on ebay, I guess you want them dirt cheap?

    I saw a bunch of assembler editors boxed and unboxed show up this month alone ranging from $17-$40

  6. That is a lot of free time to click 216 times to increase your bid?????


    I looked at the bid history, and it looks like 216 bids in 5 minutes... are you sure that's correct? Feels like a scam :)


    Yes, I'm going to report the trouble maker to ebay ;) and get his ID suspended

  7. One of my rarest carts is a prototype of Gremlins for the 800. I've never seen even a listing about it, and it's got to have been just before The Crash. The financial stuff is even less well known.

    You have a proto for the 8-bit gremlins? Is it a production label or just a lab label? I know there's artwork for the 8-bit box, but I've never seen the official 8-bit version myself (just a version made from the 5200 port).


    I have gremlins for 8-bit on disk (hacked) ...you sure someone did not just put it on cart and stick label on it? can we see pic please?

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