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  1. where you pull that 1 lol... i had to ditch my lives to make the time
  2. Not a bad start... look for something that takes out most of the bottom, one side and most of the top before the ghosts turn, along with using the fact that the ghosts (except under blue) can not enter the top Ts from the bottom (like the arcade) and can't also enter the BOTTOM T's from the bottom either Also learn which red/pink PREFERS to enter left bottom from the top and which prefers the right bottom if having the choice.
  3. The goal to scoring big in this game is the fruit/keys get em get em get em!!!! EVEN over eating ghosts!
  4. The only saving grace is the game bug by Atarisoft which for scoring higher scores thank god is in there!
  5. A seriously CRAzY AMOUNT of time (that Id definitely agree w/ Matt on)
  6. Hint... if possible AVOID BLUE boards with absolute resolve... The ticks (blue monsters) are the only killable ones without any hint given out. There are paths and passages (aka boards) that can be done w/o the boat, even if I may take you through the most non optimal paths.
  7. INTV 2 controllers were good (side buttons that is) in the early 80s when the console was first released, but yes they DID NOT AGE WELL. I agree with Thor or Incredible Hulk levels of grip to push them in 2022
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