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  1. Wolfy you are not wrong... You get about a second a half of safety (but randomly placement does negate from that time u get)....
  2. For some who may ask, what glitches, let me point out a few in the games listed above, and when it may occur from a layman's (players) perspective (not a programmers) Demon Attack - Imagic There are actually two glitches here, one is way way more pronounced than the other. The major one is where the game during play will immediately crash, have the enemies fly in a straight line rather than the game patterns, and all collision detection is gone. Game terminates as can't not progress from this point. The only known position that this glitch seems to have a chance of going off is when the player has the maximum six lives in reserve. (there are also examples in this season's HSC of the game, if needed) The not as often glitch occurs during the mother ship battle at the point of destroying the mothership (and the shaking explosions). The shaking either doesn't end (Game terminates) or the shaking does terminate, but the game will not proceed to the portion of code to return to the surface for the next wave to begin. (Also game terminates) There doesn't seem to be a layman's idea as to when this glitch would occur, but happens less often than the before listed glitch. Frogger - Parker Brothers There is a serious game ending glitch in Frogger, that surprisingly calls to the Intellivision's cheering sound effect bank, with the problem with it never returning (Game Terminates). There does not seem to be any definite reason why this occurs, but the further the game goes, more likely the glitch to occur at any time. Can happen at any part, road, middle, river, etc... (there are several examples in the this week Intellivision HSC ending tonight for examples if needed) Atlantis - Imagic This one isn't per say as much a glitch, but a forced game over situation. On day 12, I believe it will crash and hang, not allowing any more destruction of any enemies nor destruction of the Atlantis town. No way to get around this, regardless of level (Easy, Medium, Hard) Thanks again in advance.
  3. I wanted to post this to the men and women with the best knowledge of the INTV, the STIC and all the components and programming needed for a software title to run effectively on the Intellivision. On some titles, namely Demon Attack, Atlantis, Frogger to name a few, have a game fatal glitch that "randomly" goes off without knowledge ahead of time, causing the game to automatically be over. I say "randomly" as we do not know 100% why the glitch occurs. This is why I'm posting the question here.... Can anyone with a programmers mind look at Demon Attack, Frogger etc and find out what and why the glitch occurs specifically? Thanks in advance for your time reading this, and for looking into it for the good of all Intellivision users worldwide.
  4. Don't know but had quite a number of runs die due to it.
  5. Going to need multiple pictures for this one.... I saw someone roll, and you know this season when I see top play it raises my play... So.... here's a roll at 100,000 (100,150 to precise, right after scoring the 2nd frog into home. Note the "Extra Frog", it's the last your going to see ALL GAME lol Then, we go on and on and on, and this happens... That's right, a SECOND roll of the scoreboard. I lost that frog due to trying to take a pic of the roll and hence the time ran out on it. Poor little froggie... And then, the end on the final life nets... Final Score: 211,870
  6. Rickster, while I agree on your points, knowing it's out there is a positive thing so we can be on the lookout for the alternate color borders to distinguish, and for that, I thank you Gernot for doing so.
  7. Down goes the record, but I want 15 before this is done, pissed didn't get it here... It's just so hard once you lose lives building 5 onward to get them back... Before (Great aka 5) you get a Buford once every other level of the building meaning you can get 5 extra lives per building. At 5+ that drops to one free life per four segments, meaning there is only enough segments for you to get 2 lives back per building.
  8. If you think it's Imagic giving you shade, 10 buildings gives you Super! instead of Great
  9. Hey FakeCortex... Found another lie for those instructions for you... I rolled the scoreboard tonight, was at about 124k when the game glitched crashed and then actually resetted back to the title screen so I couldn't get a pic. If I don't do better, will at least submit the roll picture showing rolled at 100k.. But, here's the change... You get a free frog at 100k err 0, but then NO MORE FREE FROGS rest of the game (granted that is just for the 120k, didn't go further so can't say for sure on 140k, 160k, 180k etc)
  10. A lot of games weren't so honest about their game mechanics, kind of like one person was doing the manual while someone else totally was doing the programming LOL... Also, this glitch is sooo annoying LOL
  11. Also while the game difficulty does come at you in waves, building to the every 4th round, it's not like it's 100% lightens up on the other 3, you do get harder versions of Level 1,2,3 just compared to the Level 4 you just had, it seems quite easier. Like the one right after 4 in the wave, while an easy car pattern and nice first few in river, the final turtle set before the croc/logs right before home does get tricky as there are only 2 sets of turtles for the whole line, and one always sinks.
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