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  1. I'm so waiting for them to drop to $4,999.98 then it'll be a good deal
  2. I just feel like this is going to be cringeworthy, but I hold out hope, at least until tomorrow's demo.
  3. Ignorama was reading.... you've seem to done well in my prolonged absence.... Awesomely done.... Also too bad I wasn't around for Bump 'n Jump, love this game
  4. Had some wierd family stuff and life issues going on, sorry for the disappearance.
  5. Keep fighting you'll get it. Carol will definitely appreciate it
  6. HSC December Blowout Results -- Updated as of 9:40am 12/8 RoadRunner - 1st / 1st / 1st / 1st / 1st
  7. The final fight is a classic INTV mainstay, it's time to help Rupin (not Lupin) get those gold coins, hit the bank and pick up all the treasure you can. ALL GAMES MUST BE PLAYED AT TOP SPEED (WHITE COLOR BOX TOP RIGHT CORNER) - Disc/Enter start. Scores will be accepted until Midnight Eastern Time - March 6th 2016! Scores for game Lock 'n Chase - 1. 32,620 S. BAZ 2. 25,780 williamc 3. 17,660 Darthkur 4. 6,220 roadrunner 5. 5,760 jblenkle
  8. Off to the jungle we go for game #4 of the blowout, the Pitfall Harry of Pitfall brings us along. Avoid the fires, snakes, crocs and pits while collecting all that glorious cash, jewelry, gold and silver bars. Special Scoring Note: In order to break potential ties, a BONUS of 5000 pts will be awarded for each remaining second on the clock to those completing the game PERFECTLY. If you lose a point before getting the last treasure you score is what's on the screen, but if you go perfect with 5 seconds left you will have an additional 25,000 pts added to your total for scoring purposes. Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (New Years Eve Midnight) Good Luck Scores for game Pitfall - Updated as of 9:34am 12/8 RoadRunner - 66,205
  9. From the castle to the pyramid, so to speak as the Q man himself must avoid the coily's that want to spell his doom. Finish coloring that pyramid off and then off to the next one. Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (Midnight New Years Eve) Scores for game - Q*Bert RoadRunner - 3,825
  10. From space we move to the damsel in distress, oh wait, your just running to get that lovely treasure from the dragon! Avoid those arrows raining down on you while clearing out the treasure rooms... You can't see the dragon? Did I forget to tell you some of them are "invisible" (actually just using the same color as the background).... Good Luck ALL GAMES ARE TO BE PLAYED ON TOP DIFFICULTY (key: 9) Good Luck Scores will be accepted until New Years Day (midnight new years eve) Scores for game DragonFire! - Updated as of 9:36am 12/8 RoadRunner - 1,720
  11. MMMNNNN Carol time!!! (Also if you need a break, take a look at the HSC a final December blowout for the season with 5 games)
  12. So we start at the middle of a space trek... How long can you keep the cities alive before the walkers and space ships end those fair cities... ALL GAMES ARE TO BE PLAYED ON TOP DIFFICULTY SETTING (keypad 6). Good Luck Scores accepted until Dec 31st, at Midnight (New Year eve to New Years day) time. Scores for game - Nova Blast - Updated as of 9:39am 12/8 RoadRunner - 4,300
  13. That right, we're back to finish off the season with a Christmas to remember game-a-thon!!! Five GAMES, all month long, post when you like any/all of the five games! May the best man win Scoring will occur PER GAME, as well as one additional scoring round for best OVERALL of the five games. The Games are: Nova Blast - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246483-the-new-hsc-blowout-game-1-nova-blast/ DragonFire - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246484-the-new-hsc-blowout-game-2-dragonfire/ Q*Bert - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246485-the-new-hsc-blowout-game-3-qbert/ Pitfall - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246486-the-new-hsc-blowout-game-4-pitfall-special-scoring/ Lock 'n Chase - http://atariage.com/forums/topic/246487-the-new-hsc-blowout-game-5-lock-n-chase/ Scores accepted until December 31st at Midnight Central! Play ON!
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