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  1. When I did the HSC, any of these situations would be addressed on a case by case basis... 19,100 on three, not terrible but could be getting close, but would consider it to be fine, now 29,100 may definitely be a different case. Basically do NOT make the suggestion of 5k/level a HARD and FAST rule, but don't use that to go and try to rack up 10k per level thinking you'll be fine. Just play the game as it's meant to and nobody should have any troubles
  2. Well let's set the bar, shall we.... Started from Tan (Novice - Level 2) I know I can go higher, I'd love to go higher, but with my current setup I'm highly doubting if I can. I don't know if it's my game copy, or the emulator, but it's like 99.4% accurate and not 100%, and that 0.6% is a nearly life breaker. The boulders jerk (just enough so it can still be like 5-7 pixels away but kill you, but doesn't effect it's normal up/down pattern...) I know it's gotta be something minor as the other things, on the original hardware if you drop a bomb at skeletor just before you finish the last mile, as you land to tally up your score, the game will play the bomb dropping sound decending into what sounded like a burp to me as a kid playing the game (so of course as a kid you always aimed for that scenario)... This current setup doesn't do the burp sound ending but does extend the audio like it should. Edit - Player One, I see you said you used Open Emu on the Mac... Fire up He-Man, do you get the same jittering of the meteors?
  3. For those not knowing: Grail gets you a free Energize of the knight when you hit the side button. Crown gets you a freeze of the Enemies (Guardians) for a few seconds. Necklace speeds you up for a few seconds. Lantern doubles the knight's energy (AKA ONLY use this one after your ENERGIZED) Key lets you walk thru ONE Wall/Gate (AND YES BE CAREFUL as any WALL counts as your ONE WALL.) Ring moves you randomly in maze. Also any of the ABOVE Can only have one at a time, if you pick up a different one without using the previous, it gets replaced with the new one. Picking any of the three below DOES NOT replace your power up above. Coins just get you points (500) Candlestick gets you an extra life Comb drops your score in half (AKA EVIL)
  4. Also kept thinking the game couldn't be this bad, could it, so I had to grab Popeye for the NES (Coded by Nintendo Japan at the same time as this Parker Brothers abomination, 1982... The picture was taken post game as the game over screen only stays on for a few seconds, but like the arcade as long as you don't start a new game the "attract" screen still shows last game score... Really points on the blaring gaps in Parker Brothers game and whether or not it was possible in the INTV --- One - the middle ladder as you say on stage 1 ACTUALLY goes ALL THE WAY DOWN to the 3rd level, meaning you can CLIMB UP IT as well... Seriously Parker Bros??? FAIL, doable on INTV of fucking course... Two - on level 2, there's a platform if you grab onto puts you on the top and gives you 500 pts. Parker Brothers, on the other hand just made it every other time and no points... lol Not as terrible as #1, so not going to nail the bros for this one too much Three - A TON MORE items come out at once, making the levels not be a slogfest!!! And I dont want to hear Parker Bros could only get 2 sprites working lol Four - on 2nd trip thru a sea hag sits on top right and heaves skulls in the game grid. Hate those hags already
  5. White BOULDERS, those are the bitch in He-Man (even worse than gold ones)
  6. Couldn't catch you Rickster8, but Definitely give it the College try up to the end (the Chess cost me a lot of time for what shouldn't of taken near that long)
  7. Back in my day of Moderating the HSC, Point farming (or leeching) was strongly discouraged, and thankfully really didn't have much of a problem with it. What he's mostly getting it as he doesn't want to see 100k Level 1-1 scores (which is doable if you got the patience of Job and a ton of free time on your hands lol)
  8. You all speak like the game is over, thought I still had about 5 hrs left???
  9. That reminds me, I gotta find some chess and overlays, only got a few hrs left
  10. I've always played on option 1 like to know where I shoot its going up
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