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  1. The spaceship killed ya near the end!!! OMG I loved this game before, but thought it was only a quick pick up and quick game.... God damn, this old boy has new tricks for me, the changing spaceship and the green superball of hatred... Any OTHER new tricks it can throw, or is that the cap of it's fight???
  2. Wait how did this happen??? I never remember the spaceship being anywhere other than the top
  3. Or STRONGER booze, like chasing away a beer with Jaegar
  4. It weirdly became my therapy from the damn otter in Frogger nailing you when going around the screen to get spot 1.
  5. The otter ends when it hits the edge of the item. If the frog overlaps on ANY part your dead... What mostly gets me is when you wrap around the screen you can easily get nailed by the otter on the edge of the screen as it'll redraw over and over the otter until it gets a clean run.
  6. Thank god this game is over, didnt want to play another round of this
  7. I agree, that Hawk I'm sorry but can go to hell right now, or catch what has us all inside.... LOL
  8. If you play games 3 or 4, you can't do it, going off the side kills the frog. Also part of the INTV rule, if you have a bug, DOCUMENT IT!!!! It's now a feature, not a bug as a result
  9. To be honest, this was my break from 6 hrs of Frogger! break and while getting close, couldnt break my spot there. So swapped this in and on game 2 this score happened
  10. I now realize why you were wondering about the bones... They do make this easier, don't they...
  11. I play the game more like a Pac-Man game, as just got used to the 1-2-3 (Red/White/Blue) and then to move to the 5 button for the doggie.
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