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  1. Works great with Stella 3.4 on Mac OS 10.6.7. Apparently Stella 3.4 introduced some type of tracking bug related to using the paddles, but I haven't noticed it.
  2. Received mine today, and after wasting (or spending) two hours playing Kaboom!, I can say that the paddle support is excellent (Unfortunately my hand-eye coordination needs some work). I am not sure that I can tell the difference between playing on Stella/2600-daptor and playing on my Coleco Gemini; I can tell the difference between the 2600-daptor and the Stelladaptor, so great job. I'll have to pick up a couple of more for my brother and then I can challenge him to a grudge match, after 30 years, for Kaboom! dominance.
  3. I'm confused, why was it selling for over twice what Atari is charging? It is easy to say with hindsight that I should not have bid on this FB2+ . . . or let my girlfriend know that I bid on it . . . However, this Ebay auction was posted after the Pre-order was closed and before the new sales page was posted, so at the time, no one had any idea when the FB2+ would be put out for general sale. Yes, we overpaid, but that's life. thevnaguy sent me a FB2+ unopened and in perfect condition, so I got exactly what I bid on - and I am happy with the purchase.
  4. Sorry guys, no twin sister (or any other sisters). We decided not to get married while I am in graduate school. As soon as I finish my PhD, I am sure that she will put on the full-court press . . . after all, most of her girlfriends have already gotten married . . . thevnaguy was really good. He tossed in two Atari t-shirts, and at the bottom of the box, I found a modified Pac-Man cartridge. I was struggling to describe the cart . . . so, why don't I just post a picture . . .
  5. I'll fess up to buying this . . . but you need to read the whole post . . . I was disappointed that I forgot to pre-order the FB2+, so I asked my girlfriend to check around Seattle to see if any were available. Of course she wasn't able to find any, so I resigned myself to buying a regular FB2. After I had ordered the FB2, I re-found AtariAge and bought a Harmony Cart to use for the now apparently common cartridge mod. Well . . . surprise, surprise, I find this forum and the listing on Ebay. I immediately bid $34.99 and (sorry thevnaguy) figured that the premium and $20+ shipping was my stupidity tax for missing the pre-order. Flash-forward to Saturday and my $24.99 bid was unexpectedly still holding top spot. In fact, it was the only bid??? I signed into Ebay and showed this to my girlfriend. I remarked that someone was going to swoop in at the last minute and buy it for $35.99. Well, apparently, while I was in the kitchen making dinner, she decided to take it upon herself to increase my max bid by just a little bit . . . try $200. Now, I should explain that while I am a starving college student (willing to skip a weekend at the bar if I could get a FB2+), my girlfriend is a successful young chemical engineer with decidedly less cash flow problems. So, thanks to thevnaguy for putting the FB2+ up for auction, and thanks to my girlfriend for paying me the difference from $34.99. Although now I have a feeling that I will be spending a lot more time in kitchen . . .
  6. Curious: I had a Coleco Gemini back when I was a kid. I never really had much trouble with compatibility, but I distinctly remember Activision's Spider fighter playing ok, but eh scoreboard being completely scrambled, yet the same cart worked fine on my friend's 4 switcher VCS. WOW! Tonight was the first time that I had played this game. Talk about a crazy combination of Space Invaders, Centipede, and reverse-Kaboom! It took three tries to break 20,000. I loaded up two different ROM images of Spider Fighter, each in single game mode on the Harmony, and I did not see any problem with the scoreboard when played on the Gemini
  7. Hello AntaBaka, I am not sure if the CBS Gemini is the same as the Coleco Gemini, but the Harmony Cart also works on this console. Do you have the dual joystick/paddle controler? Because I can only control the menu with standard Atari joysticks or paddles. Thanks
  8. Received mine yesterday. Great product. Thank you to the development team . . . now to convince my brother that he needs one of these and a stelladaptor . . .
  9. Received mine yesterday. It works great . . . However, when I broke out the Coleco Gemini , I found that the menu does not work with the original dual joystick/paddle (the menu will scroll with the paddle, but the button and old joystick top-right trick will not work for selecting). I plugged in the joystick from my Flashback 2 (where did I put that soldering iron . . . ) and the menu worked great. Thanks.
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