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  1. yes, but not using joystick port interface as midi-in/out
  2. no, sound sampling is connecting a audio source to the TI, and digitalize it to play it back on TI. About midi support, i tought it, but abandonned the idea caused by extra cost and the need of coding a midi software on TI. Hopefully, it still possible, even after the release : a simple midi->db9 adapter and a firmware update can do the job !
  3. the Vic-20 doesn't have realtime 3D graphics like the original version, just sprites in different size... the soul of battlezone is totally killed
  4. a 8 bit analog line included, you can do what you want with it : connect what you want between 0 and 3.3V, and get the value on TI BASIC between 0 and 255 It could used also as sound sampler !
  5. i want a nice factory made PCB for myself, so if people are interested , i can produce more. i will release in any case the schematics. the shield would need an arduino mega, so i can supply it or you can buy it directly on internet for 18 $ i'm also designing the case to be 3D printed.
  6. after long long time ago, here it is an update about this project...and i hope you'll enjoy it. Actually, the adapter offer a full bidirectional 8 bit communication trough the TI99 joystick port...and will offer : - USB Mouse support to TI99 ( 90% completed ) - Megadrive 3 buttons controller support ( 70% completed ) - Atari Paddle support ( 90% completed ) - Atari Touch Tablet support ( 70% completed ) - Playstation 3 & 4 wireless controller support ( 70% completed ) - 4 Players Atari joystick support ( 100% completed ) - Atari Joystick support ( 100% completed ) - 1 analog input 8 bit jack 3.5 ( 100% completed ) The most important, all these function ARE 100% fully compatible with TI BASIC, without any assembler and any extenstion...just the TI-99 and the interface and totally controlled by the TI or manually. By exemple, if you code a game using the Atari Paddle, you can switch to this this mode only with TI Basic. You can also configure all parameters by TI BASIC ( exemple : switch 6 or 8 bit resolution ). Of course, any language can use it. More faster language is, better is. I also added 1 analog input, i think it could be fun to input some other data type to TI99 ( by exemple to check the light in the room, checking a microphone, etc... ) The board will be a Arduino compatible shield, totally open source. It means that everybody can add other support to the firmware, it's totally upgradable. ( by exemple, Wii Remote, Xbox , Light pen support,... ) This little video just show you a analog signal converted to a 8 bit digital signal and drawed on TI99...in fact, the first TI-oscilloscope Just a small exemple to use 4 joystick on TI99 in TI BASIC : 10 CALL JOYST( 2, x,y) -> will return X,Y on joystick 1 20 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return X,Y on joystick 2 30 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return X,Y on joystick 3 40 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return X,Y on joystick 4 for usb mouse / paddle / analog line / touch tablet : 10 CALL JOYST( 2, x,y) -> will return X axis high 4 bit 20 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return X axis low 4 bit 30 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return Y axis high 4 bit 40 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return Y axis low 4 bit for PS3 / PS4 controller ( depending of configuration : 4 buttons or 8 buttons, analog or digital controller ) in simple digital controller + 4 buttons mode : 10 CALL JOYST( 2, x,y) -> will return joystick direction 20 CALL JOYST(1, x,y ) -> will return 4 buttons states in analog + 4 buttons mode ( ok, i agree, in TI Basic, it become really slow ) : 10 CALL JOYST( 2, x,y) -> will return X axis high 4 bit 20 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return X axis low 4 bit 30 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return Y axis high 4 bit 40 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y) -> will return Y axis low 4 bit 50 CALL JOYST( 1, x,y ) -> will return 4 buttons states for megadrive ( depending of configuration : 3 buttons or 5 buttons ) : 3 buttons configuration : 10 CALL JOYST( 2, x,y) -> will return joystick direction 20 CALL JOYST(1, x,y ) -> will return 3 buttons states The final interface will be released for the end of this year, including Pong ( Paddle compatible ), Bomberman ( 4 Atari joystick compatible ) and a simple graphic program using mouse or touch tablet.
  7. The project is not dead at all, in fact i'm working actively on it. Today, it's not more a simple PS2 mouse adapter but something a lot more complete. I'll post some video this week-end about it
  8. Hello I would like : Mini Memory Burgertime Editor/Assembler in Original Binder with Cartridge, Floppies and Documentation - $22 ( if still avalaible )
  9. Hi, i tested today on my 3 TI994A : A929JWPHC004A LTA2483 Beige TI994A USA A929JWPHC004A LTA4882 Black TI994A EUROPE with "Solid State Software" label A929JWPHC004A LTA0783 Black TI994A EUROPE without "Solid State Software" label All returns "ALL GOOD, PRESS QUIT"
  10. i tried on my TI994A ( PHC004A ) , program finished by "ALL GOOD, PRESS QUIT"
  11. if i remember well, RUN command don't accept variable, but it's possible : i remember a little directory program in XB that could start any program...The program modified the memory location of RUN "DSK1.xxxxxx" by the final program name.
  12. thanks guillaume I totally forgot about LIMIT function.
  13. ok, i'll try the char menu solution, i'm curious now
  14. of course i can use cable, but it still less confortable and slower. ( the distance between my TI99 and my main computer is 8 meters.. i think it's not reliable to build a so long cable ). Second problem also : on modern computer, there is no more parallel / serial port. need to buy a usb to serial / parallel.
  15. I'm little bit bored to remove the card from my CF7+ everytime i want to test something.. I wondered if somebody already tryed the Eye Fi ? CF7+ use special format, but i saw also custom Eye Fi server... It could be not only interesting for transfering files quickly and easily, but also a way to open the TI99 to internet, through wifi transferts. ( i thought especially for multiplayer online games )
  16. i wanted for the mouse demonstration a menu popping instantly exactly below the mouse cursor and not ( in the worst case ) 7 pixels further. I wanted also keep the backgroung as visible possible to see the transformation on the grid without closing the menu. but i agree, char offer also advantages : no size restriction, background.
  17. not sure flickering sprites with background will be more readable than static sprite without background
  18. i already use 16x16 : 1 line use 2 sprites for the frame borders and 2 for text. to fit menu & borders in 2 sprites requires to reduce the text size... another way is to erase the background with char and restore it after closing the menu.
  19. unfortunally not, menu is already 4 sprites / line, i can't add a background.
  20. thanks everybody menu is simply done by sprites.
  21. Yes and not... the program will work, but of course the mouse won't be emulated. But you can move the cursor for test using : left - right - fire : joystick # 1 : left / right mouse + left mouse button left - right - fire : joystick # 2 : up / down mouse + right mouse button i somebody interested, i can release a joystick / keyboard version.
  22. Here it is my first program using PS/2 mouse driver. That's a simple sprite editor, with very basic functions, but it shows the pleasure of mouse on TI99. ( @ sometimes99er : sorry if i copied your pattern editor, it was a good source of inspiration ) I also upgraded the mouse adapter to 1.1 now, fixing some issues. next project : a game using mouse .. it's a good way for me to improve the driver / adapter. Here it is the .dsk and source in MLC. http://youtu.be/_uwVflbHzP4 sprite.zip
  23. Here it a new version 23% faster than the previous one. 10 CALL CLEAR 20 DIM S(60) 30 S(48)=1 :: S(52)=2 :: S(4)=4 :: S(20)=8 40 S(16)=-1 :: S(28)=-2 :: S(12)=-4 :: S(60)=-8 50 CALL JOYST(1,X1,Y1) :: CALL JOYST(2,X2,Y2) 60 X=S((X1 AND 12)*4+(Y1 AND 12)) :: Y=S((X2 AND 12)*4+(Y2 AND 12)) 70 PRINT "X :";x;" Y :";y 80 GOTO 50
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