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  1. So, now that I was refunded....we are still waiting on instructions on how to pay? A little confused...sorry!
  2. I watched Pixels with my kids...it was fun. Not stellar but still a fun flick.
  3. Man...I had all these magazines when I was a kid. I actually sold them off during the advent of eBay. I remember every issue you have up there. Great memories.
  4. Hey Ghost...not looking for trades, just cash. I'll do $175 if anyone is interested.
  5. Selling my Jaguar. Everything works great and cosmetically its in decent condition. I've got it up on eBay now for $200 but would be slightly negotiable if anyone is interested here. Also have a CIB copy of Theme Park that doesn't seem to work (red Jaguar screen). It was like that when I opened it so I'll throw that one in as well. CIB Games: Checkered Flag Iron Soldier Brutal Sports Football Dragon : The Bruce Lee Story Hover Strike Loose Cart: Trevor McFur Shoot me a PM if interested.
  6. Well, there we go then! I understand now why and I thank you guys for being honest. about it.
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