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  1. I do have the cyc. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  2. Star Wars by Alessandro Betori is the only "cockpit" game I know of, although my knowledge base is not exhaustive by any stretch. Starwars.dsk
  3. Does it require an external power supply or is it powered directly by the TI?
  4. Thank you! Lots of bedtime reading ahead of me On a side note, in looking at the Interface Design document, it amazes me how much good work was achieved using only utilities running on the TI itself (TI Writer, Diskassembler, Miller Graphics Explorer). We are so spoiled with our current modern utilities...
  5. Hi. What are the best resources for understanding how DSR's work with a view on developing one for a potential future device?
  6. So basically pull out the ROM from the TIPI-PEB and update it?
  7. A small bug fix for pcode tool was released today (attached). Also the same author created a Windows program called Read Dir which, when given a folder containing disk images, will create a directory listing of every TI and pcode disk it finds and dump it into a text file for easy reference. Great for archiving purposes. I have attached an example listing of my UCSD Pascal directory to give you an idea. p-code-tool V3.1 manual.pdf p-code-tool-V3.1.exe read_dir-v1.0.exe Read-Dir manual.pdf tmp.txt
  8. Sounds like your area is definitely not set up for this kind of weather, and I'm afraid it might become a more common feature. Time for a generator? 😁
  9. You should all move to Minnesota. -21F, crisp and sunny. When you open the fridge, a warm front hits you in the face...
  10. Or I am a very poor typist I setup BACKSPACE = TRUE in AUTOCMD and problem solved. Thank you!
  11. Yes, but you also have destructive backspace. In FC, the left arrow is not destructive, and there is no backspace key (is there one?), so it gets annoying when typing mistakes are made and the insert mode is on...
  12. Every time I change from insert to overwrite mode using F2, it reverts back to insert mode after each FC command. Is there a way to make overwrite mode stick?
  13. Mini Memory, LBLA and a tape recorder??? Just wow... We are so spoiled today with all the modern tools we have available.
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