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  1. So how many confirmed attendees to the Friday event do we have so far?
  2. More than enough to cover currently active CC40 users. All we need is someone with the skills to use them to create a modern storage device for the CC40...
  3. There is one already. See post #2 above.
  4. Here are a few examples
  5. Exactly. The compiler should not be used until the program is already fully functional in straight XB.
  6. Welp, nothing is connected to the console... What would be the most likely culprit?
  7. Hey guys, what would possibly cause an F18A equipped console not connected to the PEB to refuse to boot and just go to the F18A green title screen?
  8. Civilization has some wargame elements in it, but I was thinking more in line with hex-based wargames. Remember that old project of mine? Still sitting on it and am hoping to revive it at some point A conversion would likely be better as the game mechanics would already be established. The French magazine Jeux & Strategie had monthly (mostly) wargames published in it, with Ultimate Planet being taken from issue #2, and they are simple enough to allow for a reasonable conversion. Here's a link to the magazine archive if you understand French : https://www.abandonware-magazines.org/affiche_mag.php?mag=185&page=1
  9. I would love to see a wargame from you. Would be happy to help with the AI side of things for sure.
  10. Not so sure about that. The MiniMemory is rather painful to use with a cassette deck. On the other hand, it's wonderful for learning TMS9900 assembly language using the Fundamentals of Assembly Language Programming book found here: harmlesslion.com/tibooks . That's how I taught myself
  11. The end of an era... Thank you for keeping it going for so long. And yes, Beery's advice is a sound one I need to visit him someday and get a crash course on that powered paragliding thing...
  12. Totally awesome overview of the entries! Really nicely done. This video is going to be part of the intro to the 2020 Basic/XB 10 liner contest
  13. I will have to try that once I get my hands of a TIPI-PEB (hint-hint... 😁)
  14. I wonder if that's a feature which could be added to the TIPI functionality. Seems pretty important...
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