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  1. Well I'll be damned... After reading your reply, I went to the computer fully determined to make a video of the issue, and, ahh, it worked this time with both upper and lower case. I had spent nearly a half hour yesterday pulling my hair trying to figure out why readkey was not reading the keypresses properly until I changed the readkey command to lower case and it just worked. I don't know what to say here except it makes no sense. I should add that during editing with ED, there was one instance where every time I typed a character a string of random characters would follow as I was editing a previously entered line. I had to delete the line completely and retype it in order for that weird behavior to go away. Thinking further, I had just tried the loader Greg had sent me and it did not work and I had not done a cold restart of the computer afterwards before working on the script, so I wonder if something in memory got messed up. In any case, apologies for the incorrect report...
  2. That did not work unfortunately. That's OK though. I just ended up creating a script to replace the LOAD program which launches the appropriate interpreter from TIPI as Matt suggested, and that works just fine. I should mention that the readkey scripting command needs to be in lower case unlike the other commands which don't care. This tripped me up for a while and it's not mentioned in the wiki...
  3. Thanks! I'll give it a shot.
  4. I'm having difficulty getting a game to run from a TIPI directory. It's the newly released Hibernated re-written Infocom game. The LOAD program loads fine from the TIPI directory, but when it comes to launching the game proper from the menu, it keeps insisting on loading from the physical DSK1 even though I have DSK1 pointing to the TIPI game directory and AUTO is on. Here's the LOAD program listing, and the problem seems to lie in line 1000. Changing DSK1 to anything else including the named TIPI directory hangs the computer. Any insight on this by any chance? (I cannot post the disk image itself unfortunately because this is a commercial release). 100 [email protected] 2 North Dr.#216 Scarboro Ont.Canada M1N 1Z2 110 !********************** 120 !* * 130 !* Generated By * 140 !* SysTex V1.0 * 150 !* (C) 1985 * 160 !* By Barry Boone * 170 !* * 180 !********************** 190 CALL INIT :: CALL LOAD(8196,254,0) 200 CALL LINK("SLOAD") 210 K,S=0 :: A$="" :: CALL PEEK(-31879,I) :: RANDOMIZE I 220 CALL CLEAR :: CALL SCREEN(5) :: CALL LINK("CHAR") :: CALL CHAR(48,"78848C94A4C48478") :: FOR I=0 TO 14 :: CALL COLOR(I,16,1) :: NEXT I 230 DISPLAY AT(1,1)ERASE ALL:"€‚ PUDDLE SOFT IF €‚ƒ„… ƒ„…†‡ˆ †‡ˆ" 240 DISPLAY AT(6,3):"PRESS": :" 8) START GAME 80 COLUMNS": :" 0) EXIT" 250 CALL KEY(0,K,S) :: K=K-48 :: IF S=0 THEN 250 ELSE IF NOT(K=1 OR K=8 OR K=0)THEN CALL SOUND(60,218,0) :: GOTO 250 255 IF K=8 THEN K=3 ELSE K=K+1 260 CALL SOUND(60,1397,4) :: ON K GOTO 290,270,280 270 DISPLAY AT(6,1):"" :: DISPLAY AT(10,1):"": :"" :: CALL EXEC("TERP-I") 280 DISPLAY AT(6,1):"": :"" :: DISPLAY AT(12,1):"" :: CALL EXEC("INF-F18A") 290 CALL CLEAR :: END 1000 SUB EXEC(A$) :: CALL LINK("LOAD","DSK1."&A$) :: SUBEND
  5. It's not the same as a properly structured manual though with an index. Hunting for information in a multi-page thread is not ideal. But hey I'll take that over nothing 🙂
  6. Very nice follow up to the original Alfie. You should mention that NEW followed by CALL FILES(1) is needed when running from disk.
  7. Yeah I initially thought you could land on them when their mouths were closed a la Pitfall and kept dying. Assumptions can be very tricky... I think I sent Retrospect several choice curses during that process. Apologies my friend 😄
  8. I regularly upload the latest version of my project to Google Drive and it automatically archives my older versions. One reason to keep more than one older version is that sometimes I go down a path which, after several revisions, ends up being a dead end and I have to revert back to the original source several versions back... This has saved my neck on multiple occasions.
  9. You got my curiosity piked. I'm going to implement a version in pcode just because... I am absolutely certain that I have far more important things to do, but what the hell...
  10. It's an option but only if the SDD99 can coexist with a PEB, physical drives, and most importantly the TIPI. Since it is meant to be a PEB replacement, compatibility with the PEB is probably not a priority understandably.
  11. Nicely done with great attention to detail as usual. I do hate that river though...
  12. Yes that is a very cool feature. I just realized however that there isn't a pass-through port for the PEB connector on the SDD99 and essentially this would preclude any PEB cards or drives, including the TIPI-PEB. Bummer...
  13. I am very excited about this board. That said, I do own a TIPI-PEB and I was wondering what the SDD 99 adds to that setup. There would be no point for me to duplicate equipment functionality unless there is a distinct advantage here, as much as I am wanting the SDD99...
  14. What about NeoPEB since this is essentially a new take on the classic PEB?
  15. They will be for ever remembered...
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