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  1. 15 days to go folks! Plenty of time to come up with an entry
  2. 15 days to go folks! Plenty of time to come up with an entry
  3. Most TI graphic calculators are already emulated in Android.
  4. Love Mille Bornes! It was my favorite game growing up and still have a copy of it. I can envision an AI algorithm for it that could play a mean game. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
  5. Great! Could you post a dsk image by any chance?
  6. Submission: Wobble Platform: TI Extended Basic Written by: Vorticon Instructions: Maneuver the ball using the ESDX keys into the square before time runs out. Avoid walls and bumpers. RUN "DSK1.WOBBLE" Wobble.dsk
  7. Very nice! The 4K storage scheme is equivalent to the SAMS card one, without the need for a PEB card. That is one the biggest advantages in my view.
  8. Thanks! Aren't you working on a vi like editor for the TI?
  9. Sorry it was accidentally marked as private. It should work now.
  10. Hi. This is a full screen 40 column text editor for the Adam computer I wrote in 8080 assembly under CP/M, called ADAMED. It's a definite improvement over the ED editor I plan on using it to create programs directly on the ADAM rather than mess with emulators. Video demo of ADAMED Adamed.zip
  11. A little over 3 weeks to go folks before the end of the contest. We have some very interesting entries so far!
  12. Unfortunately no. What are you planning to connect the printer to? For the TI, it does not need any set up. Just the printer cable. I do have the original manual if you have any specific questions.
  13. Vorticon


  14. Has anyone got a disk image for the Adam? I tried making one but it's not working...
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