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  1. I keep a landline just to suck up the spam calls. Never gets picked up and I use that phone number anytime I need to give a number to some online outfit that "requires" it 😈. I mean come on, who outside of family and close friends actually makes legitimate calls anymore? OK maybe the appliance service person telling me they are 5 minutes from the house... Even my dentist just sends text messages for appointment reminders.
  2. Hi Ron. All the disk images are here.
  3. I finally broke down after 30+ years and looked up hints for it. I was primarily stuck on the iron statue and quite honestly the solution was incredibly unintuitive and non-sensical. All the other puzzles made some sense and were solvable with some logical thinking, but not this one, and I could have tried for another 100 years and not found a solution on my own. Now I am weary of investing time on playing the other Scott Adams adventures for fear of hitting similar snags. There is nothing more frustrating to me than illogical puzzles... Rant over
  4. Did the sequel ever get released?
  5. OK just tried it and it works. Nicely done.
  6. So where is the access to the user group on the BBS? I checked the Internet Services section and it's not there...
  7. Unbelievable! I had to double check to make sure this was indeed made for the TI! We are not worthy...
  8. Are you moving the CC40 related stuff to this sub-forum as well?
  9. Update 2.8 went without a hitch, but unfortunately I still have the same issues with Chess and Snek. Weird...
  10. So it sounds like the 32K RAM might be at fault. Is there a program out there that can do a comprehensive test on it by any chance?
  11. Hi. I got a question from Brett about not being able to run Eliza from tape in XB with 32K. I don't see why he shouldn't be able to do it so I thought I'd pick your brains here Here's the original message: My name's Brett and I'm a TI user in Memphis. I've been downloading games from your site, converting them to wav files, and playing them out to my TI. And I recently found a PEB at an estate sale, and have been trying out some 32k XB games. Everything's been working great so far! I've hit a snag with "Eliza" (eliza.bin, not TI Psychiatrist). Your site says I shouldn't need to use a disk, just a cassette, and the game runs perfectly in Classic99. On my TI, though, the game loads, the data looks right, and it runs - but I get an error code after I type my first answer. This might be something particular to the program that I need to figure out, but I was wondering if there was some common reason a program would work in Classic99, but fail on the hardware. Or does this program actually need to run from a disk? (The error code, for what it's worth, is "SYNTAX ERROR IN 1780 IN VARI CALLED FROM 340") Eliza
  12. I'm deleting a directory in TIPI. I no longer have the IDE card. Yes of course I could go to a modern PC and do all that, but I like using the TI as much as possible
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