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  1. Yup, and it gets worse with age 😄 I am going to try to 3D print a Bahtinov mask for my 8" dobs to help with that (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1987284). I woke up at 0400 today to snap pictures of the moon, but it turned out to be too hazy for anything useful. Rats... On the upside, I did recently score a brand new in box Meade Deep Sky Imager for $40 on Facebook Marketplace, an excellent imager coupled with a very capable software even though it's probably close to a decade old by now. It can automatically take dark images and bias shots, interval imaging as well as automatic tracking and stacking of the images. I did manage to get the driver and software working on my Win10 laptop and I'm going to be taking it for a spin at the observing field sometime this week. It's unseasonably warm in MN now, so I'm going to take full advantage of it!
  2. Ah the LX-200. Classic solid scope. Very nice image. Tomorrow morning around 0400 local time to Minneapolis (UTC -6) will be the maximal penumbral eclipse, and it's supposed to be a clear night. I'm going to try to get a good shot of it just using my Nikon D60 with a 200mm lens (I have to be at the hospital by 0700, so no time to set up my Orion Xtg8 dobs...).
  3. It's definitely less clunky from a file access standpoint at the command line. But... there is also the risk of losing the authentic "character and feel" of the old TI, which is after all a big part of the reason why we are still using that machine. While I certainly wholeheartedly welcome the utility of FC, I also don't want the TI to become PC-like. Now where that fine threshold resides is wholly a matter of personal opinion with no right answer. As far as I am concerned, I have not yet crossed that threshold 🙂
  4. FC has fundamentally changed the way I interact with my TI. Amazing work.
  5. Me too, but only via telnet. I'm trying to access the BBS via dialup.
  6. At this point, the best options for real hardware are either a NanoPEB/CF7+ or a TIPI. Do you have a modem or a WiModem? One option would be to put up the disk images on the Hidden Reef BBS or The Keep BBS and you can download them straight to your RAM disk unless you have drives with 360K capacity.
  7. Loading saved games is a little confusing. The game variables are loaded, but NOT your location. Also, if any room had changes in it graphically, they will only show up if you exit then re-enter the room. I have yet to finish the game!
  8. Yes that worked with both Term 80 and TIMXT. So at least we know where the problem lies. Any possible fixes?
  9. Nope... Still the same issue for The Keep. And yes, the Hidden Reef is indeed back up. One of the very few BBS'ses still on a land line exclusively.
  10. So this prompted me to dig out my old 2400bps modem and test out Term 80 with the TIPI. It works just fine, but it looks like there is an issue connecting via dialup to The Keep. There is this weird line about registration and then the bbs hangs. Same thing with TIMXT. The modem works fine with another BBS, so it's not the problem. Incidentally, the Hidden Reef is not answering. Is it still up? I have not connected to it in years. Come to think of it, I have not heard from Richard Bell for some time either...
  11. I actually bought Term 80 from Jeff in 1997 I believe, but the disks apparently got lost in the mail as they I never received them and Jeff was not terribly interested in sending another set. I did not pursue the matter at the time. I did meet him at one the Chicago TI Faires maybe a decade later and he had come in dressed in a full Scottish kilt. Interesting fellow...
  12. I actually thought about all that using XBEE modules for wireless communication between the car and the TI, similar to what I have done with my wireless weather station. But there are a lot of complications, primarily among them real estate on the car to accommodate the XBEE shield, arduino, and other associated electronics. Power could be drawn from the track itself. Probably a larger scale track would be much more feasible. In theory, one could write a control program that could use accelerometer to keep the car running right on the edge of flipping, thus keeping it at the maximum speed possible for any track. Maybe a future project
  13. I believe the complete game will come in parts. At least I hope so!
  14. Funny. Gloria Gaynor's "Tragedy" song just came to mind (Millenials need not apply ).
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