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  1. How about another code bump! WNH7YLWL4744 If you like it, let others know! If you can think of anyone who might use it, let them know! I'd like to make back the $99 developers fee. That'd be nice. Anyway it was fun to make, and I use the app a lot at garage sales and flea markets.
  2. I'm going to randomly toss out codes for free copies... MKHRA9R7Y7PL If you're on ios6 open the app store, goto featured, scroll down to the bottom and click redeem. If you're >ios6, you do the same thing, but in iTunes. Code can only be used once.
  3. The xbox 360 is backward compatible, but only to a certain extent! Will that original xbox game you just bought work on the 360 or did you waste your money? Now there's an easy way to find out! You can either: -scroll through the list -search by name -or quickest and easiest: SCAN THE BARCODE!!!! (that deservers four exclamation points.) Yeah you can look this information up online, but what if you don't have any network signal. Yeah you can download a list, but it'll take you forever to look up the game you're trying to find. Just think, now instead of getting stuck with a game you can only use as a coaster (or frisbee I guess), you'll only buy games you can play! See it in the App Store!
  4. With xbox180 and an iphone of course! I'm learning iOS development. To help myself learn core data, I created a database of all xbox titles that will work with the 360. I'm more of vcs guy, but I play xbox games as well. I'm enjoying Lollipop Chainsaw right now. I've purchased xbox games that I can't play. I thought this would be a neat project to learn on. Quickly search by name or scan the bar code to reveal compatibility info! Does it work at all? Is there slowdown? Does it support widescreen? Now you'll know! Yes all the information is available online, but what if you have no network connection? Quick, what's the website that lists... too slow, I already scanned the bar code and found the info I needed.
  5. Or you could pick up a Cabinet for 1/3 the price. Yeah it takes up more space but $250-500 vs. $1047.
  6. I have a copy I've been thinking about selling. It's been in my "to play" stack for about 3 years and I don't think I'm going to get to it. It's complete in box, with the the guide and scratch and sniff cards. I'd need to get $400 shipped. I can send pics when I get home if you're interested.
  7. I'm just getting my feet wet in iOS development. I'm working on a database program, but created some things along the was as learning projects. This was one of them. I decided to submit it to apple and they approved it. Beat-Em-Up Bingo! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/beat-em-up-bingo/id509045166?ls=1&mt=8 The screenshot isn't retina display but the app is. Please give it a look. Are you suffering from "Brawler Boredom"? Has "Streets of Rage" become "Streets of Meh"? Are you bored watching your friends play while you wait for a turn? VGJunk and krunchySoft bring you the tonic that will revitalize your gaming experience! Beat 'Em Up BINGO! It's simple enough: 25 squares, each one containing a trademark beat-em-up element. Pick a belt-scrolling fighter, play through it and cross off a box every time you see what's written inside during gameplay. Simple! First person to complete a row wins! Spice up your retro beat-em-ups! ➜Use it as a drinking game! ➜Use it as a punch sound board! ➜It's cheap!
  8. as a former graffitti artist, that picture makes me droool... As a former paint huffer, same thing.
  9. You could always get a top loader. They're small and reliable. Kinda matches a snes better then the front loader if you have them both on the shelf.
  10. I got a whole commodore system with that monitor, printer, computer and a fuck ton of games for $50. Also, you aren't basing your pricing on completed auctions. They're selling for 19.99, anything above that isn't selling. Also (part II) your link back to some forum entry doesn't work. Also (strike III) you spelled commodore wrong in the title.
  11. link? http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00005OCMR?ie=UTF8&tag=atariage&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B00005OCMR Damn. I might have to sell my copy.
  12. And I forgot the word patch... Sorry.
  13. If you have one you're willing to part, please let me know what you want for it. Thanks.
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