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    Employee of Cecure Electronics (1990s) where I repaired and upgraded Myarc & TI hardware.

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  1. The schematics that I preserved long ago contain a parts list and placement sheet. (The ZIP should still be in the WHT FTP repository). There are a handful of errors found over the years but none that I recall related to the video circuitry. I would focus on the GBS device before going too far down the rabbit hole, though if you wish to replace the 330uF caps it won't hurt to do so. The caps appear to be original though I'd need to look more closely at the pics on a larger screen to be certain. Again, caps are unlikely to cause the problem you describe and of the 100s of cards I've worked on, I don't recall encountering sync-related issues with the caps or transistors or passive components.
  2. Nice work! FYI, I have placed the Software Dev guide and the User Operating manual out on the Wiki. https://github.com/horizonramdisk/Horizon-Ramdisk-ti994a
  3. When I repair and/or refresh the Geneve cards, I typically replace all of the electrolytic capacitors which include those connected to the RGB and sync lines. Depending on the age of the cap and how the card was handled, I have seen a few instances where the picture quality improved though I don't recall any sync-related improvements. It's always a good idea to inspect the resistors and the related components for damage. Here's a hand-written note from Lou to one of our MATIUG group members. I no longer remember the purpose of this mod but it is CSYNC-specific. Perhaps someone will be able to divine that from the schematic. @Shift838 - see above schematic for possible enhancements to CSYNC
  4. It might be better to start a new topic for these devices or look in one of the existing GBS threads such as this one (where there is some info documented by @Shift838 ) since the problem does not appear to be a 'repair' issue.
  5. That would be a nice Yahtzee! roll, too! https://www.videogamehouse.net/yahtzeegv.html
  6. Oh yea, MAME, I forgot about that! I'm not used to seeing them as I load most of my carts from disk images in emulation. One thing I dislike about WHT's repository is that many files are sorted by emulator versus the actual software, so to find a program one might have to search multiple areas. I found a few files right away in your repository but then couldn't figure out what to do with them.
  7. I took a look around for some software but the files that are in the ZIPs that I downloaded aren't TI file format. How does one use them with our hardware?
  8. hah! The video after the demo was for GUBBDATA 2020. Neat event! https://csdb.dk/event/?id=2899 Here's the SID competition playlist. One can search GUBBDATA 2020 for demos. No early bed time for me tonight lol.
  9. Here is a model similar to what I have Heatwave BBS's Geneve system plugged into. Current runtime during a power outage is around 45-50 minutes. https://www.bestbuy.com/site/apc-back-ups-pro-1500va-10-outlet-2-usb-battery-back-up-and-surge-protector-black/6165881.p?skuId=6165881
  10. A few weeks ago I was on a conference call (over IP) when the entire house dropped power. Wifi was still operating but I lost connection to the call until shortly after the power was restored. (The electric company performed an unannounced replacement of the electric meter - - I went outside to thank him for ringing the doorbell and warning us. /sarcasm) Anyway, I didn't think much about it until today. I was moving a few things around in my "wiring closet" and thought back to that call. So I started tracing the power cables. Router on UPS? Yes. Access Points on UPS? Yes. NAS on UPS? yes. wired switch on UPS? Yes. However... I looked at the UPS outlets more carefully and sure enough, FOUR of them are not battery backup outlets. The markings were obscured due to placement of the battery backed up outlets. My wired 100/1000 switch was plugged into a non-battery backed up outlet. This wouldn't be so bad save for the fact that my AP network cables are plugged into the switch not the router. So when the electric company pulled the meter, my APs were still powered up and the laptop/devices stayed 'connected' although there was no network path to the router or outside world. Hah. Anyway... it was a good "reminder" to look at those UPS outlets carefully!!!!!
  11. Not always; if you are using parameters, the variables in both the subprogram and calling program (which could be another sub) are not 'local' as the sub will pass the values back to the caller if you change the sub variables. You can inhibit this behavior using parenthesis around the variable, e.g., CALL MYSUB((A),B), so that any changes to the parameter in the sub are NOT passed back to the caller. There are some other subtleties and I believe they are fairly well documented in the XB manual. Edit: attempted to add further clarity. Found XB manual online and copied below snip:
  12. Is the MSX1 vdp and memory configured the same way as the TI? Or in other words, are their hardware and/or performance differences that make games like this 'easier' to create and program with the 9918?
  13. Here are the four related parts I ordered in April 2019 and the price at the time of purchase. If I find the email with the direct parts links I'll share it here.
  14. I've lost momentum on this and other projects this year. I pulled open a few source files and it looks like the petscii code is in place but the ansi is not hooked in, so something isn't right. I probably need to get the files out on github. I won't return to this until the fall but if I have a chance I'll look for the version with ANSI and the ubergrom changes (related to having no rs232 in the system) that I thought I completed.
  15. There are quite a few different parts with varying output current and voltage. Here is the specific DC/DC converter part I used for my Geneve and Myarc FDC. 1.5A 5v V7805-1500R , coupled with three ceramic capacitors. Heatwave is still running strong 24x7 as documented elsewhere. https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/CUI-Inc/V7805-1500R?qs=%2Fha2pyFadugUplnUVl6f%2B683G9lqv46MXRDC4otT2LPNj%2B6No%2F7IxQ%3D%3D
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