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  1. I suppose a new thread would be better but since I mentioned IDE here....
  2. Never heard of the place but wow, talk about your large 'time capsule'. Wandering through there could be quite an experience.
  3. The buyer of the IDE card graciously allowed me to revisit some code I wrote in 2009, when I was attempting to integrate IDE low level support into the Geneve operating system. As of this weekend I successfully updated my routines to allow the Geneve OS to use the IDE card in both MDOS and 99/4a modes. If timer permits this week I will modify SCSI/SYS loader code though booting from IDE will require an updated Geneve EPROM. The simplest method may be to hack v1.0 for the time being, provided there is anyone that has an IDE card and wants to use it with the Geneve. The method I used to integrate the IDE low level support sacrifices some speed for future compatibility. Instead of trying to forklift the low level IDE code and Fred's partitioning routines into MDOS, I set up an environment that calls the on-card DSR sector read/write function. Fred's DSR does all the partition and IO heavy lifting; MDOS does the file management. If Fred changes how the partitions work, it won't matter to the Geneve. Additionally, this means the devices will be compatible if one wishes to use ROMPAGE to access the IDE card as if it were in a TI. I did experience corruption of my two SCSI drives -- unrelated to the IDE code - so I am concerned that either v7.0 introduced a bug into the level 3 file system or that an old bug has reared its ugly head. I don't yet know which and will be trying to create an image where I can replicate the issue. If I cannot replicate it, then I may have to revert back to an older version of the OS source to implement all the changes to this point.
  4. I don't have a TIPI PEB as they weren't in stock the last few times I checked. This certainly sounds like a fun program and mdos routine to play with. PORT was built for speed yet when I look at my 25-year old code I see room for improvement, especially in the VDP read/write areas. The forum folks and game-writing crowd in general have certainly opened up my eyes (and I'm sure others) about how to do things much better when it comes to extracting speed out of limited clock cycles. Nice work, Beery. Any chance of a short demo vid?
  5. Beery, could you clarify when the resolve fails? Does it only happen when the REF/DEF is after the first instance of the label? I'm a little confused as you mention source and object files almost interchangeably, though I think I know what you mean. I recall seeing some instances where MDOS source defines labels in strange places; I wonder if this is related to the problem you found or just a bad practice. Thanks for documenting this.
  6. I don't have any good suggestions for alternatives but I did encounter this same problem 4-5 years ago. Ebay's current policy concerning selling 'beta' software (if I comprehend it correctly) is related to early copies of /software/ that are distributed for testing and related purposes. I seem to recall this stemmed from or was brought into focus by people selling (and probably still selling, if they can get away with it) early test versions of upcoming retail games and keys. Of course, this is mostly a moot point given ebay didn't like your auction, unless there was some way for you to list it that falls within ebay's interpretation of the policy. (In my case, I was able to rework the listing) https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/academic-beta-oem-software-policy?id=4288
  7. Beauty must run especially deep on this specimen....
  8. What other differences exist -- TIMODE on/off? WINDRIVE load order? Memory expansions? 32k installed in the hfdc? phase of the moon during testing? I don't remember CFORM taking three hours to format. Is there an option to skip sector verification? I do know that it will periodically stall while formatting cylinder 0. When this happens MDM5 is _required_ to successfully format the drive. One advantage to CFORM is formatting to 34 sectors/track but through limited experience I am not convinced this is stable over the long haul. MDM5 has always been reliable and works on both TI/Geneve systems, so I've just continued to use it for my purposes.
  9. ...with a bit of a bit of archeology and treasure hunting thrown in for good measure. Changelogs and history are good things. I have a strong dislike of minimally commented code. And telling me a MOV instruction is moving a value does little good. I prefer to know why the value is being moved or how it will be used. But I digress. Jim wrote Micropendium articles, too, so you might find related material there related to ABASIC.
  10. Couple more items to release to the wild: 1. Geneve 9640 with the 384K fast RAM expansion installed using a single 512K chip versus the original 3x128K chip stack. The card was recently used for TIPI PEB testing. I am not interested in refreshing capacitors, regulators, etc. (as the card is working fine). It comes in a case though the the case clasps are not all there, as they are a little brittle. Nearly all chips are socketed. I am selling this as-is. No mouse, keyboard, or video cable. You will need to make/obtain your own. There are keyboard/scart/hdmi options that have been discussed in the forum. $425.00 2. PGRAM+ card with triple tech/mbp clock emulation support. I believe this is the 80k model. I did verify the clock works and loaded Super XBASIC into it for testing purposes. Lithium 3v battery appears to be long-dead so it didn't hold the time/charge. This card did not/does not come with a case. Comes with 3 software disks. $160.00 3. IDE hard disk controller card. Last time I checked the card it was functioning properly and the battery level was OK. DSR v11 was installed. I may be able to include the formatted memory card, though I must first check the contents. My plan for this card was to use it to implement IDE hard drive support in the Geneve OS, however, I am no longer interested in pursuing this effort. A few people like Swim and Fred use these cards successfully with their TI systems and Fred supports the DSR. $325.00. This card did not come/does not come with a case. 4. Myarc RS232 is still available. Same sale stipulations apply.
  11. Jim Uzzel maintained the program until his passing. His latest release was 4.04 and consisted of four files ABASIC1,2,3,4. I released a minor fix as v4.05 after tracking down a problem with passing variables between basic and assembly - that was around 2013. Jim updated the manual though I don't remember if he released it as a complete document. I recall seeing updated pages (even and odd) that called out changes. Very few people used ABASIC yet Jim embraced it and worked to improve it, and wrote a fair number of programs that leveraged its features. The BASIC is powerful and fast considering it is written in assembly, an offshoot of Myarc's XB II if the source code is any indication. I don't think v3.0 was the first released version. I don't any other intel to share.
  12. Cartridges are pretty durable. Almost any type of storage box, container, etc. will usually suffice depending on your ease of access and aesthetic needs. Cheap plastic containers work well, I've even used an old plastic tackle box for TI road trips
  13. CFORM source was uploaded to the Yahoo Geneve group file repository some time ago. If it isn't there, I probably have the disk image(s) on my system.
  14. The source files I retrieved from John Birdwell's hard drive backups may have been v1.29 or 1.3x. I don't recall if 1.50 was built from that set of source or one from Paul as part of your MDOS buyout. 'twas so long ago.
  15. I use MDM5 v1.29 as it has been the most consistent version for testing hardware. There was a later version, 1.31 IIRC, that had problems and was to be avoided. Beery do you know if a change log was maintained for MDM5?
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