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  1. For many of the Infocom games, just use the native OS interpreter - INF - that can be found on some of the distribution disks/images. The game files can be loaded from any device, and the entire game is loaded into memory (cached) versus cached (edit: clarification)
  2. 10-11 years ago I gave my brother my old outside 'fire pit'. I was visiting his house today and saw the logo on the cover. Check this out! Hah!
  3. Ah, yes, now I understand. Mention this as well in a month. I will need to look more closely at EXEC before I can say if this is do-able, but it certainly is possible.
  4. GAMEGPL doesn't sound familiar to me, though I could have named PLAYE something different and forgot EXEC requests memory in a slightly different manner because it doesn't require TIMODE, also, its GPL support is limited as it is intended for EA option 5 program files. Is there something specific you were looking for with EXEC? Rompage won't matter for most games; it is used to access the peripheral bus directly and is only useful for a handful of programs. For your collection, the speed option will be the one of use and the R can be ignored
  5. If you would be so kind, please send me a PM in a few weeks regarding this as there is some preliminary code is in place for what you are requesting but I haven't had much of a push to pursue its completion. The test code is set up to load "GPL <cartridgefile> /#R" for optional speed 1-5 and Rompage. I intended to first implement this in PLAYE, the stripped down GPL I released a year or so ago; you might want to track that down and see if it has value for your effort. Looks like a good collection so far!
  6. Most of my school friends had the C64, fueled in no smaller part by the huge library of available games and music. I was the only one with a TI-99/4A. After school we'd go to someone's house to play with their C64, playing for highest score or level on the various arcade-style games or multi-player games like Archon, Pitstop II, MULE. I eventually bought a second-hand C64 to join in the fun, preferring to collect SID music and cracktros/demos. I continued to use the TI for programming and schoolwork and eventually, I gave the C64., though some days I wish I had kept it around (for retro).
  7. Does anyone here have a GenMod Geneve at their disposal? I would like to confirm whether or not the two GALs on the GenMod daughterboard (affixed to the back side of the Geneve) are socketed or soldered directly to the daughterboard. The Genmod I am attempting to repair is socketed. Unfortunately, the larger chip no longer has its legs/leads; I suspect that its leads were intentionally shortened before installing on the daughterboard, most likely due to a previous repair attempt. Some of the wires routed to the daughterboard were poorly soldered, so I am also assessing whether to attempt a complete removal and re-installation of the board or wire directly to the chip (bypassing the board). We have good installation documentation but no way to produce/program the GALs as the info was never released.
  8. If you mean a DSR modification to pair SCSI ID0 with SCS0, SCSI ID1 with SCS1,...SCSI ID6 with SCS6., then no, nothing that I am aware of. Keep in mind that most DSRs avoid unit #0, thus for the SCSI card, SCS1 pairs to SCSI ID0 and so on. Modifying the DSR could be relatively simple if unit 0 isn't used internally for other purposes.
  9. Today I resurrected a SCSI revision "G" card. The card had been modified to take power directly from a PC power supply via a molex connector; I didn't want this particular setup any longer, so I replaced the power circuit with a DC-to-DC converter and proper caps. Everything checked out OK but when placed in my PEB system, it caused lockups, other cards stayed activated during powerup, and other 'fun' problems. Not knowing for certain if my mod caused the problem, I reverted to a 7805 w/caps; unfortunately, the same issue was present. I didn't have any HCT244 chips laying around but I did have LS245s, so I replaced the LS245 and now the card seems to be functioning. A part of me wants to try the DC-to-DC converter approach once more, another part of me wants to leave well enough along. I will probably put this card up for sale if it continues to perform as expected.
  10. Watch out or the Picnic Paranoia guy is gonna swat all the other mascots right out of the frame
  11. The Operating System is written in assembler. Many programs are also written in assembler and although not as prevalent, C is and can be used as well.
  12. While doing some Geneve OS testing I ran across an old unfinished project and its source code. I updated the program to support both compressed and packed files, command-line driven file and output, and reduced its footprint from 54K down to 4K by using OS memory management. The file 'catalog' display doesn't pause so I might try to add a 'more/continuous' option before I release this into the wild. Tested lightly with SCSI, MFM, TIPI, and Ramdisk devices.
  13. @dhe might know. If I recall correctly, I added the PSYS on/off command to modify MDOS ttyout behavior at his request long, long ago.
  14. Some interesting historical (1986) messages from Compuserve terminal spool/saves related to software piracy and an 'incident' involving one or more DBT programs uploaded to a BBS. These are all DV80 files in TIFILES format. COMP3 COMP4 COMPREPLIE COMPSTUFF CS-5¯4¯86 DBTREPLY COMP1 COMP2
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