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  1. I am sorry if I am a bit slow :) So if I am on the reservation list (The list on the website), all you have to do now is to pay it via the Paypal link on the website?
  2. Nice work, yes please put me up for one of each sets 😍
  3. Yes you took a risk with SGM1 and it is very appreciated and I think you have been a great asset to the community. I will support and buy your future products at least as long they are geared towards the Colecovision without any hesitation.
  4. Any updates when this will be released or has it been cancelled?
  5. That is of course unfortunate news but how about the new Colecovision controllers, maybe release them and bring in some capital for the SGM2/Omni? I am sure plenty of people including me is dying for a new Colecovision controller?
  6. Ok, great, will keep fingers crossed
  7. What is the difference between SCART and regular version of SGM, or does later SGM have SCART support built in? Thinking about buying a SCART modified Colecovision but unsure how that would affect the SGM games (I have two SGMs, I believe first and last batch). Anyone with knowledge?
  8. Still do this and can ship to Europe?
  9. What is the plan regarding Vertical games such as Commando? Will the screen be cropped or any other ideas?
  10. I don't know the marketvalue but I have seen two on Ebay recently arround the 300-350 Euro price range.
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