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  1. Nice, just learned about this. Payment sent
  2. Thank you for your answer. I am probably not the correct person to open up anything and start pulling wires, to insecure about what I am doing to try anything like that :D Well I had the same problem with Road Fighter with all controllers (including the SNES pad from Collectorvision, I believe it is a 8bitdo product or something similar). I don't own a "original/real" SNES controller. I had the same problem with both the rom on SD card as well as the original cartridge from Opcode.
  3. Any updates when this is being shipped out?
  4. I also seem to have frequent game crashes from the use of controllers of not original controllers. I have two modified original controllers (balltop, believe done by Yurkie many years ago), two custom made arcade joysticks from doubledown, and the included "snes" pad. When playing for instance Road Fighter (Opcode) everything works fine until I try to steer the car, the game crashes and reboots. There are many games with problems I have encountered. I do have latest core/s installed. Any suggestions or perhaps purchase original controller?
  5. Yay, just got my Club game Very nice, unexpected but when I thought about it, it makes sense.
  6. Still have not gotten mine, not sure why it is taking so unusually long, so don't expose the secret game yet :)
  7. Ok, thank you, then I know it is not my cartridge.
  8. I finally got my Phoenix today after some customs delays, so to Collectorvision, amazing work as always. Hooked it up to my TV to check compatibility, no problem at all which is great. I only had time to try it out with a few regular cartridges. The included Sydney Hunter (beautiful game), Goonies and Road Fighter. Sydney and Goonies works perfectly as far as I can tell. Road Fighter however crashes/or maybe re-boots after start up Opcode screen, is it my cartridge perhaps or a known problem? Tomorrow I will start messing with SD card/Core/back-up/vault roms, is there any place (www) where documentation regarding how to proceed/handle this is collected in a structured fashion I know there is a lot here on Atariage but it seems to be spread out in quit a few different forum threads? Thank you
  9. That would be lovely, sent you a regular mail
  10. Waiting here in Sweden for both my Phoenix and club member game, my hair has turned grey in anticipation Will avoid FB groups in order for game to be a surprise.
  11. My current wish list: Qix - Taito Bubble Bobble – Taito Monaco GP/Pro Monaco GP – Sega, with Wheel support Disco No. 1 Data East Mr. Do's Wild Ride – Universal Cliff Hanger - Stern, by Opcode developed Colecovision Laserdisc add on Don't worry Opcode, many people appreciate what you done for the Colecovision community.
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