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  1. Followed the .PDF file above and got it working. All the cartridges are listed in the Emulation Station screen, and will load and work from the TI Title screen. ESC key will take you back to Emulation Station. To get the joystick (controller) to work add "--joystick1=1" to <command> line in /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg between the "-f" and %ROM%. It will be the left analog controller. Well that is how mine was found, it is a USB Logitech Rumble Pad. Now if there was a way to "select" disk images like in the old version of MESS or something like that. I really don't want to have to keep editing the es_systems.cfg file to "insert" disks into the "drive(s)" by adding "--dskn=<filename>" to this file also. Now to see if someone can set up a scraper file to get all the artwork etc. for the cartridges to make ES start screen look better then just listing the filenames of the cartridges. Emory Lehman
  2. I was part of the orginal IDE card buy, and I will be more then happy to support the group again. Count me in for 3, either assembled, or as a kit. I really wish the original was thruogh-hole. But thanks to James I was able to "exchange" my unbuit units I had for an assembled one, that was tested and working. Granted I haven't been able to put it to real use, but I am here to support the group and willing to throw some money at a good project. Emory Lehman
  3. I'll be there!! Went last year and really liked it and had a lot of fun! Bringing one of my Pins, Cyclone. And the wife is even going. She will also enjoy it!! Emory Lehman
  4. Count me in, I missed the 2003, but would enjoy something in Austin. Just did the Houston one Friday, and had a blast. If it was in Austin, I know of a bunch of co-workers, and son's friends that would attend. I am not good at organizing, but would be more then happy to volunteer my time. Emory Lehman
  5. I made it Friday night at door's opening. All I can say was that I truly enjoyed it! I played just about every machine that was there twice. Heck, even the 2600's and 5200's were fun. I didn't spend anytime on the 360, not my style, but did enjoy watching the "new" generation shred GH. I did notice that the crowd wasn't too big, even around 8pm there seemed to be a bunch more there. I finally had to leave around 12:30, work calls. I wish I could have gone Saturday, but my work interfered and didn't get home until late that night. I did get some photos, and will try to upload the good ones I have for everyone's enjoyment. Emory Lehman
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