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  1. Thanks baby dragonstomper. Will follow up the order.
  2. Hi Arcadeshopper, I ordered the XB2.7 and 2 cart PCB but does not ship to my address in Singapore so I aborted the order. Can you make that happen? You are the owner I presume. Tell me what to do and thanks! Will checkout the link for NanoPeb. Both products are excellent. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Hi TI99ers, I just got my TI99/4A from ebay and would like to buy the XB2.7s and NanoPEB. Can anyone direct me to some links selling these kits or assembled units? I'm in Singapore (South East Asia). Lak
  4. Hi, Try to unscrew lightly those screws nearest to the stuck key(s) on bottom-side keyboard that holds the membrane keys. It works for my ebay purchased atari800XL. lak
  5. I would like to compliment the playability of the latest core - Its fantastic. I've tried the serial (cas) and GPIO for the SIO2PC together with Aspeqt. Works nice and fast. Minor issues: 1) Dropzone: Some blocks appeared on the left border when in the tile screen. 2) Seafox: Can't fire forward torpedo with the DE1 button - Perhaps you can put the button(s) on the PS2 keyboard? I've never owned or use the Atari before. Thanks for sharing the core. Can't wait for your next update. rgds from Singapore
  6. It's fabulous that you've put in so much effort in this and in all your works. I'll try it on my FPGA coleco soon. (like your other music pieces) lak.
  7. Hi Daniel, Loved all your musical efforts. But where are the play_music(), stop_music ,set_sound _tables() etc routines located in lib4K (SDCC)? Compilation errors on the latest sdcc. regards lak
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