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  1. I used to frequent thrift stores a lot and I have seen this on many, many occasions. It annoys the hell out of me but what can you do if the stores don't seem to care. At one of the local thrifts the books are right next to where the old PC stuff is and on one occasion one of these book scanners saw me grabbing a few old PC's and asked me how I even make any money reselling those. It never even occurred to him I would want them for myself. Apparently you can make decent money reselling thrift store books, at least according to him.
  2. I think there is an ultimate 1541 II+ now but not sure what the difference with the + is. BTW is this sold or still available?
  3. gageing interest here. I have a Dell Optiplex GX110 with a 1ghz Pentium 3. would make a great Windows 9x machine for someone without much desk space. has 2 PCI slots built in audio and video & 512mb of PC100 SDRAM, also comes with a MX400 PCI card which I think is a Geforce 2 varient I'll have some photos up later hopefully if anyone is interested. Its small but will probably be around 30-40 dollars shipped in the lower 48. I'm thinking maybe $60 shipped
  4. do you have a FDS shell in that box of parts? I just need a half decent looking FDS and I don't care if its working or has guts inside even.
  5. You know, PCI socket 3 motherboards are quite sought after by the vintage PC community. i'm supprised these arnt selling. If money was better or shipping wasnt so bad Id snatch a couple up myself.
  6. Cool, thats reletivly close. heres my offer. its less then the other guys but i dunno how much you may value the convience. $60 cash, so no paypal fees or transfers to bother with. I'll come to you so no lugging the disks to the PO, no messing with postage or lines or worrying about things getting lost in the mail. I at least thought I would try
  7. I'm in Phoenix. are you east or west valley? If its close enough I may have an offer that would have value in its convience to you.
  8. I'm interested as well if I'm not already on that list
  9. I think I'm the only one thats not excited for this...I mean, OK, its neat and all but other then being official its not really anything new. Its just between PC emulation and retron/clone units, virtual console, ect... this thing is just kinda "Meh" to me. But then I'm looking at it from the perspective of someone that has an original unit and a flash cart. I'll grab one if I see it at Goodwill in the next few years for $9.99 or something.
  10. recently grabbed this off "offer up" which is an app kind of like Craigslist
  11. I have an A1000 but I would of loved to have that 2MB fast RAM expansion
  12. Oh man, my luck. Picking up a Adam tommarow but looks like I missed the boat on the psu. If you ever decide to do anouther run count me in.
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